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Games I Regret Not Completing - Bayonetta

Updated on March 26, 2013

Bayonetta (2010: Xbox 360 & Playstation 3) is Hideki Kamiya's first and only non-Devil May Cry creation. As a longtime Sega aficionado, the announcement of a game featuring a tall, dark, and mysterious witch came as a surprise to me. I had little to no faith in this game after reading in a Game Informer article that her outfit was made with her own hair and her body would be revealed depending on how powerful your attacks were. Coming from Japan, I expected this game to be over-sexualized and to only be enjoyed by perverts. I finally gave this game a chance and I was kind of proved wrong.

Plot (Spoilers Ahoy!)

The game is set in a fictional European city called Vigrid and starts off with an informant by the name of Enzo standing in a cemetary with Bayonetta, a witch who was revived from a 500-year sleep from the bottom of a lake, twenty years before the game's story begins, with no memories of herself or her past. They are looking for the "Eyes of the World," two treasures that watch over the passage of time, and Bayonetta possess one of them. The pair end up being attacked by angels and a fellow Umbra Witch named Jeanne, and they fight in the game more than once.

While in Vigrid, Bayonetta runs into a little girl name Cereza, who believes the witch is her mother so she follows her around, much to the woman's dismay. She also runs into a man named Luka, who had met Bayonetta when he was a child, and is determined to find out who, and what, she is. She leaves the girl with Luka. Jeanne tells Bayonetta who she really is: a child born from a Lumen Sage and an Umbra Witch, and she was ostracized before being put into her 500-year sleep; Jeanne had given her the Left Eye of the World to protect it, as Bayonetta had accepted her fate. Bayonetta gives Jeanne the Eye, and realizes that she is Cereza. The two are attacked, and Jeanne sacrifices herself to save Bayonetta.

The Umbra Witch, along with Luka and her younger self, encounter the antagonist, Father Balder, who is the last Lumen Sage and Bayonetta's father. He admits that he was the one who killed Luka's father, and throws the young man to his death. Bayonetta defeats him before saving Luka and Cereza. She then makes a time portal to send her younger self home, then returns to the present. She collapses after regaining all of her memories. Balder, seeming unharmed after battling his daughter, approaches Bayonetta, transports them both to the top of a tower featuring a statue of a diety called Jubileus, who Balder uses the Eyes of the World to resurrect. Jeanne comes back to save Bayonetta, barely escaping death, but Jubileus is revived. The two witches work together to defeat him, summoning Queen Sheba, the leader of the Umbra Witches, who punches Jubileus into the sun. The two then free-fall to Earth and survive. The game then ends with an epilogue showing that their battles with the Angels continue.

End Spoilers

Bayonetta has weapons on both arms and legs, making her fights not only quick, but fun.
Bayonetta has weapons on both arms and legs, making her fights not only quick, but fun.
As a witch, Bayonetta makes use of both her powers and her flexibility.
As a witch, Bayonetta makes use of both her powers and her flexibility.
One of Bayonetta's unlockable weapons: The Shuraba
One of Bayonetta's unlockable weapons: The Shuraba


Bayonetta's gameplay is actually quite similar to Devil May Cry. You are ranked on how well you play through chapters and during your battles, especially by the amount of combos, how many times you use your abilities, and how many powerful attacks your use. One useful ability, called "Witch Time," slows time after doing a well-timed dodge. Bayonetta can also double jump, backflip, and destroy floors and background objects such as chairs and boxes. One of the most powerful moves in the game are called "Torture Attacks," in which Bayonetta summons devices such as chainsaws and guillotines and attacks with devastating power, sometimes even executing the enemy. These torture attacks reveal more of her body than any other attacks, even combos (which is why I do not have a torture attack picture up). Lollipops serve as the main helping item in this game; there are different kinds for healing, increasing health, replenishing magic, and making her invincible. However, using these items, and also dying, will decrease your final score in the stage.

Bayonetta can use four different weapons at a time: two on her hands and two on her feet. The game start off with her using pistols, but she can increase her arsenal by finding golden LP albums in the stages and bringing them to a man named Rodin who runs the bar "The Gates of Hell." She can use weapons ranging from pistols (as she started with), shotguns, a katana, and even a whip (sure the last two are used with her hands, right?). Sometimes these albums can be collected as a whole, but occasionally you will have to search for pieces.

After defeating enemies or destroying containers, halos will appear for Bayonetta to collect. (They actually resemble the rings from Sonic The Hedgehog, go figure.) She can use them to buy items and new weapons. If you collect arcade bullets, you will play a minigame called "Angel Attack," where you use the said bullets to shoot Angels for points. You can use the accumulated points for to but items, or exchange them for halos if you don't feel like spending them or have enough.

Bayonetta, the Umbra protagonist
Bayonetta, the Umbra protagonist
Enzo, the informant
Enzo, the informant
Rodin, the bar owner
Rodin, the bar owner
Jeanne, fellow Umbra Witch
Jeanne, fellow Umbra Witch
Luka, the young man searching for answers
Luka, the young man searching for answers
Cereza, the mysterious lost girl
Cereza, the mysterious lost girl
Father Balder, the final antagonist
Father Balder, the final antagonist

Characters and Cast

Bayonetta: voiced by Hellena Taylor (British actress also known for her role as Serafina in The Golden Compass)

Enzo: voiced by Allan Groves (Video game voice actor known for his role as Ricardo Irving in Resident Evil 5)

Rodin: voiced by Dave Fennoy (Voice over artist also known for his role as Jed Masterson in Fallout: New Vegas)

Jeanne: voiced by Grey DeLisle (Voice over artist also known for her role as Daphne Blake in the Scooby-Doo! animated movies)

Luka: voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (American voice over artist also known for his role as Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto)

Cereza: voiced by Stephanie Sheh (Chinese-American voice over artist also known for her role as Orihime Inoue in Bleach)

Father Balder: voiced by Liam O'Brien (American voice actor also known for his role as Gaara of the Sand in Naruto)


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    • Grab a Controller profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Largo, FL

      I loved the gameplay and fighting mechanics. To be honest, I've only played "DMC 4." Probably my favorite thing from the game is the voice acting. I got excited when I recognized a lot of the artists.

    • Souther29 profile image


      6 years ago from London, UK

      Really enjoyed playing Bayonetta as was a very unique game whilst being challenging and above all fun! Fighting mechanics were spot on too! I may replay it at somepoint now thinking about it! Well worth finishing:-)


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