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Xbox One: What to expect for 2016

Updated on April 30, 2016

The year ahead for Xbox One

Despite a rough launch against the PS4 and some controversy surrounding the Xbox One's hardware, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Xbox, with AAA titles such as Gears of War 4 and Sea of Thieves and multiple software upgrades. The Xbox One is also expected to launch mod support later this year so that users will have the ability to mod select games like Fallout 4. Xbox One is also adding more games such as Rocket League for cross platform support with the PS4. What the Xbox lacks in hardware power it Microsoft makes up for that with great UI features and Direct X 12 support later this year.

"The Xbox One is the greatest thing that has ever happened to mankind"

— @nicholaseallain

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Quantum Break: Honest Review

Ever since the initial launch of the Xbox One in 2013 Microsoft has been ferociously advertising one of their main titles, Quantum Break. Now that it has released how good is it after all the media coverage around it, and to be honest i'm a little disappointed. Remedy Entertainment did a great job with creating a great story line and characters, yet where it falls short is its actual game play. While the story might be great the third person cover shooter seems repetitive, and while the powers that the character has are cool they are not really needed in combat. The weapons are the typical M4's and pistols, yet the enemies wield high tech suits that can counter the characters time stopping ability. Overall Quantum break is not a absolutely terrible game though it does not make that quantum leap(pun intended) in gaming and does not feel like anything we have not seen before. So now for the final question: should you buy this game? Its 50/50 for me because it just depends on what your looking for, for example if you were a fan of the "Infamous" series you should take a look at the game. However if you are a die hard fps player and like playing with other people then don't waste your time on Quantum Break. Quantum Break does have some good features such as live action cut scenes and great characters yet it does not live up to most peoples expectations. i believe Quantum Break is another example of a over-hyped game that in reality was not as good as it looked.


  • Live action cut scenes
  • Very detailed environments
  • Great characters
  • Good plot line
  • Impressive Graphics
  • Good music track


  • Mediocre gun play(nothing new)
  • AI is not very smart
  • Disappointing ability usage
  • Lengthy/ boring campaign segments
  • No multiplayer
  • Confusing Ending

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Xbox One VS PS4: Final Verdict

Its been about 3 years since the launch of the next gen consoles and I believe its time to see how the Xbox One stacks up against the PS4. Before we get started no matter how many times you die hard Xbox fans want to deny it, the PS4 is better hardware wise. Yet just because the PS4 comes with a slightly better RAM config and GPU does not mean that its "better" than Microsoft's platform. The developers of the Xbox really blew it away with how they did their UI, with new features such as snap paging and cable box enhancement. On the other hand Sony mostly focused on the gaming aspects and not much on the streaming and UI features. I can go on and on about the technical aspects of each system but that would be pointless, you can look up countless charts and videos about whats inside, though what it comes down to is the consumer experience. If you were always a hardcore Sony fan and you love their Joystick layout then go buy yourself a PS4, however in my personal opinion Microsoft really blew their user experience out of the water with dozens of new features that the Playstation does not have.

Comment on the graphic fidelity of games on the two consoles:

I am tired of hearing how the PS4 looks "so much" better graphics wise compared to the XB1 because while the PS4 has slightly better hardware, you going to need a microscope to tell the difference.

"Xbox One was created for gamers, by gamers"

— Don Mattrick

Quick FPS review of the platforms

High end PC
Witcher 3: 30fps
50-70 fps
GTAV: 30fps
50-90 fps
Black Ops 3: 30fps
100 fps

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