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Game of the Week: Clash of Clans

Updated on July 12, 2015
View of the village map in Clash of Clans, Town Hall level 6
View of the village map in Clash of Clans, Town Hall level 6

Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy game by Supercell in which players can fight hordes of goblins in the PvE map or face other players in PvP battle. The main feature, though, is clan wars, in which groups of players battle against each other for war loot and glory. In this review, I will be going over the starting game play, clan wars, and the rating system.

Clash of Clans is available on Facebook, Google+, Android, and iOS. Supercell has an age restriction due to violence and occasional language in the chat system; players under 13 are prohibited, and players 13-17 must have parent consent (though this is entirely on the honor system).

Starting Out

You begin play with some basic buildings and a beginner's store of resources, including the in-game currency, gems. The tutorial quests get you started, but after that you're on your own, at least until you join a clan. For those who are more goal-oriented, there is a series of achievements you can complete. Gather resources from your mines and collectors in order to upgrade your buildings and train troops, then pit those troops against others in either PvE or PvP. Upgrading the buildings in your village includes having a strong defense strategy in your layout, so that when other players attack you, they leave crying.

From the Attack screen, choose to show up another player for a large potential of resources, or test your strategy against the goblins in the PvE campaign.
From the Attack screen, choose to show up another player for a large potential of resources, or test your strategy against the goblins in the PvE campaign.

It's All About the Clan Wars

Clans are the biggest part of Clash of Clans, as is evident in its name. Clans are groups of up to 50 people who play together, grow together, and help each other. Members can request troops from their clan castle and other members can donate troops to help in defense or in offense. Clans also go to war against each other, in which the top 10 players of each clan get two attacks against the top 10 of the other clan. This top 10 structure ensures that one clan is never fighting with more players than another, and also encourages friendly competition between clan members. If you want the war loot and the chance to show your stuff, you better be in the top 10.

Rating System: Trophies

The way you show you're the best? It's not by how far you've progressed in the game. The more attacks and defenses you win, the more trophies you earn. The higher percentage you defeat an enemy by, the more trophies you win. The lower percentage someone defeats you by, the fewer trophies you lose. These trophies are how players are rated, which is great because less active players will have fewer trophies, meaning they won't be in clan wars (unless the clan has a low number of players).

Player's position in their Clash of Clans league for the season
Player's position in their Clash of Clans league for the season

Speaking of trophies, another way Supercell keeps players playing is their 2-week long seasons. During a season, if you make at least one attack, you will be placed in a league based on the number of trophies you have. The more trophies you have, the higher league you will be in. Clans are also rated, season to season, based on the total number of trophies and number of wins. What's the point? Every attack you make and win, you will get a resource bonus based on which league you are in. The top three players, and top three clans, also get bonus resources at the end of the season for finishing high in the ranks.

Lots of Unique Features

A few other features Clash of Clans boasts:

  • instant and live replays of attacks on your village
  • separate layout for your normal village, and your war base used in clan wars to make best use of different strategies
  • ability to save multiple layouts for both village and war base, dependent on town hall level
  • lots of obstacles on your village map to clear for a chance of getting gems (and it's fairly lucrative, too)
  • good PvE campaign with 50 goblin villages to raid
  • nice variety of troops with different abilities to mix and match for best strategy
  • automatic shields when someone attacks and defeats your village, lasting for different lengths of time depending on percentage of destruction (so you have time to get traps reset and change up your defense)

All photos are screenshots taken by Dizze Blogger. Video courtesy the official Clash of Clans channel on YouTube.

What do you think of Clash of Clans?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Clash of Clans

What Others Are Saying

Hex of Good Game Spawn Point on has this to say about Clash of Clans overall:

"I think it's been so successful because people genuinely like it and want to invest in it as a long term hobby. If you've got the patience and commitment, there's a lot to like."

Find the full review here: Good Game Spawn Point Review.

Leif Johnson over on Gamezebo gives a mixed review:

"Clash of Clans is thus a simple game, but that’s more of a strength than a weakness. It’s simple enough to provide quick, painless matches on an iPhone in an idle moment, and there are enough different units to choose from in the battle mode to make playing against other players endlessly rewarding. Best of all, the option to fight against NPC goblins gives Clash of Clans a small edge over similar strategy games that rely almost entirely on player-versus-player combat."

Find his full review here: Clash of Clans Review on Gamezebo.

Metacritic gives Clash of Clans for iOS a 74/100 metascore and a 6.1/10 user score. See the details and reviews from critics and users alike here: Clash of Clans for iPhone on Metacritic.


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