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Game Pieces: Finding and Selling Those Elusive Game Pieces

Updated on July 15, 2016

We All Have Them

If you have kids that have grown up, you may have their games in a closet somewhere. Sitting there. Collecting dust.

Probably not opened since the day they moved out. Well. As I was reading, I was learning that there are people who sell their game pieces, one by one on auction sites.

Game Pieces

You know the ones. You pick who you want to be, and that's your piece. In Monopoly, my favorite was the hat. Sometimes, I was the shoe. Was there a guy on horseback? There was an automobile.

Apparently, those items sell on eBay. So. How do you go about getting started in this lucrative field? You open your closet door, and grab a game out. You then separate the pieces. The instructions. The money. The pieces. List them one by one on eBay.

Trial and Error

I may just have to give this a try. I have one closet that is literally stuffed with old games. The boards are shot, falling apart.

I also have some older video games. Some hand held versions. I was picking them up when I did daycare. So, I have a few. I even have an old Sega machine. The Sega Genesis. I have several games. I should just list it on eBay.

Puzzles. I have so many older puzzles. Pictures. Old Pictures from my great grandfather going to art school. My old wedding dress. I should list it on eBay. People buy all sorts of stuff. I have a collection of Harley Davidson toys. A lot of motorcycles that talk. They were such a novelty when we bought them. Now I'd like to have the shelf space back.


I'll bet things like men from the sticks of a foose ball machine would sell, too. I wonder how many of them get broken from rough play.


If you google replacement game pieces, it takes you to the land of missing game pieces and offers you places online like Game Parts. They sell everything game related.

Gaming is Big Business

The things you take for granted in a game. The playing pieces. The items that add to the enhancements of the game. The realistic factor.

Sometimes, people are not good a picking up a game, and pieces are lost.

That's where you come in, offering those pieces that are missing.

Fulfilling a need. Replacing that missing part.

I Digress

As you research what is out there, it opens up new endeavors.


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