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GTA 6: News, Updates and What to Expect

Updated on March 1, 2017

Improved Graphics, World and Gameplay

There has not been much news currently on exactly what we can expect from GTA 6, although there is a lot of speculation on the internet for as to what the game producers will be adding to the GTA 6 world and gameplay style.

However, we can expect far greater graphics to that of GTA 5, an area to the games release that typically wins over fans of the video game franchise in the early stages of its production lifecycle. This, being a relatively large uptake for each new GTA title game that is released given that there is around about a 5 year gap between the older game title and the new one. This gap enables a much crisper graphics game to be brought out in production.

Early screen shots delivered by fans for the franchise, as shown in the images to the right, depict a far crisper set of scenery for players, as the rain on the roads looks to be extremely realistic and immersive for gamers to play through.

As the game will likely receive limited access to the Xbox One and PS4 the graphics will likely be typical to that in which we see in other later released games to the consoles. Making the initial release for the game appear exciting as this would be the first GTA game to receive the next generation treatment for the latest console gear.

Official GTA 6 News

Rockstar President Leslie Benzies teased that the game is in very early stages of development.

“We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas", said Benzies in an interview with Develop.

Official release date news: GTA 6 is said to be in pre-production and sighted for a release in 2020. A fair way off yet before we can expect to see another GTA title game come out, however, Rockstar Games do have their Red Dead Redemption 2 due out for release in 2017.

Rockstar Games stick to their production cycles, and now having completed their Red Dead Redemption 2 game chances are they will be shifting more of their resources to the creation of their newest titled GTA game (GTA 6).

Fan News

Not a map, but a country.

There has been rumours that the GTA producers for the sixth title in the original numbered order will be creating a world unlike any of the other GTA games in that they would like to cover the entirety of the USA rather than just a single city, like with GTA 5 which was set in LA.

This would create a far more immersive and exciting world to dive into as the storyline will likely take players all over the country meeting new faces and crime underworlds. An exciting possibility to say the least.

The most realistic GTA game.

GTA 6 will proudly have the best opportunity due to have better capabilities with the next generation consoles allowing the game producers to create the most realistic and lifelike GTA game so far. A very exciting release in this element.

Back to free-roam multiplayer

Something that many GTA fans liked about GTA 4 was its multiplayer platform for free-roaming, and many will be pleased to hear that it is in the works to bring this multiplayer option back to the online gameplay for the game. GTA 4 had a great multiplayer free-roam option that saw large groups of players meeting up at the airstrip to race cars. It would be nice to this gameplay option brought back to the franchise.

Little to no blur in the far ends of the screen

Something that has been for a long time in the GTA franchise a problem is the environment blurring in the distance, and with every new GTA release we have seen this improve with having better graphics release into the system. And, with GTA 6 there should be no blur what soever to have to play through. With the power of the next generation consoles that have now flooded the market this will be a thing of the past for the franchise.

Fastest Selling Video-Game

GTA V (5) was the fastest selling video-game in history. Selling 29 million units and reeling in more than a billion dollars in earnings throughout the first 24 hours of release.

Thanks for Reading

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