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Games Like Second Life - Virtual Worlds For Older Gamers

Updated on October 24, 2015
Find Other Games Like Second Life On This Page.
Find Other Games Like Second Life On This Page.

Games Like Second Life - Virtual Worlds For Older Gamers

Second Life is an extremely popular virtual world designed for an older audience, but are you wondering if there are more games like Second Life available?

While Second Life might get all the press whenever the topic of mature virtual worlds comes up in the media (in part due to it's use of a real money game currency known as Linden Dollars) there are actually a lot of alternatives to Second Life out there. Maybe you want a MMO social experience with an emphasis on a more mature audience, maybe you're looking to create your own content and publish it online or maybe you're looking to make friends. Whatever you're after the games like Second Life below have you covered.

I've explored a number of these virtual worlds in my time as a gamer and enjoyed meeting people with similar interests and creating connections with them online. I'm also a huge fan because I enjoy the creation side of these worlds, I just love the ability to create something and then place into into the world for others to experience.

Let me know what you think about my list and you're welcome to share your own experiences with Second Life or other games in the genre at the end of this page, I always love to connect with others (gamers or non-gamers!)

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Another One Of The Games Like Second Life That Mixes Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs.
Another One Of The Games Like Second Life That Mixes Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs.

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe combines games like Second Life with a more MMO like experience, just like Blue Mars and Second Life the game uses a real game currency to drive it's economy. This currency is known as PED and has a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar of 10:1. I'll definitely admit that to ensure a good experience you'll probably want to invest $10 from the start of the game (after trying it out for an hour or two).

This helps you get over the initial bump in the game and my intimal investment lasted me a year, after which point I cashed out all my funds and had actually doubled them (not bad for a game that I loved playing!) And I'm sure if you actually focused on this aspect you could make even more currency on the side if that is what you're after. I know this because the game actually made the record books (literally it's in the Guinness World Records) for the most expensive virtual objects to be sold (a space station).

You'll start in Entropia Universe with very little to your name, so this isn't a game where you'll be doing much customisation off the bat as it's trying to capture the MMO experience of advancement and progress. During character creation you do have a nice array of visual options to change though while also filling out some profile like information.

Once in the world you can visit one of the several planets (such as Planet Calypso) in the game that each come with their own theme and adventures or simply stand around talking in a very social manner.

Entropia Universe/Planet Calypso - Official Website



IMVU is one of the longest running social focused experiences that just like Second Life focuses on the content creation element in a similar way. If you want to create your own clothing and other game items IMVU is the perfect way to let your creativity run wild.

In addition to creation IMVU is all about the social connections and mini gaming with plenty of content to enjoy and millions of players to communicate with.

If its the customisation that Second Life offers that makes you fall in love with it then IMVU is the next best option if you are looking for something new.

IMVU - Official Website


Club Cooee

Club Cooee is focused on social focused game that is perfectly suited to those that want to meet others, create content and customise their own virtual self.

It's one of those experiences that have seen huge growth in recent years with players around the world flocking to experience what the Club Cooee brand has to offer.

Explore a huge virtual world with multiple locations that are all beautifully designed, giving you a visual treat while also creating a friendly and comfortable environment for you to meet other players and hang out.

Club Cooee - Official Website

Combines Games Like Second Life With MMo Features.
Combines Games Like Second Life With MMo Features.

Blue Mars

First up on my list of games like Second Life is Blue Mars, a game that is just as vast and encourages users to generate their own content. Just like SL the game also has a real value virtual currency behind the game so it is possible to make some small money on the side from your creations (or reinvest them back into the game which is what I do).

Blue Mars has some beautiful graphics and even more impressed environments that you get to explore, it is definitely more visually impressive than Second Life but this does mean that the game is more of a resource hog, so don't expect to be able to run this on your older computer. There is a lite version for those that don't have the hardware which limits the virtual world features down to the minimum, focusing on providing a chat orientated experience. There is also an iOS version that was developed under similar parameters.

The game is set into the future after the human race has managed to terraform Mars into a livable planet. Mars is now a bustling hub of shops, businesses, entertainment and homes which you get to explore freely in this 3D environment with your own custom avatar. With plenty of different cities and activities to engage in I was never short on things to do in Blue Mars and it's definitely my favourite Second Life alternative of them all.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A Browser Based Second Life Alternative.
A Browser Based Second Life Alternative.


GoJiyo is one of the few browser based games like Second Life and for a browser experience it looks amazing. The loading times can be slow the first time you load up the game but after that the experience is fairly fluent and it's got obvious attraction to people who don't want to (or are unable to) install software on their computer.

With nearly half a million likes on Facebook you get a real sense of community both in and outside this virtual world experience. It's the sort of gameplay that definitely does cover all angles as well with options to participate in activities, play games, customise your avatar, explore the various settings or simply sit down and chat to other players. Uniquely after the game has loaded you'll also be able to play in an offline mode (although other users won't show up).

I really liked GoJiyo because of all the activities and quests that I could do and the opportunity to drive around some great environments like the tropical beach.

The game is marketed as a social and virtual world for India so you'll get the most from the experience if you share a similar timezone to them, this does mean that off peak hours can be a little empty if you call the US home though.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Explore & Create in This Virtual World Game Like Second Life.
Explore & Create in This Virtual World Game Like Second Life.


InWorldz is one of those games like Second Life that encourages you to create and chase your dreams in a virtual world setting. It's a game I've enjoyed over several years and continue to return to from time to time to check up on the latest developments and any friends that I've made.

The game is very much about your avatar and creating something that you want to represent you in the game world. This customisation is also very in depth and comes with great variety that makes changing your look every few days fun and easy.

Beyond avatar customisation the game also emphasises creation with all the tools that you need to create something amazing or express yourself. The community also loves to see your designs and provides great feedback, it's definitely a more user friendly creation environment compared to what Second Life offers which makes InWorldz perfect for more shy (or new) people to this sort of genre.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Plenty Of Potential Awaits In This Virtual World Game Like Second Life.
Plenty Of Potential Awaits In This Virtual World Game Like Second Life.

Active Worlds

Active Worlds is another one of the games like Second Life that I've spent some time in and while some of it's aspects aren't as good as other websites it does have a few features that make it worthy of inclusion. If you get a great experience from Active Worlds (AW) is entirely on what you're after in a virtual world experience.

The inspiration for this 3D virtual experience is definitely on creating your own environments, the ability to become anyone (or anything) and go anywhere instantly. If you're the sort of person that always wants to be in a new setting like myself you'll like the Active Worlds experience on that front. There are even options to own your own part of the world and develop it into a 3D experience that you're proud of.

All the usual communication features (voice and messaging) are also there so it's easy to communicate your thoughts with those around you.

The game has seriously picked up in user base since 2013 when they removed the account creation fee so I definitely recommend getting in on the Active Worlds action before it explodes in popularity so you can claim some land for yourself in a prime spot.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Images on this page are either provided by the respective developers or are my own images from the game. They are used solely for review and identification purposes.

Thanks for visiting! Learn how to publish gaming content like me or visit some of my related pages below:

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