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Games I'm Glad I Didn't Buy in 2015

Updated on January 14, 2016

Normally I would create a joke awards list for some of the bad games I played the past year, but since I didn’t play any bad games, here’s a list of games I didn’t play at all. And I’m happy about it.

1. Fallout 4

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you’ll know I have a huge problem with games not working properly at launch, and every Bethesda game is guilty of this. So imagine my surprise when I hear countless people saying: “Yeah, I’ve been playing Fallout 4 non stop. It doesn’t really work, but I keep playing it anyway.” That sounds more like an addiction that an enjoyable gaming experience, and I’m not down for that. I also don’t like that the main character has voice acting now. No. These kind of games shouldn’t have that. Characters do not have minds of their own. I decide exactly what you say. And how you say it. Put this duck tape over your mouth, sit in the corner, and think about your life choices.

Although the biggest reason I’m glad I didn’t buy Fallout 4 is because I don’t like Fallout. So there’s that.

2. Star Wars Battlefront

Looks great. Sounds great. Plays great? Not at all. Its sad too because Battlefront is one of those games I always hoped would come back some day. And it did, but instead of a fun shooter set in the Star Wars universe, the world was given was a huge case of “be careful what you wish for.” The people who’ve played this game seem to be split into two camps: those who won’t admit the game is kind of terrible and those who will. I’m glad I didn’t even bother. And to add insult to injury, there’s a season pass costing almost as much as the game itself. Shame on you.

3. Batman Arkham Knight

Another case of games not working at launch. And I don’t really see the appeal of a Batman game that consists primarily of driving around in a tank and blowing things up. Wait, I thought Batman didn’t kill people...

Also, I haven’t played an Arkham game since the first one, and even I know who the “mysterious” Arkham Kinght really is, so I can’t say I’m really missing anything. SPOILER: It’s totally not Jason Todd* END SPOILER.

4. Lego Dimensions

I can not afford to buy any more plastic crap than I already do. I have my hands full with Disney Infinity. In that my hands are full with plastic Marvel and Star Wars characters. I don't have the room for Lego. I also think it's total nonsense that a Lego game, which is all about collecting characters and stuff in pursuit of the elusive 100% complete, would actually force you to buy content already on the disc. Just awful.

Yes that's right, I'll buy Disney characters, but draw the line at Lego. Don't judge me. Or do judge me. I don't really care. I'm not buying Lego Dimensions either way.

5. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

Because the original game came out in 2011 and I don’t remember what happens. It’s a shame too because I was counting down the days until this game came out only to realize I should probably replay the original first or at least look up a synopsis. So it will be awhile longer before I hop into the new game. But since I’ve been waiting as long as I have for a new Trails game, I opted to get the sort of related but not really Trails of Cold Steel instead. Fortunately, I have some semblance of an idea of what the heck is going on in that game.

Well that’s just a few of the games that came out in 2015 I’m glad I didn’t play. I also think that’s quite enough rambling about video games for the year. Tune in next week when I will probably talk about something political. Maybe.

*It is.


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