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Game Night At The Rabbitt House

Updated on June 3, 2010

 I've been umemployed for the last ten months and after living in Grandma's house for eight of those months, I moved back in with my parents. It hasn't been as bad as I thought. To keep ourselves busy and entertained, several nights a week we play games and listen to the Glee soundtracks.

Now, personally, I've become awesome at board games and cards and don't hesitate to tell them this at every opportunity. My dad, is very, VERY rarely good at them but he's very determined and wants to play until he wins. Mom, used to be better than me at them but I think the combination of dealing with her family problems and not sleeping well and getting older is causing her to pretty much suck at them.

The 3 of us have been hooked on this card game called Phase 10 for like a year or two now and my dad NEVER won it. Never. On my 25th birthday this year, I granted him my birthday luck and 2 minutes before midnight, he won for the first (and only) time. He then did a crazed happy dance all around the house. With the high of his win, he was reivigorated to play that game as much as possible. Then, something strange started happening. I won, easily, every time. I would get dealt the right hand. Or I'd get dealt like 3 wild cards. I was putting my hand down and going out before they even had a chance to figure out what they were doing. Finally a week or two ago, Mom had had enough.

"How are you doing this?"

"Um cause I'm super awesome..." then to comfort her, "cause this is all I have! I'm unemployed, single, and living with my parents! Kicking your ass at cards is the only thing going for me right now!"

"This isn't fun anymore. I'm banning this game for a month!"

Sad day.

We played monopoly....She was knocked out early on. I won.

We played scatagories....Dad won.

Scrabble....I won...Then Dad won.

So last night, I was super excited because we were going to play Clue, which I hadn't played in years. We set it up around 10- 10:30. We play the first game and after both dad, and myself strike out on our accusations we realize that we're missing some cards. So we prepare to play again eliminating those options from our papers. The game just got easier. We play the second game and I win pretty quickly. Mom yells that she's done and leaves the room. Dad and I start to clean up when she comes back in with cake and says she wants to play again.

We play again. One of the first rounds, Mom makes a guess and no one shows her anything. Dad's turn. He makes mom's guess his formal accusation and wins the game. Now she's pissed.

"No more clue! I'm not playing that game ever again!" she yells as she storms inside. Dad and I discuss how childish she's being. We're starting to clean up when she comes back into the kitchen and is drinking milk by the sink.

"You know mom, you really came up with the answer first. You did a great job!" I said jokingly trying to soothe her irritableness. She can't help laughing at my efforts which sends milk everywhere. Then she storms out again as Dad and I fall over with laughter. We count down to the first door slam and then the second.

Moments later she's back downstairs cleaning the spewed milk.

"You stole my answer! I shoulda won!" she's yelling at my dad. He goes to hug her and she swats him away. He and I still haven't stopped laughing. We corner her and pin her in a hug and she's kicking and elbowing. Finally we release her and she goes back upstairs. I go to the Glee cd that was still playing and put on the song that she hates most "You're having my baby" and turn the volume way up so that it's blasting throughout the house. Dad, finds this hysterical. I hear her bedroom door open upstairs and she yells "turn that awful song off!" and the door slams.

I let the song play out and then I turn the whole thing off. I go upstairs and hear that she was blasting music to counteract my music. I knock on the door and she lets me in. Dad comes in behind me.

"You kicked me in the shin and elbowed me in the boob with your pointy elbows!" I told her.

"Yeah why'd you elbow her in the boob?" Dad asked.

She turns to us and replies, "I DID NOT WANT A GROUP HUG!"

Well that was it. We all lost it and just fell apart with laughter. Clue, monopoly, and phase 10 are still banned, but we've got many more games that I can be awesome at.


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