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'Galaga' Review

Updated on February 25, 2019
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Al has a history of computer programming as well as game design. Alex loves 2D style video games.


Me and my Mom have loved playing video games throughout our amazing lives. They help us to relieve our stress and boredom, they aid in our hand-eye coordination, and they inspire some of the better things inside of us as we continue to play and replay them. We love them and they are a big part of our shared pasts. Games can be a tool for good, in children and in adults.

A Miniature Of The 'Galaga' Arcade Game
A Miniature Of The 'Galaga' Arcade Game

To Begin

'Galaga' was always one of my mother's favorite video games at the arcades. I can't state that I didn't love it as well. However, she was the reason that I was introduced to such a wonderful thing as a young child. As it was recently her birthday, I discovered and bought for her a miniature of the item. I thought that this would be delightful, as trips the the nearest active arcades can take hours on the road in the best of conditions. I was, thus, again reminded of how enjoyable this game really was and is!

An Example Of The Scale Of The Miniature Model
An Example Of The Scale Of The Miniature Model

To Review

'Galaga' is easily one of the best games of its kind. It may be far from the potential that newer screening shooters have. But, for its time and kind; this game was and still is absolutely amazing. It is simple, yet not too easy. The graphics are not complicated, although not poorly made either. The entirety of the thing makes for a hobby which is highly addicting. I've tended to find the joystick a bit difficult, whilst I played 'Galaga' and while I used to play games on the Atari 2600. Many of my readers may not have any idea what that even is! I prefer pad controllers myself when playing most video games I enjoy. However, my more aged family members seem to be on the opposite side of my gaming hand abilities and desires. Either way, the miniature is super cool in this regard. The joystick can be removed for use of the pad. Moreover, 'Galaga' has been featured on a number of video game systems. It was (and is) incredibly popular. 'Galaga' is the sequel to the very similar game called 'Galaxian'. 'Galaga' was released to the public only two years after 'Galaxian' (that is, 1981). One shouldn't need feel surprised to discover both of these works of art in one's nearest video arcade.

Some 'Galaga' Game Play

To Conclude

I give the game five stars. I don't do this because the game is the best in the world. The graphics aren't the most pixelated of any drawn animations in a game. This is clearly not the case, and the modern gamer is very aware of this. The little music that plays is not the best music to ever be composed. One need not be an expert in the auditory arts to possess such comprehension. The game is not as complex as other items can be. I'm not making a claim for complexity at all. However, it could be argued that it was the greatest for its time and kind. Combining all of the good qualities of 'Galaga' is the beginning of the synthesis of something that can be loved forever in the hearts of many denizens of the old arcade. In fact, I'd be surprised to find any arcade visitors who have been going for at least twenty years who would disagree with me. If someone happens to disagree with me, I shall expect an argument to be placed in the comments.


What do you think about video games? Are they good or are they bad? Are they neither of these things? How about the specific game 'Galaga'? What of 'Galaxian'? Do you like the arcade at all? Have you even ever been to one? Should arcades be in more places around the United States? Was my assessment of this one item just? Am I entirely wrong? Am I both incorrect and accurate in my judgments? Please let me know all of your thoughts in the comment area below. And, please feel free to contact me with reasonable questions, if anyone happens to have such a valuable item.

5 stars for 'Galaga'

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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