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Game Review: Minecraft

Updated on June 25, 2015
Part of one of my villages
Part of one of my villages

In Minecraft, the basic plot is there isn't one. The world is a near infinite randomly generated landscape for you to explore and develop. You have to use your hands to gather resources. Those resources can be made into tools to gather more resources. Then you can build. Cities, castles, ships, zeplins, farms, mines, it's all up to you. The great thing is it has near infinite replayability because of this. If you build a modern city, restart and build a flying chunk of earth with waterfalls pouring out the sides and a small town on it, get bored there and use worldbuilder to make a massive floating continent or a huge undeground cave network to be your dwarven capital.

I personally love building small villages sitting beside massive fortesses on miltiplayer.

Gameplay- single player

There are currently 3 single player modes, survival, creative, and hardcore. There are also three types of maps: normal, superflat, and large biomes.

Your first choice is the map type.

Normal- the default setting gives you a variety of landscapes within a relatively small area.

Superflat- a flat world thats great for testing out construction techniques and redstone machines.

Large Biomes- This one is basically normal expanded. The adjacent biomes can take days in game to reach. This i great for somewhat realistic builds. You don't usually see desert cities next to the tundra in real life, so why would you want it ingame. Perfect for immersion.

After than you have game modes.

Survival- Here you are placed on the map and can do whatever you want, just keep in mind that monsters come out at night and you can die. If you happen to be a creepers unlucky victim, you'll just respawn at your startp point with an empty pack.

Creative- unlimited resources, immortality, and flying equals massive projects or safe tests. You can create the world of your choice and no need for pesky mining.

Hardcore- This should reserved for experienced players, once you die, you're done and the world is deleted. A sudden drop, a creeper, or starvation can undo you in a matter of days. My advice is find a good location to build with cows, pigs, or chickens nearby. Start planting seeds for wheat and build a basic home. Don't go spolunking for coal just yet, grab it if it's on the surface, otherwise get some logs, turn some into planks, and put it in a furnace with the logs on top, this will give you charcoal. Each day build a little more, keep food on you at all times, and don't get cocky and blindly explore tunnels until you at least have some leather armor, stone sword, and food. at that point, have fun and get those diamonds.

Gameplay- Multiplayer

Multiplayer can be like anyone of the single player modes with a few exceptions, obviously you're not alone in the vast world. Servers can vary on their style from ultimate builds, recreating fictional worlds, modern, classical, medieval, rpg servers, towny, faction, and more. When looking for a server, there's a few things you should know:

Whitelist- you have to apply and be approved by the admins of the server. This can involves telling them other servers you've played on an submitting screenshots of your work. These servers often have plenty of rules you must follow but tend to be among the best.

economy- Gives the game a currency that can be made by killing monsters or selling materials.

RPG- This turns minecraft into a new game, with skills and levels. As you do things in the game you'll get experience points. When you level up you are more efficient with it.

Towny- This plugin gives you the ability to start a town. In a town, PvP can be turned off, monsters wont spawn, if your server has economy, you can sell lots to people to make money or rent out shops.

Factions- think of these as kingdoms and are often found in RPG servers. One of the greatests servers I've ever played used this. It was divided into 5 small continents using a plugin called multiverse. Each continent had a style and capital city, and many other player built settlements around the lands. The continent i choose was in the tundra and had a norse theme and we were at war with every other faction except the spawn continent, who didn't allow PvP. Every once in a while, the mods would announce a faction war and we'd quit fighting each other and travel to neighboring factions to ravage the landscape. Ahhh, good times.

This is easily my favorite part of the game. I love building cities and it's just better with other people.

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Minecraft


Minecraft is unique because it has some of the most basic graphis of any videogame thats popular today, but is well known because of it none the less.

One of the great things about Minecrafts graphics is that they can be changed. What determines the look of a block is called a texture, add all the textures from every block together and you get a texture pack.

Texture packs can be downloaded online and there are literally hundreds if not thousands available. Some make your landscape look cartoony, others go for realism, and some are created to match a fictional world like World of Warcraft or Game of Thrones.

My favorite ones are the realistic medieval textures, I'm not one to build modern looking buildings, so anything that improves the look of my castle is what I use.

Monsters, critters, and NPCs

Zombies- Slow moving enemie, these are among the most common mobs in the game. they only spawn in the dark of night or caves. They are relatively easy to take down and drop rotten flesh.

Skeletons- These guys are the ranged troops of Minecraft mobs. They can be seen shooting arrows and rarely riding spiders. They are easy to take down but you have to close the distance fast. They drop bones, bows, and arrows.

Spiders- These can be equivalent to cavalry and are very fast and can climb walls. You can take them down but if you build a wall and put an overhang on the outside to keep them from climbing it, as they cant go upside down? They're also two blocks wide and can't enter doorways. They drop string.

Creepers- These are the most annoying mobs in the game. They equate to suicde bombers. If you get too close, they hiss and detonate, potentionally killing you and leaving a nice crater. They drop gunpowder.

Endermen- These guys are quick, dangerous, can teleport, and take quite a few hits. They have some anger issues because they can't stand to be looked at. They're also theives as they can pick up blocks from your home and run away with it. Due to being 3 blocks tall its easy to take refuge from them by running into a doorway.


Horses- Probably one of the biggest editions to the game was the update that gave us horses. Horses can be tamed by breaking them. You do this by attempting to ride wild horses or donkeys. They'll wonder aimlessly and buck you off. You must repeat this until they no longer buck you off. Once they've been broken you must place a saddle on them to finish the taming process. Without the addition of mods or player markets saddles can only be obtained in dungeon chests.

Chickens- Small animals that can provide eggs for you. Tossing eggs can cause a chick to hatch. Killing them will give you feathers and chicken meat. You can lure them with seeds.

Pigs- The only animal that can be ridden so far, but can't be controlled without a carrot on a stick. They provide porkchops when killed and can be lured by carrots.

Cows- Like its realworld counterparts, they can provide milk and drop beef and leather when killed. They can be lured with wheat.

Sheep- Usually found in hills, their only use is harvesting wool. Killing them will drop one wool, while using shears provides three pieces. Can be lured with wheat.

Rabbits- These animals can be hunted or bred and can be found in multiple biomes. When killed they'll drop rabbit meat and bones.

Wolves- These are almost monsters, when left alone they can be tamed with meat. Take caution when you attack one as they are pack animals and will attack in force.

Ocelots- These small cats can be found in the jungle biome. They attempt to run away from you but can be tamed. To tame them you must remain still until they approach you, you then use raw fish to tame them. Once tame their skin will change and they will appear more like a house cat than a wild animal. Despite their small size these are among the most valuable pets in the game for one simple reason, creepers fear cats and give them a wide berth.


The only NPCs in the game are villagers. They live in small huts and can be traded with. You cann buy or sell items with emeralds. If you ever decide to sleep in a village, expect to have a rough night as zombies will attempt to break in while you're there. The biggest benefit of villages is looting them. Their gardens can provide plenty of wheat and are the only places to get carrots and potatoes.

There are several other mobs in game that I'll let you discover for yourself but include zombie pigmen, the whither, silverfish, ghasts, and the Ender Dragon


This is one of the most incredible games on the net right now because it's what you make it. It's the grown up version of Legos and Lincoln Logs. WhT makes it even better is the fanbase that is constantly pushing massive builds and creating pluggins/mods to make the experience better. My only issue is I'd like to see horses, their coming out in the next big expansion but I'm tired of waiting, and I want to see tired grass, simular to snow, that way mountain and hill landscapes can be built too look smooth.


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