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Game Review- Left 4 Dead 98/100

Updated on March 16, 2011



Storyline- This is actually kinda tricky for this game, if you pay attention to the video at the start you get a general background of the game, but nothing you wouldn’t see in a trailer (at least a good one) but if you pay attention to what’s written on the walls in the safe rooms to you will get a little bit of story. But this game has all the story it needs because it’s about survival not finding out why the zombies are there. 19/20

Graphics – Fantastic, this game has incredible graphics. 10/10

Game play- The game play is perfect the controls fit together perfectly. The only real problem is that your friends (NPC) don’t use pipe bombs or Molotov’s. 15 /15

Enjoy ability-
I loved this game, it is fantastically fun, I just wish I could have played it with other people. 20/20

Art direction- Less art direction more duplicative architecture, the game feels like they took a ruined city and designed a map based on it, while its not really artsy and fantastic it is good, very good. 9/10

Sound &VA-Better than any game I have played in the last year, I love having people commenting on things, and best of all, telling you when guys are coming, and even what they are, they tell you when their reloading, and sometimes where stuff is. 10/10

Length- I can’t really say that its very long at all, took me one sitting to play all the campaigns, probably about 5-6 hours but this game is very repayable because when I started a level campaign a second or third time tanks came out at different times or places and if you increase the difficulty it gets more real but on max difficulty it feels, well to be honest less real again hahaha… but if you have friends I’m sure you could play it even longer 15/15


Bottom line- THIS GAME KICKS ASS! Get this game when it’s about 15-30, but if you have friends GET IT NOW!


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