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Game addiction pros and cons

Updated on March 11, 2013
Credit: photo by volpista on
Credit: photo by volpista on | Source

What are the effects of pc games addiction?

In this article, I will list the effects of game addiction that happened to me. Do you know that gamers can be affected both Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually?

A short preview

With games, "too much is not healthy"

I started playing PC games back when I was a 3rd year high school student. The first game that I learned is a Pokemon browser game where I play the role of a poke master, I got addicted to that game for a year. Then I learned to play Counter Strike where I got addicted for years. CS is a war of guns wherein you play the role of an army or a terrorist, a multi-player game, I got addicted to this game because it is a strategy game where you need to cooperate with your team mates.

Later in that year, I found another interesting strategy game called DOTA or defense of the ancients. At first I really don't like how it looks but as I watch them having fun playing it, it caught my interest and by the end of the year I got addicted to it. The next year, I learned and improved on how to play it on a Local Area Network where you fight with your friends versus the other team, I also learned how to connect the game into online where you could fight versus any team or players around the world.

Months passed, I started playing other games but still playing the previous games. I mean, whenever you got bored in a certain game I would play the other and so on.. I eventually got addicted and I only stopped playing, back when I was in fourth year college. Why did I stop? I'll tell you later.

List of games that I played

1. Defense Of The Ancients

2. Counter Strike

3. Diablo II

4. Grand Theft Auto - Vice City

5. Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

6. Ran Online - MMORPG game

7. Cabal Online

8. Fiesta Online

9. Destiny Online

10. Perfect World

11. Destiny Online

12. Ragnarok Online

13. Eden Eternal

14. Ran Offline

15. Plants Vs. Zombies

And many more other games that I forgot the names, others are mini games like Mario & Bros.. Too many to mention. You know guys, if you really want to have a good future, invest in what will develop you instead of investing too much on less important things. Game companies could hire you if you're really skillful in playing games but think also that most companies or HR's wouldn't look to your gaming skills, they will always look for a talented and knowledgeable people to get into their company.

There are things that looks beautiful, but can cause harm.
There are things that looks beautiful, but can cause harm. | Source

Brief introduction before we go to Pros and Cons

Playing PC games are not really too bad, if you put it on moderation and proper manner. But the thing is, many times you really can't control it, you will play for minutes then you'll find yourself playing for hours.

There are games that we should really avoid for it destroys your mind or it puts little by little pieces of corruption in your brain until you got corrupted yourself. In a certain psychological study "a pair of a male and a female doll" will likely infuse to the mind of a child that getting an early partner or going into a relationship is just ok. The result of the study shows that many teens today even in a very young age are in a relationship, sub-effects are premarital sex, early pregnancy, lost of proper values and culture, rebellious and many more.

Why am I saying this? I just want you to know that if a little toy could dictate the character of a child how much more does a game played for hours!. Compare the youth or the people today with the people who grew on 1900's and below when there are no computer games, most likely the character of each generation shows a very stunning difference.

Another example that I would like you to see is that even a small thing could make a difference. A small virus could grow and will definitely infect the whole place, add 1$ to 999,999 and it will be 1$ million, a small seed makes a big tree. Do you believe the saying "what you sow is what you reap?" If you have feed yourself with right learning you will surely have a good future but if not, you will reap the choices you have made and that's exactly what happened and will happen in our society and generation in the next years .. We reap the fruit of corrupted minds and culture. Violence, hatred, wrong mindsets, wrong cultures combined with deluding games will modify our generation.

Video game addiction documentary


PC gaming PROS

Here are positive results of playing PC games

The following are based on my opinion and experiences.

1. It is fun to play - If you really have extra time, its really fun to play games. It adds happiness and is effective to reduce stress. But too much time playing will give you stress.

2. It exercises your mind - Playing strategic or mind games could be really good, it exercises your mind by thinking how or what strategy will you do. Especially for team games or interactive games where each decision you make could affect the team, it teaches lessons such as team work and perseverance.

3. It can be used for bonding time - Family bonding, bonding with friends, which helps to strengthen relationships. This also includes socializing.

4. There are games which help you to learn - Examples are educational games like spelling, word usage, math games, science and many more informative games. These types of games are really good in developing skills.

5. You can earn money from some games - I once tried to make money online by selling items to other players. I gather materials inside the game and then I mix it to make cool stuffs like armors, weapons, equipments with high value. After I crafted the equipment, I will market it to my fellow users in exchange for real money.

PC gaming CONS

Here are negative results of playing PC games

Again, the following are based on my opinion and personal experiences.

1. It is a time waster - Instead of focusing on much better things in life, most of the time players would spend too much time on playing. Examples: * students would play instead of doing home works, they got addicted that they forgot that schooling is a better priority. This is why the quality of some students is low when they graduate, because they didn't learn the things that they should learn; poor grammar, poor character, not effective, not efficient. They lack QUALITY!

They don't develop the essential things that they need in life; they can't focus on things of bigger weight.

2. It deludes the mind - There are games which contain nudism, violence, hatred, spreading evilness. It may seem fun to play them but little by little it corrupts the mind of the poor gamer. Results are raping, bribery, bullying, evil mindedness and many more. This clearly proves that the character is really affected.

I remember a certain news on China that a youth burned his classmate to death because of the effect of the game called Warcraft. That youth always use the power of magic in the game, the fire thing, so he got corrupted and eventually planned to burn his classmate. Another is a computer addict player who died of heart attack, the said player played for 48 hours straight, eventually his body gave up and he died.

3. It exercises the mind but not the body - Most players don't care for their body as long as they could play. Weight loss, sickness, and many more side effects in the physical body may occur, some develop obesity for they don't exercise their body.

4. It is a money waster - I spend so much in playing that if I would add the amount of money I used, I could have bought a good motor cycle. It's not bad to spend, but to spend unwisely is not. Too much addiction will lead to extra added and impulsive spending. Many have wasted their money in games, unnecessary gadgets, and unhealthy foods.

5. It affects your emotion and decisions - As an addict player before, I experienced emotional and physical stress. I even got to the point that I dream of the games I play. I can't take it that I would not play for a day, whenever I woke up I think of the game. This ruins the emotional being of a person and the decision making.

6. It affects your spirituality - The most destructive effect. I went away from GOD, I don't prioritize Him, I don't mind the Sunday services and youth activities. I almost fell on the destructive road leading to hell.


Hey please drop by some few clicks here

Are you an addict gamer?

See results

The reason why I quit

As you have read it, I am really addicted to games before; I even joined gaming forums, betting games and more. I started to quit when I realized that it is not healthy anymore and realized that as a Christian I must make a stand. There are few times that I play but it's just to keep in touch with my friends and help them understand.

I often ignore it before, well I was born as a Christian and I go to church but it's not just like that. You may know it in your mind but if not in the heart, you will not really understand. One time, I was wondering about what life really is, and then I decided to read the whole Bible. It took me a year to finish it. It take me step by step into learning what life is, I have known Jesus Christ and what He has done for me and you. I was a believer even before but I'm kinda skeptic, I thought I really knew Him but it was not like that. I was blind, I was a fool before, I fell on the traps of the devil.

Yes, technology and modernization is one of the traps of the devil. Because they cannot ask for forgiveness and is already condemned to hell, they'll do anything or use things to have you with them. What could be more fun for them to have you with them when judgment occurs. Please don't be deceived.

Though games are created by humans, the enemy uses our wrong mindsets and adds a grain of truth in false things to make it look good. How could someone be fooled if he knew it is a trap? so the enemies would use techniques for us to fall.

* I introduced a lot of games to my friends before, which they eventually got addicted to. I realized that I had become the device of the enemy to lure them. I brought my friends into a real danger that we don't notice before.

* Because they we're addicted to games, their mind got corrupted. They forgot that schooling should be the priority; they lost their character, because they eventually added vices like drinking, cigars, and even drugs. I don't smoke, I don't use drugs, but I drink before. Then, I realized that I could be blamed for what happened to them. I had been a bad influence.

Back before, we we're very happy playing games. We shout, we laugh together, but at the end it is a wrong choice.. When I became a Christian, I decided to quit playing for them to quit too. It's never too late to help them to be corrected. Many things in this world are useless, we will all die and leave what we have here, life here is temporary. The next life is eternal, and I want to spend eternity with my love ones and my friends. What could be happier than to enjoy the next life that is waiting for us if we are all complete there.

Christianity is not by religion, it's by how you prove that you are a Christian.

Revelation 14:13 Then I heard a voice from heaven say, "Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on." "Yes," says the Spirit, "they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them."

Here are some great reads for you.

Be a Motivational Leader: Lasting Leadership Principles
Be a Motivational Leader: Lasting Leadership Principles

I've read this book.. Leroy Eims the author has served The Navigators for 50 years. This man is indeed a man of heart and skill, the book tackles about how to be a really good leader. His points are really true and are full of wisdom. You won't regret having this book, you can use it to improve yourself, improve your family, even in improving your work. "People only understand when it's clear to them" this is what Leroy wants us to see.



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    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 

      5 years ago from LA

      I noticed they took down your comments... Mine too. (you tried to promote your own hub. a no no.)

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 

      5 years ago from LA

      Thank you for attempting to set us free. The real world is so amazing. We can use our computers for the sake of our own creativity. Addictions are never good for anybody.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm grateful for the existence of PC games, and no, I'm not addicted. I am disabled. Hardly anything I used to do in earlier years is possible now. My average day was down to struggling to get out of bed in the morning, taking my pills, eating, watching Soaps on TV, and if I was really lucky, getting to wash a load of laundry. My husband bought me a laptop for Valentine's Day. We've purchased a number of games, two of which have me hunting for "sale items" in an old house, sort of a glorified yard sale.

      It's the first thing that's kept me from boredom and hating my life in years.


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