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Game of Thrones Replica Swords from House Stark

Updated on May 14, 2016
Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne for $30,000
Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne for $30,000 | Source

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Swords of House Stark Hub page, Here you will find interesting information about the HBO TV series as well as a look into the cool real life sword replicas from House Stark featured on the show. which will include Eddard Stark's Valyrian Steel Sword Ice, John Snow's Longclaw and finally Arya Stark's Needle. I'll even include my simple theory on why White Walkers can be killed by Valyrian Blades.

While i have not been a fan of TV show Game of Thrones (GOT) very long and have only gotten into the series a few months before the premier of season 6, i soon became a bit of fan. For a number of years I have just been putting off watching the series and for no reason but lack of knowledge on the story and genre, however after years of pestering from friends and the media buzz on this beloved character called Jon Snow, i decided to finally give Game of Thrones a watch a few weeks before the premiere of season 6. It did take me a few episodes to really get into the show mainly because of all the characters and businessness of the story but i was soon hooked and begin a marathon of season one and then through to season 5. It was so addictive and after my first sitting as well as watching a number of Youtube bloggers explaining more of the history & Lore behind various aspect of the story, i soon began my second and third sitting of the seasons over two months and only now i have a good grasp of what is going on in the show and just in time for the Season 6 premiere.

So far its been amazing and i love the show. I see now why it is one of the most popular shows on TV. It has everything, good characters and story, nudity, zombies, magic, dragons and finally cool mystical swords.

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Background, History & Lore of Game of Thrones

If you have not seen Game of Thrones (GOT), read all the books by George R. R. Martin or just do not understand an aspect of the story then this series of drawn clips from HBO is for you. The history & lore of Game of Thrones is a cliff notes version of the books and the is show narrated by actors from the TV series. It showcases some of the historical events from the books, the founding of Westero and the first men, mystery surrounding the white walkers, originals of all the Houses and more. This video is great for background details and for a good overview of the Game of Thrones world. I found much of my answers here too before going back to and watching the series for more easter eggs and clues.

History & Lore of Game of Thrones

Why Valryian Swords kills white walkers?

I first started looking into the lore of Valyrian swords out of curious as to why they could kill white walkers, my basic guess is they are forged like the japanese samurai swords and has a high carbon content which makes them similar to crystal glass. and therefore similar to dragon glass. Its just a theory but i have yet to come across another comparison online.

So as i was also looking into Valyrian swords, i also came across a life size replica of the Iron Throne that is the GOT Iron throne on sale by HBO. That is so cool! Its a custom built movie prop from HBO and is goes for the small price of $30,000. the price of a small family car. I am a lover of movie replica and this collectible is a bit out of my price range so a more realistic single GOT sword would do me.

And so here is a look at the cool Game of Thrones Swords of House Stark. And an introductions & explanation of Valyrian Swords from Emergency Awesome blogger Charlie.

Explaination of Valyrian Swords

The Valyrian Sword of House Stark & Eddard Stark - Ice

Like in Westeros and in the Game of Thrones world, Valyrian swords are rare and hard to find and certainly its the same case in our world too. So far i have only found two place to get official GOT merchandise and replica swords and thats from HBO and at ValyrianSteel the official manufactures of the TV shows replicas. Interestingly for some of the swords there are "book versions" as well as replicas from the series.

A good example is the swords of House Stark, Ice used by Ned Stark. With only 250 pieces made for the book versions of Ice forged from Damascus Steel and 500 of the show version. Oh! Damascus Steel is the steel which has that wave patterns on them as a result of mixing two or more alloys in the construction and the difference between stainless steel is debatable, however Damascus steel is said to hold an edge better but is prone to rust and thus requires oiling and more maintenance.

So when looking for replica swords from GOT, be sure to consider the Damascus vs Stainless steel versions as well as the "book" vs "TV show" versions.


Features of the TV shows Ice

  • Overall Length: 57.5" (146cm)
  • Blade Length: 42" (107cm)
  • Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Construction: Not sharpen but has an edge & full tang
  • Hilt: Hardwood handle with antique brass tips on the guide & pummel.
  • Plaque: Silkscreened Wood of the Direwolf Sigil
  • Certifications of Authenticity: Signed by G.R.R. Martin

Ice is House Starks, House blade and is said to be about 400 years old, this is the blade used by Eddard in the first episode to execute the run away Nights watchmen. Later Ice was melted down by Tywin Lannister to made Oathkeeper and Widowswale.

Ice is available in both Damascus steel and Stainless steel version. I will focus mainly on the TV show versions because of the focus of this hub but also the book version seems to have sold out already. Personally i like the book version better because of all its detail and decorative features in 24k Gold, if you have not seem one i encourage you to search the web for photos its a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. In an unboxing video below your also see this version of Ice.

Ice like the show is a huge sword, at 57.5 inches and is full tang meaning the blade shaft extends right to the end of the handle, unlike the book version which only extends half way down the handle. Ice is of simple design just like in the show, it has a nice hard wooden grip with antique brass guide tips and pummel.

For more details and review refer to the unboxing video below.

Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

Longclaw is another Valyrian steel sword now in the possession of a Stark, Originally Longclaw was the anciental blade of House Mormont for 500 years. However Jon Snow was given the swords by Lord Jeor Mormont commander of the Night's Watch after he had saved him from a wight (Zombie). Longclaw original pummel was in the shape of a bear, sigil of House Mormont but Jeor had it remade into a Direwolf the sigil of House Stark before giving it to Jon.

Longclaw is also available in Damascus steel, with a book and TV Show version. Like Ice Ned Starks sword the book version has more refined details however the show version has a more simple design. Its also known as a bastard sword, which is a medium size sword that can be held with one hand as opposed to two handed & short swords. Ice is a two handed sword. Longclaw again is a limited edition item (500). The plaque for this sword i think is quite nice with the oath of the nights watch printed on it.


  • Overall Length: 45" (114cm)
  • Length: 35" (89cm)
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Hilt: Genuine leather with antiqued metal wolf pommel
  • Plaque: Silkscreened Wood with Night's Watch Oath
  • Certifications of Authenticity: Signed by G.R.R. Martin

For a more detailed review and unboxing please refer to the unboxing video below.

Needle the Swords of Arya Stark

After looking at Longclaw, Jon Snow's swords it is kind of fitting now to look at Needle, a thin fencing style sword wielded by Arya Stark and given to her by Jon Snow. Unlike the other swords mentioned in this hub Needle is not a Valyrian blade and was forged by the blacksmith of Winterfell, Mikken. Needle was given to Arya just prior to Jon's leaving of Winterfell for the Wall as a parting gift. The sword is small and well suited to Arya's small statue and later she learns how to fight with Needle in the "Water Dance" style taught by Syrio Forel, The first Swords of Bravos.

Like the others swords Needle is available in a book & TV show version, below is a unboxing video clip of the book versions of Ice, Longclaw and Needle at 5.15 mins. Personally i like the show's version of Needle while the books is more of a thin smaller version of a broad sword and is of simple design, The design reminds me of Jon Snows Longclaw without the wolf pummel. while Needle on the show resemble a fencing lance and has more finer details and craftsmanship for the guide and pummel. I can understand why the producers of GOT would do the in order to match Arya's Water Dancing style later on. I also like Needle the best out of the swords reviewed in this Hub because of the complex designs and detail over the other TV show versions.

Features of Needle

  • Overall Length: 30.5" (77.5cm)
  • Blade Length: 22.5" (57cm)
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Hilt: Slightly curved grip wrapped with leather, antique brass handle parts
  • Plaque: Silkscreened wood with Direwolf sigil
  • Certifications of Authenticity: Signed by G.R.R. Martin

Below are close up photo of Needle's design details.

Needle: Close ups from Arya Stark's Sword design from GOT


Unboxing of the books version of Ice, Longclaw & Needle

The Making of Arya's Needle

This is pretty cool, Below is a video i found from "Man of Arms" a reality TV show about blacksmiths who makes replica weapons. In this video clip they go into the details of making Arya's Needle from the TV series. Other video from the groups also include the making of Longclaw and Oathkeeper.

Interestingly, one swords from the GOT series i have not seen as a replica & collectible is Joffery's Windowswale. Maybe that's because beside hacking into the book Tyrion gave Joffery at his wedding it has not been featured much on the show. One to keep an eye out for in future.

Making of Arya's Needle Sword (Game of Thrones) by Man at Arms

Thanks Hubbers for visiting my Game of Thrones Swords of House Stark Hub page, this is a long one if you managed to read the entire page but i enjoyed writing this one and in learning all about some of the Swords from Game of Thrones.

Feel free to provide feedback and comments so i can improve this hub page and if its has helped you with GOT gift ideas please let me know. Winter is Coming!


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