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Game review- Silent Hill: Homecoming 97/100

Updated on May 11, 2009

Game cover

Silent Hill: Homecoming review



Storyline- Albeit confusing at first, I loved the story, it was interesting, suspenseful and even after the game was over had a small bit of mystery to it, but initial story progression is a little slow. 18/20

Graphics –
The graphics were intense and real-ish, crisp and full, no video issues here.10 /10

Game play-
The controls seemed to flow well, they might have taken a little getting used to, but after I get to know them there aren’t any real issues. It might have been an incredibly hard game, but after trial and error even the hardest monsters/guys were a cake walk, this game takes smarts, and a lot of them, I loved it. The only MINOR issue is puzzles that seemed to be nothing more than guess work, hints for such puzzles were inconspicuous and hard to find, most times I don’t think there were any hints. 14/15

Enjoy ability-
WOW, is all I can say, this game was far more fun than I expected, I enjoyed it a great deal. Even the little things just filled me with unending glee and anticipation for what came next. 20/20

Art direction- E
ach area had its own unique features and the “change” that each area underwent on occasion was awesome, artistically speaking the steam punk-esque feel was done perfectly, this game sticks in my head and just doesn’t quit, the beautifully creepy environments especially. 10/10

Sound &VA-
Gripping and intense, it felt like a live recording, each character spoke as if they were the ones saying it, not some voice behind the scenes, each sound made by creepy creature and unsettling sight alike brought you into the game more and more. 10/10

It borders on the lengthy end of things, but It tells the story in good time, and the game doesn’t get boring, so all in all it takes you a decent amount of time to beat it, especially with trial and error. 15/15

Total- 97/100

Bottom line- I beat this game and I still want to own it, this game is intense gripping, and severely unsettling, it’s a must for anyone who likes suspense, I would have to say despite the fact that it doesn’t have a perfect score it is one of the best candidates for game of the year so far! Buy it play it, feel it!


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