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Game Review: Stranded 2

Updated on May 22, 2013

There's not much to say about this one. Stranded 2 is a free to download survival game developed by Germany based Unreal Software. The game basically follows you as a survivor of a shipwreck on a desert island. You must work to get off the island, as soon as you do, you get transported to another, then another. The game does have some play-ability and is pretty good for being basically and indy game.

To try it out, you can go to

If you're not interested in this, you can always check out some of their other games. They have minigolf, a 2D multiplayer, turned based shooter called Carnage Contest, Stranded 1, and counter-strike 2D. Go check it out and if you like the games, make sure you give the developers some props for their hard work.


In this game you simply have to survive and work on getting to the next island. The first one you land on has plenty of resources, a pirate, a native, a marijuana grower, and various animals. For the first island the only animals that can hurt you are lions.

To survive you must be able to provide for three basic needs: water, food, and shelter (sleep).

The first thing you must find is a good water source. These are rocks with water shooting out of the top of them, I think it's just a crude representation of a spring. As this can't be built, you need to find a suitable location. Look for a spring near the shore with plenty of trees and rocks. Finally, it should be well away from any lions that roam the area. Once you find a good one you can start your on your next need.

The next thing is food. your choices are meat, berries, or you can start to cultivate flour, if you find it. Your meat varies from small meat that you can get from crabs and large meat you can get from lions and turtles. Make sure you don't overload as you need to be able to carry enough supplies for the next part. It would be a good idea to start planting grain and berries. One key part about grain is not overdoing it, If you plant more than 20, you can have locust come in and destroy your entire crop.

Finally, you should build a shelter and fire pit. If you can't complete this in the first day, just climb a tree and sleep on top of it to keep yourself from the lions. The resources needed for your building projects can be found further down in this guide. Place it in an open area and the fire nearby. Your fire pit can be used to cook meat and keeps wild animals away at night. While you're looking for leaves, sticks, or vines, look at the trees around you. You will notice that some have no leaves, which are good to find sticks, and some will have vines. Leaves can be found on leafy palms and different bushes on the ground.

Now that you know about the basics of gameplay. You can explore a bit at start working out the puzzle that you need to get off the island. If you get lost, just walk along the beach until you see your camp.


There's not much that can be said about the graphics either. They are relatively crude in comparison to most games out there, but then again games like minecraft are insanely successful. To be fare, I must warn you that you occasionally run into minor glitches in the game. They usually just involve object placement and prevent you from getting materials from them. All you have to do is go find a different rock or tree.

The graphics, are very colorful however and do give a sort of 90s vintage quality to the game as they resemble some of the early playstation, N64 and Sega games that came out years ago.

Basic Recipes

Building different things in the game can unlock more options on what you can build and some a requirement to escape the island and move on to the next scenario.


1 stone+1 branch= hammer or spear

1 Bendable branch (branch soaked in water)+cord= fishing rod

1 branch+iron+Hammer= axe or spade

1 branch+iron rod+Hammer= pickaxe or scythe

1 branch+cord= net


30 branches+20 leaves= shelter

10 branches+10 hides= tent

10 logs+25 branches+30 vines= tree house

20 longs+20 vines+50 branches+60 leaves= Hut


10 Logs+10 vines+ 20 branches+40 stones= Storage

20 Logs+30 Branches+50 Stones+15 Vines= Big Storage

60 stones+200 pebbles= Well

35 branches= Torch

20 branches= Fence

2 logs+10 thread+10 skins= Hammock

5 Logs+10 branches+15 pebbles+50 leaves= Garden

50 branches+80 leaves+10 Vines= Kiwi Breeding


5 logs= logboat

20 logs+30 branches+ 50 Vines+ 30 Thread+25 skins= Sailraft

Keep in mid there are plenty of other recipes out there, These are just the basics, eventually you will be able to build hunting stands, defensive towers, traps, slingshots, bows, potions and more. Just keep at it, some aren't available until later in the game.


What can I say, I do like games that aren't popular with the masses at times and I believe this is one of the diamonds in the ruff. It's a survival game where you have to change the landscape around you but came out before minecraft. It may not be as good as Mojangs greatest game but with a little support it could be a lot more popular and give the original developers a reason to go back and revamp it a little.

I hope they don't change the graphics much, I enjoy extreme detail in most games but I really don't think this one needs it. I just hope they add more to the building aspect. Even more interesting would be if they made it multiplayer. I would definitely play with a group of friends on building a nice little tribal society and move around the archipelago on our sail rafts. Only time can tell. In total I give it a 3/5. It does need some work but is very promising and I can only imagine it being a hit with many of the people reading this if they give it a shot.


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