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Game Review- Hellgate: London 71/100

Updated on January 26, 2012

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Storyline- A great story that is interesting humorous and mysterious, but sadly this great story is presented in choppy segments that ruin the overall flow of the game, I have to say that this game had a great ending, in fact it’s the best ending I’ve seen since Vampire: Masquerade- Bloodlines. 14/20

Graphics –
The graphics on this game are incredible, but as I played I noticed some small incongruence’s that ruined the effect of graphical realism. One example is when you poison certain enemies they become sharp and triangular, essentially eliminating their realistic look, and making them look like they were taken from a 1980s arcade game and stuck in the game. 5/10

Game play-
The game play along with every other aspect of the game is wholly addictive and fun, but there are some errors, one is when I played in first person I was sometimes randomly pulled out into 3rd person, but beyond that the controls worked well and aside from occasionally being locked in an infinite shooting (or swinging) loop they worked well. 13/15

Enjoy ability-
Haha, I have to say I enjoyed this game a lot, it was interesting and never got boring, I simply loved it. 20/20

Art direction-
The architecture and level design seemed great at first, but you soon realized that randomly putting together 50 foot sections of maps, from a very limited pool, doesn’t make for good random level design, in fact it doesn’t make very good level design at all. Hell… was boring, not at all flashy and hell like, as it is in most games, especially Diablo, you only have occasional pillars of fire and it seems cave like, in essence HELL SUCKED in this game.  5/10

Sound &VA-
The sounds were lackluster and boring, not a single sound really fit, but a huge issue is that by now ALL mission or quest givers should give quests vocally and not just typed for us to read. Sure it might cost a little more for voice actors but it takes in the player that written quests just can’t. 5/10

This might be a first for me, but this game is just too damn long, frustratingly so, it didn’t get boring, but by the time your near the end your saying to yourself, shouldn’t this have ended 9 or 10 hours ago. 9/15

Total- 71/100

Bottom line- The simple fact of the matter is, aside from the errors this is one of the greatest games I’ve played, buy it you will be pleasantly surprised, and it’s so cheap now I would say it’s a must have, I mean I paid $18.43 for the game, collector’s edition, AND a 20 dollar strategy guide, if that’s not worth the price you’re a cheapskate, buy this game, you’ll love it! But I warn you of one MAJOR disappointment, after all this time there’s no way to play online…and there’s not even any LAN options.




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