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Game Review: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Updated on May 13, 2013


What to say about this one. This game was an action-packed joyride that not only keeps you entertained through the game play, it will have you laughing as well. This new stand alone title is a far departure from the original Far Cry 3 and really has nothing in common with it besides the gun play mechanics.

Unlike Far Cry 3 which took the story very seriously, Blood Dragon is a parody of almost every 80's action movie imaginable. Every cliche from this era is used. Heck, there is even a training montage like the Rocky films at one point. The protagonist is the usual action star out for revenge, he loses his friend, is betrayed by an old comrade, and must battle against insane odds to save the day and get the girl. Nothing in the story will surprise you, you will see it all coming, and love every moment of it.

Game Play

Like I said earlier, the game uses the same sort of interface, gun play, and general game mechanics as Far Cry 3. This is the only real similarity. Blood Dragon is made on the same engine but with a coat of neon.

However, there are some differences. For one, there are less guns this time around but each gun is much more customizable. You gain add-ons for guns by doing side missions and gathering collectibles. And these add-ons are something else. They aren't all just static upgrades. You can upgrade your shotgun to be a quad-barrel and give it fire rounds. You can give your sniper rifle explosive rounds or even make your machine gun fire lasers instead of bullets. Not only are these upgrades awesome they also make you much stronger and you really feel like you in progress in power.

On that same line of thinking, the skill trees from Far Cry 3 are gone and instead you just level up and gain powers in a linear path. So all the old skills are there, you just gain them at set intervals. For this game, I think this was a smart move. Everything about it is fast-paced, so to slow down while comparing talents would feel out of place.

In Blood Dragon you play as a Cyborg Commando so you are tougher than your average person. Since you are a cyborg, you can run incredibly fast, as fast as a car, if not faster. Also you can jump pretty high and fall from any distance and not take damage. Running around the island with these two changes makes for a heck of a lot of fun.

One other major change is that of Blood Dragons. These creatures are giant lizards that can shoot laser beams out of their eyes and are incredibly powerful. They can't see to well and only really react to sound and the smell of blood. These creatures come into play as a new mechanic. You can fight and kill them and at the beginning of the game they will give you an incredibly hard time but you can also use these dragons to your advantage. You can collect cyber-hearts from enemy soldiers and then throw them at a location to attract blood dragons. You can lead them into enemy bases and let them run rampant on enemy soldiers.

A Blood Dragon
A Blood Dragon

Besides the changes mentioned above, the game essentially functions the same. You go around capturing bases and doing the side quests you unlock. There are still animals around (including cyber sharks!) and there are a fair amount of items to collect.

The side quests are also pretty funny. They are either hunting quests or hostage rescues. None of these quests have any context and are merely jokes, quite funny ones at that too. Especially hostage rescues because after you save the hostage in question, they will then do something stupid and accidentally kill themselves or get mauled by a tiger.

There are a lot of tiny nuances to the game that I enjoyed as well but I will leave those for you to discover yourselves. This game was massively entertaining from start to finish. However, the game took me about 5 hours to complete and I did everything. Captured every base, did every quest, got every collectible, and even got all the achievements. That said, this is only a $15 title and it is of AAA quality.

There are a lot of free games out there or cheaper ones that offer a bigger time sink but I really think Blood Dragon is worth the cost even if it is only 5 hours. If you are still a little hesitant, definitely pick it up down the line when it goes on sale.


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    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Although this kind of game isn't my favourite (Saints Row is over the top, but not in a good way imho), I'd still be willing to give it a try as I rather liked FC3, as well as hundreds of 80s flicks! Once again you impress with your review! Voted up, useful, awesome and interesting ^^