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Game Review: World of Tanks

Updated on June 24, 2015

World of Tanks Teaser

World of Tanks is a free to play online combat simulation game brought to you by the team at If you've never heard of them, you will, their work includes this game along with World of Warplanes, which is in beta right now, and the upcoming World of Warships.

World of Tanks is a 3D battleground game where you control tanks from Germany, Russia, the US, the UK, France, and China. All the tanks are from World War 1 to the end of World War II, including many prototypes that never saw actual combat. The suberb graphics, addicting gameplay, and semi-historical accuracy of the maps make this one of the greatest free to play MMO games available.

Gameplay- Tanks

As you can probably guess, the main type of vehicle in World of Tanks, is tanks. These are the only ones available from the start of the game and continue to be the backbone of every battle from the teir 1 starting tanks to the massive teir 10 end game monsters.

The tanks in game have various advantages, depending on teir, country, and model. Some such as the B2 and B7 are Russian cavalry tanks, as such they have amazing speed. Others like the Vickers, is big, slow, but a heavy hitter for its teir. How you handle your tank is up to you, but there are a few tips for using them.

-Never sit still. This becomes even more important once selp propelled guns come into play. A sitting tank is an easy target for a devestating artillery strike.

- use cover and concealment. Cover is anthing that can stop an incoming round, concealment is something that can hide you but doesnt protect you. So use the landscape to your advantage to defend yourself.

-stick together. US Sherman tanks were smaller than their German counterparts during WWII. To take down a Panser or Tiger tank, US crews would use fast coordinated attacks using multiple tanks. This allowed rounds to be placed on the weak rear of the tank. I will go over these strategies later in the review.

My only gripe about this part of the game is the lack of strategy of some battles. Tanks are heavily armored assault vehicles, not static gun placements to defend the base. It is needed at times but tankers need to realize they play an important part of the battle in higher teirs. the Self Propelled Guns need scouts and the Tank Destroyers need someone to protect their vulnerable flanks.

This isn't an issue with the game, just some players.

Gameplay- Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers are aptly named. In fact, its their sole purpose, their large forward facing guns were historically used to punch holes in any tank that comes at them. Weirdly enough one of the most effective of WWII was one with a rear facing gun. It was a weird design but effective as it allowed the Tank Destroyer to run away while still blasting pursuing tanks. Not too surprising is the fact the armored vehicle designed to run away was French.

Like their real world counter parts, Tank Destroyers in the game are dangerous to any tank that it gets it sights on. Its biggest flaw though is its sides. Such a large cun meant they couldn't place them on a turret. It also meant that the sides weren't very well armored. If you decided to play this vehicle type just remember a few things beyond the basics meantioned above:

-try to stick to choke points. This is especially effective on city maps like Himmelsdorf. Just sit where the enemy has to come through and start creating a dam of scrap metal.

-stay slightly away from buildings. Although this is cover and can save your life it can also become a death sentence if an enemy tank rolls up on your flank. Stay behind cover but give yourself room to manuever so you can get your armored front to a flanking enemy on a moments notice.

I don't usually play these but they can be fun at times. Overall I have no issues with these as they are harder to master, so the majority of players behind the wheel know what they're doing.

Gameplay- Self Propelled Guns

This catagory consists of mobile artilery in the game, commonly called arty. Their advantage is they boast long range and high damage capabilities. They do lack in speed and armor though. If you decide to try this, just press shift to enter the aiming mode. You'll get to see the battlefield from an overhead prospective with a green circle instead of crosshairs.

Due to the fact that directly engaging a target isn't your goal here, the rules are different from the others:

-Use concealment and limit cover. When you play a SPG, you'll notice the firing arch. this gives you the ability to fire over the tops od obstacles but at the same time using those same obstacles as cover can limit your field of fire. To compensate for this, get cover in line between you and enemy tanks but keep it at a distance. They can't shoot you but you can hit them.

-Wait to zero in. As you move in a SPG, your target circle will expand, staying still draws it inward. You want to have a tight circle on a static enemy before firing, ensuring your deadly volley comes down right on top of them.

-Don't camp. This is the most common mistake of inexperienced SPG drivers. If you set up shop next to your base: you limit your range to the other side of the map, let your support get too far away to help you, and set yourself in a place you know the enemy will go, it is the objective after all. Instead, follow your tanks and stay to the rear. This way you can engage the targets you team is fighting and have back up.

Overall, I enjoy this type the most. It takes skill that not many can master, can turn the tide of war in a single volley, and is often overlooked.

Gameplay- Strategic

All the tips I've given thus far have been tactical, involving just your own actions. Strategy on the other hand is more in depth and encompasses the actions of your entire team as a whole. There are four general strategies I'll cover:

-All in. For this strategy you agree during the countdown to rush your enemy with your entire team. If everyone is on board and your riming is right it is pretty effective. Just make sure to stand on defence for about 10 seconds so your enemy can disperse then rush them. The main drawback in this is you can almost never get the entire team to do it and if you jump the gun, your enemy will all still be at their base or close enough to respond before you can make the kills needed to overwhelm them.

-Defensive. This one is just sitting tight at your base and letting the enemy come to you. It will usually be a small trickle of them followed up by their main force. This is effective if everyone participates and there is adequate cover to protect you from self propelled guns.

-Controlled. In this one, you decide on a plan of action during the countdown that divides your forces in a manner that you see fit. It is usually proposed by a veteran player and involves having bigger heavy tanks goin stright for the enemy while faster tanks take the scenic route to try and flank them.

-Free for all. This is the most common strategy and involves chaos. You can still win this way but luck plays a bigger hand here. Just keep in mind no one will ever say free for all but if you ask for a plan and you get sarcastic answers like "win" or "kill them", the best of luck to you.


The graphics for the game are nothing short of astounding. The graphics team at brought realism to the table and accomplished their goal. The landscape looks like many video games but the tanks themselves show every hatch, plate, and pipe. ,ot only that but the graphics correspond to the armor of the area as well. The armor on a hatch is minimal compared to the body and this fact gives you something to aim for. I honestly don't think they can improve this much.


We're finally to the end, where I give my rating. This time it's 4/5. It could be 5/5 but I think they need to add more content to the game. Getting new tanks are awesome but it gets repetative fast. I'm not sure what they'll do but it would be interesting to integrate World of Tanks and World of Warplanes one day. They'd just have to add anti-aircraft halftracks to the mix.

What is your favorite nation to play as?

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Coming Soon

Keep an eye out as the next installment of's award winning series is coming soon. World of Warships will put you in the bridge of some of the greatest floating weapons platforms in history.

Enjoy the trailer from

WoWS Cinematic trailer


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    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Great hub. I have heard a lot about this game but just haven't had the time to try it out. You have a very good review here that explains a lot of points of the game. I haven't played it yet but I already have a few points to consider before starting. Good luck on your 100 day challenge! I'll stay tuned for the rest.

    • djashburnal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Minnesota

      Just figured I should mention. I've decided to do the 100 hub-100 days challenge. Every single one will be a game review. To see the full list you can checkout my blog at

      1 down 99 to go.


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