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Fushigi Magic Ball As Seen On TV

Updated on June 29, 2010

Fushigi Magic Ball As Seen On TV

Ok, I was in the middle of working on an article for a Client when I saw a brand new infomercial for a new product called the Fushigi Magic ball.  From Idea Village, the Fushigi Magic Ball As Seen On TV is one of those toys that you would have expected to see at a Rave in the 90s.  It allows you to play and create liquid movements as well as almost magic looking moves like the Fushigi levitation trick where it looks like your Fushigi Magic Magnetic Ball is actually levitating and following your movements. 

Not only am I completely obsessed with magic and magic tricks, but one thing I love to do is dance and be able to create liquid movements that look amazing.  That is also why I take advanced step aerobics classes and yoga.  This toy looks seriously cool and would be kind of fun to incorporate in for parties and when I see my family over the holidays. 

How cool would it be to get to put on a magic show and then give each of your nieces and nephews or even cousins a magic Fushigi magic ball?  It will not only keep the kids entertained and out of the way of the adults, but it is also a seriously cool and fun looking gift.  I personally love the Fushigi As Seen On TV magic ball and know that if you buy it and are as obsessed with just seriously cool toys and tricks then you'll love it as well. 

When I'm sitting in my office at work or on a conference call, I always get distracted and need to have something to fidget with.  Because the Fushigi Magic Ball looks cool, looks easy to do and is sort of mesmerizing, I think it could easily begin to replace my doodling or playing with phone cords.  Not only will my phone thank me, but it just looks like a seriously cool distraction for boring conference and phone calls.  Not to mention when people are in your office they'll ask what that is and then you can not only tell them what it is, but also show off with a really cool Levitation or Magic trick. 

I personally love the Fushigi Ball As Seen On TV and will definitely buy Fushigi when I find it in the stores by my apartment.  It is sort of an impulse buy product but one that I can wait on buying until it hits retail shops.  If you aren't like me and cannot wait, then you can always buy fushigi online.  There are probably a ton of sites and stores that have it on sale for you to buy fishigi so you don't have to wait for it to hit retail. 

I love this products and think that it could easily be highly addictive.  If you've tried it or are going to order Fushigi, feel free to leave a comment below. 


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    • profile image

      Konrad 7 years ago

      I just ordered one on the sleazy official "fushigiball" site.

      I feel a chump now because the ordering process is such a hard sell (literally six or more pages pop up to try to sell you more stuff) and they don't even tell you HOW MUCH THE DELIVERY CHARGES ARE are or how long it takes until you've already ordered, that seems illegal really.

      And then there's no online customer service, it's only through a phone number. SLEAZE!!

      It's $6.99 for 2-3 weeks delivery. I saw them on ebay for 24.95 plus $8.95 shipping, I think I saw one listing that shipped in 4-5 days.

      Should have waited...I'll be the guinea pig & hopefully not get completely ripped off. :\

    • profile image

      Konrad 7 years ago

      my wife & I laughed at the commercial, we're kind of snobs about those kinds of ads, but it would be cool if it actually does what they showed. I wish someone would hurry up and buy one and write something convincing about it...but I might just impatiently order one online.

    • profile image

      john sebero 7 years ago

      this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!