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Effect of Popular Social Networking Games in Employee Productivity- Case Study Based On Mafia Wars in Facebook

Updated on October 6, 2013

Most Popular Social Networking Game -Come, Let’s Fight

If you hear colleagues discussing during leisure time with a lil bit of grudge like “let’s teach him a lesson in the evening” don’t mistake that they are gona leave the job to some hazardous Mafia teams. Most probably, they may be talking about the virtual game of Facebook:Mafia Wars’. The devotees of the game Farmville will be talking about Strawberry harvest and its market value and such stuffs! In fact, Mafia Wars and Farmville are all popular games in our social networking sites.

facebook social networking games
facebook social networking games

Corporate Sector Declared the War against Online Games

The popularity of these games accounts to the fact that you never play this game alone. You play these games online with lot of friends all over the world. It’s this game fever that has turned out to be disastrous to the corporate sector. A recent study conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce proved that since the employees are after these online games, there is a 12.5% reduction in the total productivity of the corporate sector.

Corporate offices have banned social networking sites since the so called ‘chattings’ consumed a lion share of an employee’s office time. Also, confidential matters regarding the organization were passed on at social networking sites. By banning these sites, the corporate heads thought that they have put an end to the problems. But now these online games have turned everything upside down. Reports say that it’s the IT cities that have most been inflicted by these online games. Even though Orkut and MySpace offer these games, reports have revealed that Facebook is the main villain.

Facebook has 35 million followers all over the world. Studies prove that 20% of the users are madly addicted to these games.

Popular Online Games on Social Networking Sites.

  1. Farmville has the greatest number of participants and fans; about 7 billion people.
  2. Mafia War owns the second place with 2.59 billion followers.
  3. Café World
  4. Restaurant City
  5. Pet Society
  6.  Happy Aquarium etc. are the other games

Mafia Wars to Deteriorate the Corporate Sector

Just as the name indicates, Mafia War is all about fighting with each other. We make gangs with our friends, first of all. But in Farmville, you sow and reap and sell and make money and become billionaires either alone or in group. Almost all the games are of this sort.

The virtual world of internet offers you a space not just for reaping, fighting, fishing and mountaineering, there are quiz programs, and games and applications that make stage for idea molding. But the strange thing is this that, they all go unnoticed in the glamour of the above mentioned hot games.

Anyone can create online game applications using Facebook Markup Language or FBML. Critics say that even though during the initial stages,

Facebook made stage for many creative applications, now a day the Facebook concentrates its attention on time pass programs. It’s assumed that it is this attitude that helped Facebook become the #1 social networking site and the #2 popular website.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi Nancy and J,

      Thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      This totally makes sense

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 7 years ago

      I stay with my favorites here; games 1-3 on your list. My daughter on the other hand plays 1-7...Yep, she's hooked! :o)