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Game Review-No More heroes

Updated on January 20, 2010

Storyline- Funny and enjoyable with twists and turns around quite a few of the corners, this game is quite deeply involving and reminiscent of some of my favorite anime shows in just how wacky and random it really is. Even how the characters fight and act fit into the anime style and to the story, I love how deep the characters are even though you don’t see them long or even get to know them well. The game even has a way of side stepping its lascivious nature with the help of the oddly warm hearted assassin Travis Touchdown (COME ON HE LOVES KITTIES!) But as I must state as a good hearted man i find this game has a bit more crude sex jokes than I care for, not that that will stop me from enjoying it! (or them (secretly)) 20 /20

Graphics -
Quite satisfying for a Wii game, superb in fact, it would surprise me if the 360 would have made it look much better. 10 /10

Game play-
Great fun, I kept learning new things right until the end it flowed well and worked incredibly well, even after beating the game it seems as if there might be quite a bit I haven't learned, there is a mastery to the system akin to swordsmanship itself which is quite intriguing its not hard to be effective, it might not even be hard to be good but its brutally hard to become what one would call a master. 15/15

Enjoy ability-
I loved this game, I loved the clothes, wearing what I want is great fun, even the weapons were incredibly enjoyable to look at, not simply use, if only you could upgrade one kind of cool looking one instead of upgrades being weapons specific. I love the anime feel of the game and cant seem to resist mentioning it over and over. 20/20

Art direction-
Incredible and well done it seems to me that on any system this game would look and feel the same, this game identifies itself as what it is, an anime-action-geek game. 10/10

Sound &VA-
Flawlessly directed and acted, albeit a tad repetitive "Enter the garden of madness" which might be explained further in latter games, but the script was well made seeing as how that’s the only line that repeats itself too much, and how compelling it is.Occasionally well placed along with occasionally out of place swearing make for awkward as well as hilarious moments along with moments that deliver the perfect threatening tone. Be it sarcasm tone of voice or the look on someone's face this game has a knack to give you something that works almost perfectly with the moment. 10/10

I really don’t know if I took to long on this game but it took me about 21 hours and 30 minutes and I even got the real ending, if you like this game even a little you need to get it (its simple just buy all 3 swords from Dr. Naomi to unlock it) so the length seems to fit the game well, it never got boring or annoying, it really is the perfect length. 15/15

Total- 100/100

Bottom line- This game is an anime fans dream, I love it so much I cant wait until the sequel comes out, it will be incredible, this games twists and turns are all anime-esque and fit perfectly, I recommend this game to anyone who has a Wii and say it’s the Number 1 reason to get one its incredible!

The 5-

1- The anime feel will immerse you into a world some of us have often wished we could go to.

2- If nothing beats a good sword what could beat a Beam Katana?

3- Be sure to pay attention to what happens in the video during the Rank 1 fight when she tells you her story if your interested, it’s a little hard to hear but not as hard as it could be, all in all you get the jist of it if you pay attention.

4- Incredibly in depth and immersive combat system that’s quick to learn and fun to use, but unbelievably hard to master.

5- The wrestling moves add a nice touch to the game not quite what I would use in a fight, but most certainly useful.


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    • d-b-ggaming profile image

      David 8 years ago from The land of the living

      This is now offically the only game i have ever played through a second time immediately after beating it and had just as much fun the second time as i did the first! (it was the harder difficulty (Bitter) by the way) took me about 8 hours less to beat the second time through (22 the first time 14 or so the second)but i will say it again it was just as fun!