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Game review- Left 4 Dead 2

Updated on January 26, 2012

Left 4 Dead 2

Alright by now we get what's going on, zombies running around pretty much everyone's dead your immune, but hey the cool part is this one starts when your characters meet! That's a plus in my book! But we just don't really know what's happening, something about CEDA and an evac. But with everyone dead we don't get much info, and by now we really want to know. Come on valve just tell us! What started this zombie fun fest? Bugs in the brain? Mad cow? Monkeys? The Government? All in all we just don't know enough but it's still interesting 19/20

Graphics -
Crisp clean and polished it's like taking something that looked really good and making it look so much better you can't hardly tell it was ever that before. I have to say great job, but isn't it about time the source engine retired? Sure on the level hard rain it was incredible but when blow out the back of a zombie it just looks worn out not fresh. 10/10

Game play-
Unlike some other reviewers of this game I have to say EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN IS AWESOME I loved them all accept swamp fever but that is just cause' I don't care to get lost, it's still a good campaign though. And quite honestly in Left 4 Dead 1 the constant waiting finales got old. That's why the ones on Left 4 Dead 2 like in the parish where you RUN LIKE HELL to the end is probably one of my favorite new ones. The most flashy level is the Dark Carnivals finale, not the most original music but it's definitely fun! And it's also good to note that every level is harder and longer than before... The first level starts out great you're on a roof and you have to get down to the ground, but oh wait, there's zombies, oh wait, the building is on fire!, oh wait the buildings collapsing, oh wait weapons are scarce! I have to say one of my favorite things is the gun store, I love getting the crazy guys cola its fun as hell! I just wish it was harder! This is where it gets sad though... the mall you have to go to... is... well it's just that, a mall. And it's a game mall, the realism displayed earlier in this level falls short here, I've only ever been in one mall even similar to this one, and I will tell you... it was far bigger and far more maze like! The finale on the other hand was a riot! Loads of fun and just all around interesting, but when it comes down to it just too darn short, thankfully this being the most up and down level of the game isn't enough to ruin it! The more i play this game the more i realize just how much it adapts to your skill level, your style of play your everything, i can note a time where i was playing alone, but was still wiping the floor with all special infected (spitters, charghers jockeys boomers) All of a sudden i realize i havent seen a hunter in a while, than i get pounched, one of my buddies gets punched and a boomer spits on the other two, the insuing horde wipes us out, and it only gets worse in co-op, this game is EASY alone, when i played it with my brother we died ALOT and we are GOOD at this game it will learn and it will use it agains you, and you will wish you hadnt done well latter. The best example is Dark Carnival, Where you choose to fight off the horde, to the right of the stage in the standss (or to the left) can change where the chopper comes in if you do it well enough, be carful, and dont be supprised if other levels change too and i just havent done well enough on them to find out! 15/15

Enjoy ability-
This game is heart pounding palm sweating, and occasionally teeth chattering fun! Even switching to a different weapon can create a shift in the kind of fun, from shooting with glee to gory slashing chain sawing fun! 20/20

Art direction-
Prepare to step into the most beautiful and short lived life you will ever have! Just remember if you spend to long looking at the environment you will get tackled by a hunter or grabbed by a charger than subsequently slaughter in a frenzy of zombie claws, but the world is great to look at, just don't dawdle! 10/10

Sound &VA-
Voice interaction in the Left 4 Dead series is getting better and better and if this is any indication of Left 4 Dead 3 you really won't need a head set for X Box live its beautifully and masterfully done. The characters scripts are witty and they respond well to each other, and its' a great improvement even on the first game, which was done well to! 10/10

The shortest campaign of Left 4 Dead 1 "No Mercy" took about 45 minutes. While shortest campaign of Left 4 Dead 2 "Dead Center" is about 15 minutes longer. This seems to starts a trend, as the game progress each campaign gets longer concluding in the longest campaign, "The Parish", which is just over two hours compared to the last campaign of Left 4 Dead 1 which is under two hours.The game is even longer if your prone to deaths or getting lost. But on replay ability, which is what everyone wants to hear about, this probably has 10 times that of the first! Each level is more randomized even some of the finales are randomized, one example is in dark carnival the chopper can arrive in different places, and the online play is great, as most have said, scavenge is great fun, but don't take versus for granted it's still around and its drastically improved in play and scoring! Survival is still survival, but the maps are better! 15/15


Bottom line- This game is a must have if you have friends if you don't get it when it's about 20 bucks cause it's fun to play a campaign here and there, just cause the story isn't all there isn't a reason to ignore this game, it's fun and its all the more fun with friends! Now don't worry about the Nay Sayers out there their dead wrong this game is good, and it's one of the contenders for game of the year, at least in my book!

The 5-

1- Crache Managere is broken I think I got it before I even saw all the uncommon infected let alone killed them.

2- Ok Dark carnivals chopper coming in at different places is just cool!

3- The addition of the Uncommon infected is probably the coolest thing in the game although it doesn’t change much save for the ones with the bullet proof vests

4- The CEDA Uncommon dropping Boomer bile is more uncommon than you might expect I've played that campaign 4 times and only seen it happen twice.

5- Somehow I think getting the Cola should be a new mini game!



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    • profile image

      Funky Munky 7 years ago

      Dark Carnival is the longest campaign, so no its not in order of length as you've pointed out? Hard Rain is pretty much a shorter campaign anyway, and even thats after Swamp Fever (which is longer)!

    • profile image

      Funky Munky 7 years ago

      Er yeah

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      i am going to get the game cause all my firends had Modern Warfare 2 and i loved it so i bought it, but now a new game comes out and it's only 39.99(new) so i think the cheaper the not so good it is, but i'll buy it for that cheap price.IGN gave it a 9.0 score out of 10 so sounds good check out my website for Modern Warfare 2 to get some ideas on what you should put on your website just a suggestion and leave comments and rate it, join if you want, vote on polls, and click on ads plz

    • d-b-ggaming profile image

      David 8 years ago from The land of the living

      I also have to say that even though i didnt note it anywhere in my review, i entirely disagree with x-play and probably 90% of the reviewers out there, dark carnival is an awesome campaigns! In fact to put things in perspective when x-play talks about the game they say that the best campagns are Hard rain and swamp fever, but i disagree, in fact in order from my favorite to least favorite 1- Dark carnival 2- The parish 3- Hard Rain 4- Dead Center 5- Swamp fever, why does it matter you might ask? Because they say that swamp fever and hard rain are the best! And that Dead Center sucks! Im sorry, but if any Campaign in this game sucks its swamp fever, i dont like the layout, i dont like the feel, i dont like the ending i dont like a damn thing about it and have only played it 3 times compared to the rest which ive played 5+ times NOT including online, i know it doesnt really matter what i think im just some random guy and their a tv show, but the FACT IS Left 4 Dead 2 IS BETTER Than Left 4 Dead 1 But they gave it 4/5 stars as opposed to 5/5 (which is what they gave the first one) if a game is better you score it better! I MEAN THE DAMN GAME ADAPTS TO YOUR SKILL LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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