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Game of War Fire Age - Alliance City Resource Management Guide

Updated on January 27, 2015

I Got My alliance city - Wow this thing is expensive

Your alliance pitched it and you built your alliance city. Everyone cheers until you go into the city for the first time and see that you have no buildings (except your headquarters and storehouse).

So, you collect even more and send all alliance members out on resource tiles to complete the 4 rural buildings, Ironworks, Brickworks, Cider Mill and Lumber Mill. You may even start on some if the interior buildings such as the Mint, Hall of Quests and University.

By now, resources are running low on all but the most steadfast of farmers and the spenders are tapped out.

This guide will show you how to plan out your alliance city upgrades to keep it constantly growing based no matter what your alliance power.

Understanding Refinement

Alliance city refinement in the game of war is much more complicated than first appears. You can refine 200 units in 30 days or 2000 in one hour. Resource cost increases as you produce more / faster.

I broke the RSS cost for refinement down to show the per 100 cost of each new resource. What I came up with is that at the lowest level (200) your resource cost is at a factor of 1. Each increase in quantity of 200 increases your factor by 1. Below is an example of the scale:

  • 200 100,000 Resource per 100
  • 400 200,000 Resource per 100
  • 600 300,000 Resource per 100
  • 800 400,000 Resource per 100
  • 1000 500,000 Resource per 100
  • 1200 600,000 Resource per 100
  • 1400 700,000 Resource per 100
  • 1600 800,000 Resource per 100
  • 1800 900,000 Resource per 100
  • 2000 1,000,000 Resource per 100

You can see that the resource cost goes up as you increase more (faster). The key to managing your refinement is to determine what your daily target is, and using the most cost effective method to reach it. The table below shows the actual cost and research time for all five new resources at each tier 200-2000

Refinement Time Verses Cost

Step 1 - Plan out your upgrades

Planning out your upgrades is the first step to effectively managing your Alliance City construction. I will use our alliance's city as an example in this guide. We currently have the Headquarters at level 2 and all other buildings at level 1.

Upgrade Plan

  1. Ironworks 2 - 19 days
  2. Brickworks 2 - 19 days
  3. Cider Mill 2 - 19 days
  4. Lumber Mill 2 - 19 days
  5. Mint 2 - 21 Days
  6. University 2 - 18 days
  7. Hall of Quests 2 - 32 days
  8. Storehouse 2 - 11 Days
  9. Headquarters 3

Now we have planned out the buildings and have an idea of how long it will take you want to determine how much of each material you will need for all the upgrades. I have detailed the requirements to move all buildings (except Headquarters) from level 1 to level 2 below.

Time (Days)
Iron Works
Brick Works
Cider Mill
Lumber Mill
Hall of Quests

Plan out your Refinement times

From the table above, I know how much of each resource I need to produce and how long all the builds will take. I want to set up a resource refinement schedule that will ensure I am able to make enough to keep buildings upgrading at all times, while doing so for the least amount of resources possible.

My graph shows I would only need 200-400 of each resource daily to make enough for all my upgrades in the 158 days they will take to build. You will need to factor in how much speed up's your alliance will contribute to those 158 days. In this example I am going to assume that my alliance will bring the build time down from 158 to 100 days.

Now I will divide my Total need of each Resource by the 100 days to determine how much I need to refine each day to make my goal.

Total Iron Needed 14,879 / 100 days = 149 per day. Because I do not know how much the Headquarters 3 will cost, I am going to set my daily goal to refine 950-1000 units per day. I can do this by refining in 24 hour batches will yield approximately 970 each day.

Calculate the daily resource requirement

Once we know how much of each we want to produce daily, and have an idea of the refinement time we will use, we can calculate the amount of resources we will need to keep refinement going. This will help you understand how much you should really be donating to your alliance city and help set goals for all your alliance members.

To determine what you will need, you want to look at the per 100 cost in my table above, and align it with the refinement times. I will be using the 24 hour timer so I will look at the cost per 100 in that column.

As you can see below, To keep refinement going at all times using batches of 1050, I calculate a need of:

  • 4 million Ore
  • 10 million Food
  • 5 million Wood
  • 5 million Stone
  • 1 million Silver

Reaping the benefit

By calculating out my total need and balancing it out so I refine only what I need, I am able to reduce the total cost of all the upgrades.

Refining in batches of 2000 is the fastest but you only need this much production if you have people willing to donate a LOT of gold for speed ups.

Refining in batches of 1000 costs HALF of what it does when refining at 2000. This means our alliance will pay 1/2 of the cost that others that refine in batches of 2000 will.

If your alliance has other strategies, I would love to hear them. Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!


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