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Game Recommendations for Mobile 2020: Plants Vs Zombies 3 and The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Updated on March 11, 2020
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Arjay plays online games when he wants to kill some time. He likes reviewing games and sharing his favorites.

Plants vs Zombies 3

1. Plants vs Zombies 3

Did you love the Plants vs Zombies games? Lucky you because they are back in action with a whole lot more to offer. Once again, join Dave as you protect your lawn from the zombies who wants to eat your brain. With the help of old plants which helped you keep your brain for all these years and new ones which will give you a lot more options. Collect plants and level them up not only to protect your lawn but also to compete with other players.

Tips for Playing PVZ 3

I personally recommend putting up three snapdragon (this is only a minimum, you can put five for symmetry bonus) in front with wall-nuts in front of them. Once they are upgraded using the taco, they can also hit flying enemies, which means that early in the game, they can hit every zombie you encounter. But when you started having enemies that attack from the backline, this strategy should be supplemented with some other plants like the star for protection against attack from behind.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

2. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Are you an anime fan who watched Meliodas as he fight to protect his precious comrades and loved ones in 7 deadly sins? Then this game is for you. Tag along the story of 7 deadly sins in this game where you can play as any of the characters you like. Work inside the boar tavern and serve the orders of the customers and collect information in order to find the 7 members of the deadly sins. Fight alongside the 7 mighty heroes as they try to stop the holy knights together with Princess Elizabeth.

What to expect?

This game follows the same storyline as the one in the anime which makes it more enjoyable for anime fans since they can see the cutscenes from the anime and relive the moment when the anime gave them goosebumps. There are many things you can do in game: follow the main storyline to discover the truth about the 7 deadly sins, do sidequests which can increase your relationship with the town and lets you unlock more items and missions, participate in events which can earn you items that can help the growth of your characters, manage the boar tavern by designing the tavern, and creating recipes and organizing the menu with Ban and Hawk which will help you earn more money. Meliodas will be the available character from the very start but you can unlock more characters by drawing using diamonds which can be earned in game. Different Customes used by the characters in the anime are also available in game and can be unlocked by different means such as evolving the character or buying in the ingame store.

Want to get Stronger?

If you want to get stronger to compete in PVP or progress in the storyline, there are things you can look into. Look into the match up, there are three attributes namely; strength, HP and speed (advantage: HP>Speed>Strength>HP). This knowledge should be useful when you know the attributes of your enemies such as in storyline and in some events. However, in cases where you have no idea on the lineup of the enemy, I suggest you have a team with the three attributes so you can counter any attributes your opponent may use. Another thing you can do is look into support characters since ultimate skills can change when paired with a specific characters. You can also look into awakening your character, but this requires money and some specific items that you can get by grinding in events or specific areas. You can also evolve the characters which gets you a different costume which can increase stats, resets the level of the character but increases the level cap by 10.

Give it a Try

Did you like the games above? Both games are available for free at the google playstore. Although these games are free, there are stuffs in game which you can buy with real money in order to have some in game advantage but no worries, I have tried the game and have been able to progress far ahead without the need to pay something.

Are you playing the games in the recommendation?

Which game are you playing?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Arjay


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