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Fuzzoodles Kits for kids

Updated on September 8, 2012

You've seen them on TV, Fuzzoodles. They are fun little critters you can make out of extra fuzzy pipecleaner. They put me in mind of Muppets. form those of you who are old enough to remember the Muppet Show, fuzzy little creatures akin to these would steal the show even though they were only on the screen for a moment.

These are very creative fun! Fuzzoodles offers a great way to be creative and endless hours of creating and recreating. Just twist and turn the Fuzzoodles together to form a creature, pet or monster.  This is fun for the parent as well as the child. ( this toy is NOT recommended for children under 3 years of age!)

There are many varieties of Fuzzoodles to choose from.

Fuzzoodles Crazy Critters Plush Construction Kit

 To get started in your Fuzzoodles experience you might want to start with the crazy Critters plush construction set, large.  It is reasonably priced and contains 10 Fuzzoodles and ten figure pieces. A booklet comes with the kit to help inspire your critter design.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to make a critter!  One customer review gave this Fuzzoodles item five out of five stars.  ( although I would give the customer very little stars for his wanna be rap impression)

Fuzzoodles Fluffy Friends Plush Construction Kit

 Another large Fuzzoodles kit is the Fuzzoodles Fluffy Friends Plush Construction Kit.  This kit also contains ten Fuzzoodles and ten interchangeable critter pieces.  This would be an ideal gift for siblings to share.  Maybe a great surprise for someone who did something special!  The great thing about this gift is that it keeps changing.  You can keep creating over and over again.  The kit does come with a booklet to inspire your creation.

Yes this is the Fuzzoodels kit they show on TV. The Fuzzoodles Mega TV kit contains 12 short Fuzzoodles that measure nine inches long and 12 large Fuzzoodles 18 inches long. It also has 26 Fuzzoodle parts and of course one booklet for ideas on your creations. Check out the video below to see what Fuzzoodles are all about!

Fuzzoodles Glamour Girl Plush Construction Kit

 That's right, there's a Fuzzoodle critter making kit just for girls.  The Fuzzoodles Glamour Girl Plush Construction Set has a lot of plush pink and purple Fuzoodles.  The set actually contains four short Fuzzoodles and two long Fuzzoodles.  There are five Fuzzoodle parts that accompany this set.  One of the parts is a dress for your girly Fuzzoodle creation.  Surprise your Glamour girl with a Fuzzoodle Glamour Girl set.  They can create their own critter over and over an over again.

Fuzzoodles Fluffy Friends Plush Construction Kit

 The Fluffy Friends Plush Construction Kit makes a great starter package.  Say you are not sure how your child will like this toy, Take a chance on this one before buying a more expensive item.  This Kit comes with six Fuzzoodles, four short and two  long and five Fuzzoodle parts.  A booklet also comes with the kit to help you decide what to make.  All you have to decide is what to make first!

Fuzzoodles Monster Small Plush Construction Kit

 Now this is the Fuzzoodle Kit I will buy for my son!  The Fuzzoodles Small Monster Plush construction  Kit contains some great ideas to make monster like critters.  The kit has six Fuzzoodles, four short and two long ones.  It also has five Fuzzoodle parts to make the Monster completer.  This would be a great little Halloween gift or even a cool accessory to a costume.  Get one for your little monster today!

 Are you absolutely sure your kids are gonna love the Fuzzoodles for kids?  then buy the Big Box.  the Big Box of Fuzzoodles contains 22 fuzzoodles! Ten Fuzzoodles are short and twelve Fuzzoodles are long. Also included are 26 Fuzzoodles parts!  You could make endless combinations of critters with this!  Remember that the Fuzzoodles are reusable!  This kit also has a booklet to inspire your creations. Hurry supplies on this Fuzzoodle kit are limited!


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