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Fuzzoodles as seen on tv

Updated on August 27, 2010


Ok, if you cannot tell by now I get sucked into a ton of infomercial As Seen On TV products. I also love being creative and making things. I always encourage parents to sign their kids up for art classes and for things that teach them to be creative so when I saw the infomercial for Fuzzoodles I had to write a hub about Fuzzoodles.

Fuzzoodles are basically huge pipecleaners that I am guessing are fuzzy. Fuzzoodles come with eyes and arms and crazy little creature attachments, sort of like one of my favorite childhood and probably one of the most recognizable children's toys Mr. Potatoe Head from Hasbro. Fuzzoodles come in a ton of colors and because they are pretty much able to be bent or twisted into almost any shape or form and you have a ton of different eye and feet and body part attachments, you can create an almost limitless amount of fun fuzzoodle creatures and animals.

I am sure that Fuzzoodles probably come with an instructional guide on how to create fuzzoodles animals but for me, I say scrap the book and let your kids find their own ways to build the animals. The other thing they'll start to figure out is that besides animals, Fuzzoodles can be used to make other toys or even make other toys more fun. One of my favorite examples was in the Fuzzoodles infomercial.

Not only did they wrap an ordinary pen in fazzoodles, but they took the fazzoodles and made a sort of bendy looking, fun and bright colored pen for anyone to write with. In the infomercial for it they also even added eyes and bent the top of them to give their pen eyes and hair. It was actually pretty cool and if I was still a kid, this is what would have sold me on it since i loved to collect things and having cool pens was popular at my school.

Another thing I think Fazzoodles can be used to make fun and oversized looking fuzzoodle jewelry like rings and necklaces or even tiarras and because they can be bent into any shape the possibilities seem endless. The truth is that I just like saying the word Fuzzoodles. It is fun and happy and just sounds kind of silly. I am sure that the name alone is going to make every kid want to buy one and every parent will get a funny look on their face when their kids come running up to them after seeing the commercial and ask them to buy fuzzoodles for them.

You can bend and twist fuzzoodles into monsters, animals, pets, toys, jewelry and when you get tired of the same face or character but like the shape, since your fuzzoodles come with multiple faces and body parts you can keep your favorite animal or monster shape and give it a new personality and name. When you get tired completely, as long as you didn't over twist and bend it, you could probably even straighten them back out and start over again.

It is rare that a new toy or game is invented or something that is brand new and although these are nothing new, pipe cleaners have been used for arts and crafts even when I was a kid, making them huge and in brighter colors and giving them faces, eyes, mouths, etc... is a fun new twist on an old classic arts and crafts toy. I personally fell in love with the commercial because I love that I have a creative side. Unfortunately I am just a little to old for Fuzzoodles but my niece isn't so I think I may end up having to buy fuzzoodles sometime in the near future when I am headed out to visit or if we all meet for the 4th of July at my Dad's house.

I saw the infomercial for Fuzzoodles run and absolutely had to share this new infomercial product with a hub. If you end up buying a set of them or fell in love with them as well, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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    • profile image

      Connor 7 years ago

      Am gettin them 4 Xmas yay

    • profile image

      jenna 7 years ago

      great toys to play with .

    • profile image

      Jessie 7 years ago

      I seriously came up with a idea like this about a year ago, and last week I was about to try to pitch the idea and make it a item (Mine was called 'Shaboodles' and is pretty much two animals morphed together) But I was heartbroken when I saw the Fuzzoodles. Though I must say, they are a bit more creative than mine...

    • profile image

      kim 7 years ago

      i love them