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Game Review: Soldier Front 2

Updated on July 19, 2015

Game Review Stats

Play Mechanics
System Mechanics


Soldier Front 2 is a free-to-play first person shooter published by Aeria Games and developed by Dragonfly on the Unreal 3 Engine. To start things off, this game is definitely worth checking out for shooter fans.

Given the price (free) and the accessibility (Even on Steam!) there's no good reason not to at least try it. The gameplay is fun and there are a lot of different ways to enjoy the game from standard deathmatch and bomb defusal action to alien PvE co-op defense modes, a hilarious "shatter" mode with glass floors, and even a MOBA style 3v3 or 5v5 mode called "Hero".

Play Mechanics

Rating: 8.0
Fun shooter action with a little extra on the top. Many games modes and some unique weapons make for a wide variety of activities. Recoil allows for spray'n'pray but it's not as effective as actually aiming.

It's fun and easy to play. It's not the type your friends say "don't worry it gets fun after... level 352".

Right at the beginning you get a loadout to play with and can immediately start shooting faces. Recoil isn't super penalizing like it may be in Counter Strike Global Offensive so it's great if you want to relax with some action and don't want to prepare for an epic rage fest of jumping through hoops, config editing, and buying new hardware to get a shot to work properly.

You get 3 weapons, primary, secondary, and special. Standard grenades (explosive, smoke, and flash). The special weapons are melee or something more entertaining like a crossbow (yes, it does stick people to walls)

There's a quick slash button for face-to-face encounters.

Scoping helps but hipfire is effective at appropriate ranges.

Sniping is not overpowered! There are few places to camp effectively and the designers made 2 clever moves to make sure the game isn't full of camping snipers. One, there is a glint or shimmer when a sniper is scoped in that is easily seen (and can be seen before they can see you). And two, their shoulder will appear visible to you before they can see you, so they can't make tiny adjustments and quick shots, they need to move further which becomes riskier.

One negative point, pistols suck. Even the desert eagle seems like a pea-shooter. Sorry. I hope they fix this. If you run out of primary ammo, switch to special (crossbow!) because you get a free one very early in the game.

Play as aliens "Xanthids" and claw your enemies while invisible, blow yourself up to take them down with you, or even spit acid at them!
Play as aliens "Xanthids" and claw your enemies while invisible, blow yourself up to take them down with you, or even spit acid at them! | Source

System Mechanics

Rating: 9.0
Game is generous and not forceful. You can enjoy your time easily, but you get rewarded if you do decide to play more hardcore.

I enjoy a good system like anyone, but I hate it when games cram the stuff down my throat. Force me to grind for weeks or engage in daily quests or other various retention mechanics.

There is definitely a balance of game systems and I like the balance in Soldier Front 2.

The game gives you a lot without forcing you to do a billion things. At the same time, there are also not-so-easy goals. You can enjoy your time easily, but you get rewarded if you do decide to play more hardcore.

As you level up you get more in-game currency to buy new weapons. Playing with weapons allows you to unlock new versions of that weapon with different stats/attributes.

You can also buy gear, but most of it gives you more exp or in-game currency, only body armor actually gives you an armor advantage, but it also slows you down.

Weapon skins are primarily for cash (no P2W! But will cover this later) however there are weapons skins available to buy for in-game currency via "Competition Capsules". These are gambling items so they often give you junk. However, you get free competition capsules every week for participating in "Corps Missions" (Clan battles) plus at a certain point you don't need as much in-game currency and it's really not that difficult to win a cool skinned weapon.

Gameplay Video

Gameplay Video

This video is old, a lot of the game has changed for sure. But will give you an idea.

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Graphics Review

Rating: 7.0
Looks clean, Unreal 3, nothing special but actually pretty good for free to play.

You can't expect the best graphics in a free to play game so a +1 for that, however Unreal 3 is nothing to sneeze at anyway. The game looks clean and feels nice to play. What more can I say? If you want state-of-the-art graphics, go pay $60 for the latest release of... whatever.

Cost Review

Rating: 6.0
Not pay-2-win, many cheap and useful items, but the best stuff is clearly expensive.

Instant score of 5 for no pay-2-win. The only advantage spenders get are leveling faster and being able to buy to get a gun with a scope (Snipers not included) rather than grind to get one. There are some cash exclusive weapons, but they actually aren't that great and many of the veteran players prefer others. Also +1 for many very cheap items to buy such as boosts, character skins, etc etc.

I can't give it more than 6 though because the coolest looking weapons with special skins are only available in Capsules and I question how much I would have to spend to get one. I'd much rather just spend $10 to $20 and get a nice skinned weapon than gamble away my paycheck.

Overall though, 6.0 is okay. If you have deep pockets you can look like a boss, if you don't you can still get some nice things. If you don't spend at all, you are not at a significant disadvantage (in fact I was topping teams right from the beginning with the starter weapons).


Overall: 8.0

Fun game, give it a shot, or several. If you want a CS:GO experience you may not be happy, but if you want a CoD experience you may just fall in love. Do yourself a favor and play more than just deathmatch, the other modes are great as well. After writing this I've now clocked over 100 hours, and I'm definitely happy with the time spent.

To play, see the links below:



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