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Game review No more heroes 2

Updated on February 1, 2010


An incredible story, that tells what happened in the gap betweens games without actually telling you. I particularly enjoyed the cutting to someone telling the story it was quite a unique and new way to do it, and it worked incredibly well. The story was made quite a bit more personal with vengeance as the goal as opposed to getting some. But the game kept its quarky and sexy anime feel through it all, even the saddest moments.  20/20

Graphics -
An incredible improvement while still keeping the awesome style from the first, which I had initially doubted was even possible. They did so well with these improvements I'm hesitant to go back and re-play the first.  10/10

Game play-
A drastic improvement from the first it adds quite a few cool new moves, that make combat a great deal more fun which is a godsend considering you occasionally have to mow through an incredibly annoying amount of enemies, but as I said with the combat system it makes it quite a bit fun.  15/15

Enjoy ability-
This game is fun, its an outright riot, and the new odd jobs in 2d add a great nostalgic feel , the only downside Is I could never get the stamina training to work which means I had to beat the game with the health you started with, and that was kinda hard and not being able to increase your health is a sure way to die on bitter difficulty, so it drastically lowers the replay ability. This game is fun, its loyal and true to the first, but when you just cant advance like you should it takes something away. 18/20

Art direction-
Gorgeous, with a wider variety of environments, and actually being able to explore buildings as opposed to exploring the town and just entering a building, added quite a bit of detail and realism to the world. And being able to unlock things for your hotel room is a great deal of fun to! 10/10

Sound &VA-
As well written and witty as the first without the annoying repetition! The game has a few great one liners that are delivered pretty well. "Its called fashionably late Fuck head!" Seems to be one that reverberates in my mind the most. The VA portion was superb, a step above the first and quite enjoyable to hear!  10/10

This is where I was disappointed, by taking out the need for money to progress from level to level you took a nearly 20 hour game (the first one) and dropped it too less than 10 hours, and I really enjoyed getting the money, with the repeatable assassination gigs as well as the sometimes obnoxious odd jobs. The odd jobs are drastically improved in this game over the first but when there's literally no reason to do them it really seems like a waste, and also just going straight from fight to fight, or wasting time on the odd jobs doesn’t give you a decent blend and kind of eliminates replay ability entirely. 13/15

Total- 96/100

Bottom line- I really wanted this game to be as perfect as the first, but they made some harsh mistakes, and the only way to fix them is by going back to the first games way of doing things but keeping the seconds look, new moves and awesome side jobs. all in all id say rent it first and if you see yourself playing it again and again buy it outright, it is a good game that deserves to be played.


The 5-

1- Dual wielding beam Katanas!!!

2- Not enough weapons in the game D=

3- Having someone challenge you is a great addition, if only Travis's journey wasn’t over maybe the next game could be all about that!

4- Fighting bosses who use beam Katanas is incredibly fun, especially with their differences in weapon types and styles!

5- Ahhh, Shinobu, so fun to play with you for real this time!


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