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GTA V Escape Police Wanted Levels (Grand Theft Auto Online)

Updated on November 2, 2013

GTA V Online: How to Escape From Cops

The cops have been a major part of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA V is no exception on both single player and online. The police are very tough on higher wanted levels and are more difficult to escape from when there are more wanted stars. When playing on GTA V online, you can actually see when other players are being chased by the cops in real time. Other players wanted level stars in Grand Theft Online will not affect you unless you get in a car with them or shoot the police that are chasing them. The wanted stars are individual to each player.

Driving Full Speed

One of the simpler ways to escape the cops in GTA V online is to simply drive extremely fast to get away. This, however, is easier to do when you have 1 or 2 wanted level stars. When you have a 3 level wanted star, police helicopters will chase you. These police helicopters are very fast and will shoot at you from above. Driving at full speed may not allow you to escape as easily on a 3 star wanted level because of this. However, this works quite well when you only have 1-2 stars in GTA V online.

Hiding in alley ways or driving through

A great way to avoid the police is by driving through alley ways or hiding in them. The cops mainly follow the main roads in Grand Theft Auto, although, they will follow you into alley ways if they saw you enter them. If the stars are blinking when in an alley way you can just remain there until the wanted level goes away.

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Nice Apartment in Grand Theft Auto Online

How to Escape the Police on Grand Theft Auto Online

Driving off Main Roads

Cops mainly drive on the main roads in Grand Theft Auto. If they are pursuing you then you can drive off the main roads and go into isolated areas. If you get off the main roads fast and without being seen, you can escape from the cops much easier. If there is a police helicopter then you can shoot it down and then keep hiding until the wanted level goes away.

Driving on the main roads is a horrible idea when having 4 and 5 stars. The cops are simply too aggressive and are much faster overall. There is a better chance of avoiding them in small isolated areas across Los Santos or the mountains in San Andreas.

Hiding in Safe House

If you have a safe house in GTA V online, you can seek refuge there to escape the cops. You will not be able to enter your safe house if the cops have you in their sight, however. Make sure you are clear, otherwise, this will not work.

Use Mini-Map To Watch Police Field of Vision

It's important to watch the mini-map so you can see the cops field of vision. If you spot police on the radar in a particular area, avoid driving into their line of vision. Their line of vision will be indicated by a red radius in front of them. Do not appear in front of this or they will spot you. Helicopters can also be seen on the mini-map.

Watching the mini-map for cops will allow you to plan which direction you can safely travel without being spotted. Or if being spotted is inevitable, it will allow you to find a better route to escape.

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Hiding Underground or in Train Tunnels

Escaping 5 Star Wanted Levels in GTA V

Escaping from the police on a 5 star wanted level in Grand Theft Auto V is extremely difficult. Many methods that work on lower level star wanted levels may or may not work. There will be more police cars, helicopters, and NOOSE units. The best way to escape this by going to isolated areas where you can't be seen from the air or ground. Also, you must get there very fast and not be followed or it will be more difficult to get away.

Hiding Underground or in Train Tunnels

Probably one of the best ways to escape from a 5 star wanted level in GTA V online is to go underground in the sewer systems or drive to a train tunnel as fast as possible. Just make sure you do not get killed by a train in the process. If you are able to make it to places like these or similar, you can hide there until the 5 star wanted level disappears.

It may be a good idea to remember areas on Grand Theft Auto V where you can hide from the cops so you can plan ahead when wanted.

Call Lester

An alternative to escaping the cops is to give Lester a call to get rid of wanted level. This, however, costs 500 dollars and you must wait before being able to do this action again. You will unlock the option to call Lester and get rid of wanted level when you reach a certain level on GTA V ONLINE.


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