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Gallade vs Gardevoir

Updated on March 29, 2012

Gallade vs Gardevoir

Gallade vs Gardevoir
Gallade vs Gardevoir

Gallade vs Gardevoir Questions?

Got any questions about Gallade vs Gardevoir? Or any Pokemon questions at all?

If you do then go to the Pokemon Forums on and feel free to ask. People will only be too happy to help get you accurate, friendly and quick answers to any Pokemon questions you may have, from Gallade vs Gardevoir to where to find a leaf stone.

Gallade vs Gardevoir

One of the eternal debates for the Ralts Evolution Chart is Gallade vs Gardevoir. Which of these two fantastic Ralts evolutions should you be selecting for your team?

It can be a hard choice. Both are powerful Pokemon, both have a very useful role to fill in competitive battling and both can be very useful for 'in game' teams when taking on the Pokemon challenge of defeating all the gym leaders and beating the Elite 4.

So which one should you go for? Gallade or Gardevoir?

The Answer? That very much depends on what you need...keep reading to understand which fits better for you.

Gallade using the physical move Psycho Cut
Gallade using the physical move Psycho Cut | Source

Different Roles

The reason that the Gallade vs Gardevoir question is so hard to 'put to bed', as it were, is because both of these Pokemon perform very different roles.

For instance Gallade is a physical attacker, with an impressive base attack stat of 125 it can do some serious damage.

By contrast Gardevoir attacks on the special side, using her base special attack stat of 125. This means that attack moves are pointless (base attack is only 65), but special moves will hit far harder.

This makes their roles for in game teams very different, and even more so in competitive battling where their move pools dictate their options even more (see below).

So the first thing you should be asking is whether you need the balance of a special attacker or a physical attacker on your team. What your answer is will very easily answer the question of the eternal Gallade vs Gardevoir debate for you.

Move Set for Gallade

In my experience one of the best move sets that Gallade can run is the Swords Dance set (as mentioned to the left), a set designed by Smogon.

The Swords Dance Gallade Move Set

Item: Life Orb
Ability: Justified (requires a Dream World Ralts)
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
Moves: Swords Dance, Close Combat, Shadow Sneak, Zen Headbutt

Gallade in Competitive Battling

Gallade is in the RU tier of Pokemon (as set by the Smogon community). RU stands for Rarely Used, and is a tier defined by how often Pokemon feature. The idea is simple, to allow Pokemon that may not be strong enough to continually feature in teams with legendaries still have a tier to fight in.

It's a dual type, with both Physical and Fighting typing, a typing only found elsewhere in the Medicham evolution line.

It's role in competitive battling is a simple one - to hammer the opposition. Yes it does have a huge support move pool, but given it's weak defensive stats it doesn't have the bulk to pull it off. It's impressive attack stat suits smashing opponents far better.

With access to the always useful Swords Dance move, Gallade can set up by coming in on a Pokemon that is likely to run from it (other fighting types for example), set up a Swords Dance and be ready to destroy all comers.

It's main problem is a lowish speed (base stat 80 doesn't really cut it) and there being far more fighters in the latest generation of Pokemon, ones that can do the job better, which is why Gallade has slipped down into the RU tier for competitive battling. But in the RU tier it can do a top quality job.

Gardevoir Move Set

In our experience the support move set for Gardevoir has worked best. It has problems, a low HP and Defense stat makes her vulnerable, as does her Psychic typing (watch out for Absol), but the support she can give can prove invaluable.

Support Gradevoir Move Set

Ability: Trace
Nature: Calm
Item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP, 4 Def, 252 Special Defense
Moves: Wish, Will-o-Wisp, Protect, Psychic

Gardevoir in Competitive Battling

Gardevoir is down one tier vs Gallade. Whilst Gallade has found it's niche in the RU tier, Gardevoir has come to rest (well, fight) in the NU Smogon tier, which stands for Never Used.

As we mentioned, Gardevoir is a very different prospect to Gallade. With a high special attack it attacks down that side, but Psychic is a competitive typing, and it is outclassed by the likes of Alakazam, hence being in the NU tier.

Gardevoir has one huge advantage - a massive movepool, meaning that you can tailor her to run anyway that you want her to, from a special attacker to a support Pokemon.

It is the support Pokemon that is her best role, and that can sometimes give her the advantage in the Gallade vs Gardevoir battle. She is, quite simply, a hell of a team player!

With access to Reflect and Light screen she can set up powerful defenses for other Pokemon, and with the move Wish she can act as a cleric, healing other Pokemon inside battle. Trick, taunt and Will-o-wisp are all great supporting moves.

Of course with a 125 base special attack stat she can still pack a punch with her STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Psychic move, but it's the support set that suits her the best.

Gallade vs Gardevoir - It All Depends...

So as you can see they are very different Pokemon, so which to choose from Gallade vs Gardevoir is not as simple as it might first look.

Which one you select very much depends on what you want. A hard hitting physical type? Gallade's your man. Want a wish supporting Pokemon who can help out your team? Then Gardevoir is the answer.

Take a look at your team and decide which of them suits you the best


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Gardevoir is my choice it gained the new fairy type in X and Y gaining resistance to dark types and immunity to dragons not to mention a mega evolution.

    • profile image

      Gyro gallade205 

      5 years ago

      My choice is gallade because he never has a dress,he could beat the bravery out of Latias,and because he has swords(which are his elbows) so gallade is my choice.


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