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Fushigi Gravity Ball Review

Updated on December 16, 2010

Fushigi Ball Review

The Fushigi Gravity Ball is the next millionaire idea from As Seen On TV. This ball is probably the coolest thing that I have seen in a while. This product is great because anyone can do it even a person with no hand eye coordination. The techniques are actually rather easy to do and it comes with a DVD on how to do the different tricks.

Fushigi Ball How it Works

The Fushigi Ball is nothing but Contact juggling but with a ball that is pleasing to the eye. The mirror look of the ball gives the illusion that the ball is floating in your hand or hands even though you are turning it around and around in a motion with your fingers. The ball looks like it's a ball inside a ball so you see the silver ball but their is a clear layer around the silver ball to make it look like it's floating around in your hand. Once you have the techniques down it's really impressive to watch. It's just like any other form of juggling it all comes down to the way you preform it.

If your looking for a magic trick that you can take out of the box and it will work for you, then you wil be disappointed with the Fushigi Ball because this is something that takes time to master if not years for some things. This ball I recommend for kids 13 and older because a lot of people are saying the ball doesn't fit in their kids hand. Alot of people say this is a waste of time but I think this is a good hobby to take up especially a fun time at the bar for some drinks if you can master a couple techniques. This is perfect for kids that have a interest in magic or illusions.


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