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Game Review: Overlord 2 for Xbox 360

Updated on June 29, 2009

Overlord 2 Game Review

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So let's go.

The evil minions are back, and the Overlords son is in control of them in the sequel to the Overlord.

Overlord 2 features a plot that is mostly similar to the original Overlord. The game starts you off controlling a pint sized evil child whom is not quite yet dubbed the overlord. He is small, and must complete small tasks before he is considered the dark Overlord.

The beginning tasks are nothing more than a tutorial on how to use the controls in the game, and after completing all of these micro tasks, fans of the original will come to learn that all of the controls are the same as they were in the original. You control your minion clans using the right joystick, and combat enemies as the Overlord using the A button. Everything is relatively simple, and easy to use.

After becoming the Overlord, your small child evolves into the giant dark evil dominator he is meant to be. He wields an axe, and his job is to rule the world, while re-building his dark tower.

As in the original the game presents your Overlord with 4 different colored minion clans. The browns are the first minions you will find. Followed by the reds, the greens, and then the blues.

Each minion has a special ability, when combined what you have is a small army of evil goblin like demons that will do your every bidding. You are in control of them, and like in the original game, the pack of humours goons take the spotlight as far as game play goes.

Your brown minions are wicked strong ground fighters, while your reds are weaker, but when positioned far away from the enemy will rain down on enemies with their deadly fireballs. The greens have the ability to walk through poisonous green gases, and they can attack really wonderfully at the back of the enemy. Up front battles though they are not as powerful. The blues can walk through water and resurrect minions that died while battling.

Each minion must be collected by finding their hives though. In order to make use of all different colors, you must first collect their hives which are hidden within the environments you will go through.

The Overlord does have some play this time around though. In the original the main focus was the minions, while the Overlord just sat to the back and watched them destroy everything. In Overlord 2 this is present, but now new elements have been added which give you the Overlord more game play. He can now control humans minds, and also be shrunken down into a minion form to squeeze through smaller openings.

There is also a new mini map located on the left hand side of the screen which allows you to see where you are going. Although I like the map, it is annoying sometimes due to the fact that some boards contain lower and upper levels. The map does not color code which level you need to be on in order to continue which poses a frustrating element.

The Overlord also has the ability to resurrect upgraded dead minions in the minion graveyard. This requires the sacrifice of another minion though. It's not such a bad thing though, because you can sacrifice a newborn minion in order to bring back a minion with more upgrades.

Minions also have names in Overlord 2. I find the addition unnecessary, but it is there.


You will notice a nice detailed increase in the game as far as graphics go. Things have much more detail than they did in the original, they seemed more polished, and they are much more visually enticing to the eye. Colors are bright, bold, and really pretty.


Sounds in the game are quite impressive. Your gremlin like minions all have croaky demonic like voices, with a golum like quality to them. Music is equally as nice, with chanting tunes and songs that you will hear being played lightly in the background.


Everything in Overlord 2 is easy to control as far as the games controls goes. The only issue I encounter time and time again is the fact that the same right joystick is used to control your minions, and to adjust camera angles. This is problematic at times, and is annoying.


Running around and controlling a clan of humor filled goblins is a lot of fun, destroying everything in my path by directing my minions to it is also fun to watch. Their one liners are also quite entertaining, and game play is a lot of fun.

The controls could have used some work, but overall Overlord 2 is one of the best games I have played this summer so far. Fans of the original will love it, and new players will find it equally addicting.

Screen shot
Screen shot


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    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      Thats the thing that sucks. It says everywhere that you can now name your minions, however I have yet to figure out how. It seems the names they have in the game, are the names we are stuck with. Odd too considering name giving was how the game was initially advertised. I tried everything from roaming the castle, to trying to do something at the hives, so far nothing.

    • profile image

      kenny 8 years ago

      how do i name a minion

    • profile image

      melissa 8 years ago

      lol. Christopher...

    • Christoph Reilly profile image

      Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

      No Pee Pee Face yet!