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Game Review-Halo 3:ODST

Updated on November 26, 2009


Halo 3: ODST

Storyline- Interesting, enjoyable, and it offers a far more first person view of the world than Halos 1-3, but none the less it is most definitely a Halo story, with even a few surprises here and there, the only depressing thing is… no  Flood, and their just so… uniquely awesome that I actually missed getting to see them.One of my favorite things about this game is that you feel like your getting to know the other characters through your flashbacks. 20/20

Graphics –
In some almost magical way they actually improved the graphics, their crisper and cleaner, and when you’re first handed your gun I said to myself, “Wait wait, I just wanna look at this for a minute!” The game is so incredibly gorgeous that it makes Halo 3 look like an unpolished lump of coal! 10/10

Game play-
The first word that comes to mind is EXCITING! Sure you’re not master chief, heck you aint even close! But what you are is an elite soldier, with your own special abilities and they shine through like a blinding light, you aren’t master chief… YOU’RE BETTER! And that’s just the campaign, not even to mention firefight which is so incredibly awesome I’ve been playing it ALONE! Of course that’s cause I don’t have friends that play… but if I did I would probably love it even more!  15/15

Enjoy ability-
I absolutely love everything about this game! It’s just plain awesome! This game is fun, engaging and oddly whimsical. I particularly enjoyed the character interactions in this game they made all the characters seemed more real than previous halo games. 20/20

Art direction-
The architecture of the city is at the least interesting and in all likelihood amazing! The thing about it is, EVERYTHING is crisper and cleaner and shows greater detail, sure as I stated above the graphics are better but it took a lot more than just better graphics to bring a highly detailed gun into the loop, and that’s just to mention the guns! What about the improved characters!   10/10

Sound &VA-
Professional fantastic and engaging! Quite honestly I don’t know who the voice actors are but they did such a good job it puts even high budget Anime or cartoons to shame! 10/10

A tad on the short end, for Halo game I played it solo in around 6 hours and in co-op just under 5 hours, but to me that makes it far more worth running through again! So… short yes… but not in a bad way! 15/15


Bottom line- This game is a must have! The extra content on the second disc makes it beyond worthwhile, it makes it a steal! Get this game! And get it fast!

The 5-

1- VISR This thing is just so cool!

2- No Flood!!!

3-The superintendant is reminsent of the monitor but cooler somehow

4- Its nice to be isolated and alone

5-Sticky grenades!!! They are still the best!


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