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Game of War Free

Updated on July 20, 2016

Your First Decision

It is day one in your first game of war experience. You have 24 hours until your first peace shield expires, so time is critical. You'll soon to discover that GoW is not your typical mobile app. If you're super competitive like me, you are going to pull out your MasterCard and make some terrible life choices. There are basically three paths that you have to choose from in this game.

-Heavy spending (Rally leader $1500 minimum, on the high end of $20,000 if you want to max account)
-Moderate spending (Traps $200-$1000)
-Free player (enjoy the social aspect and monster hunting)

Make your choice now. I would recommend starting off as a trap before you graduate to rally leading. This way you can experience trap mode to see if its for you. In this game you can't unlearn your research, and once you've got too much research, you can no longer be a trap. So graduate, don't go straight to the top.

I've divided the paths into sections. Let's start with playing for free!

Free Player Short Guide

Test the waters before you commit any kind of cash to this game. There is a plethora of free content available for your enjoyment.

The first thing you're going to want to do, aside from the tutorial, is join an alliance. This provides you with access to a knowledge data base. Type in your alliance chat if you have questions. Many players are very helpful. If you don't get an answer, I suggest leaving that alliance and finding a more active one. Within the first 30 days of a kingdom, many alliances die off with people who did not like the game.

After joining an alliance, there is content now open to you. There is a wonder dungeon, monster slaying, alliance events, eventually your alliance will have an alliance city. You can be a scout for your alliance and find them targets. You will make friends fast because it is a very social game. In fact, your survivability depends on your social skills. If you make more enemies than friends, you will constantly be under attack. Allies will protect you, so don't be a jerk.

As for building your city, here are some great tips to get you started. Your ultimate goal as a free player is to unlock and train tier 4 (T4) troops. These tips will get you there.

1. As you build your city, every time you level your main building (your stronghold-SH), make it your priority to then level up the farm, logging camp, villa, then Gymnos in this exact order. Keeping your Gymnos as your priority. This will provide you the most hero XP per build. Your hero is the most important part of the game. If you lose it, or it stays at weak levels, you are practically useless.

2. Collect alliance and Athena gifts regularly. Athena gifts are the silver box that appears on the lower left of your city. These come at random times and you will be given a notification when they have arrived. Athena gifts give you lots of free items, often times gold, hero XP and VIP points which are the most useful, as well as hero gear chests. Alliance gifts will give you gold, loyalty, chests, and materials. The stronger the alliance that you're in, the better the gifts you will receive. Alliance gifts will expire after 24 hours so make sure you log in regularly to collect them. You will find the gifts on the top right after hitting the alliance tab. These gifts appear every time one of your alliance members buys a pack or kills a monster. They will also appear for winning alliance or kingdom events.

3. From your city view, on the right of the screen you will see an events tab. Click it. Look for the inferno event banner and click that too. It will give you a list of conditions to complete and reward you points based on how many times you complete those conditions. Always build your city to these events. If the condition says kill monsters, then kill monsters. If it says build and do research then follow them. Once you have hit the 3rd prize in the inferno, stop building. Resume your power build again after this inferno ends and do the next inferno.

4. An easy way to get 50k power is called build10. You will build 10 villas, then take 9 down, build 10 hospitals, then take 9 down, build 10 barracks, then take 9 down. Do the same process with farm, logging camp, quarry, and mine. This completes some hidden quests that grant you 50k total of power. After you've completed the build10, you may arrange your city composition how you deem best, but I have some more advanced tips later on for you to read regarding this.

5. Save all of your alliance loyalty for daily quest resets. You get loyalty from doing alliance quests, VIP quests, collecting alliance gifts, and clicking the help button. Save this loyalty until you can buy a large quantity (200+) of daily quest resets from the alliance store. When you have over 200, activate a 25% hero XP boost and do them all at the same time. This is going to get your hero XP up quite a bit, give you lots of resources, and lots of gems and materials for crafting.

6. Save your gold until you have at least 700k gold. You need to have 700k gold on hand in order to unlock T4. The trinity buildings are by far the worst pain in the butt. You have to buy shackles, books, and daggers to level them and it is hard for anyone in your alliance to gift them to you because you need 20k of each and they can only gift one at a time. Your friends do not want to hit a button 60,000 times to help you unlock your tier 4. So you will need to buy them with gold, as well as the hammers required to level them from 20 to 21.

7. Always remember to protect your investment. This means keeping a shield on your SH at all times. These days (as of July 20, 2016 when this article was written), I don't recommend being unshielded at all until you are at least 2 billion troop power with hero level 50 and some decent defense gear. Anything below that and you're going to risk being zeroed with one hit if the right player finds you. If you decide to venture and do some attacking, just always be on the lookout and shield the second a player of another alliance ports next to you. You won't be able to shield with an offensive march out of your city so you will need to use some wings or gold to speed your army home before you can shield. And you CANNOT shield in the forest, so avoid the forest at all costs. Also, porting without a shield on your SH will cause any incoming marches to auto-attack. So don't port after your screen lights up red unless you either have a shield, or you know the attack will be won.

I will release more in-depth info for free players every week, so feel free to check back again soon.

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