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10 Games Like Smallworlds

Updated on April 16, 2012
Smallworlds Apartment in Game
Smallworlds Apartment in Game

3D Lifestyle Gaming

These days we don't just like to go online for some social networking, but we want that something more. Which is why Smallworlds, and various games like Smallworlds, are becoming more popular.

We want to interact with the virtual world around us, access conversations, reviews and the like. We want avatars we can customize, games that we can play and much more besides. After all the web has come a long way in the last 10 years, and we expect our experience to reflect that.

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Games Like Smallworlds

Which is why there are so many games and sites that cater to those experiences available - games like Smallworld and 2nd Life, games that give us that exact experience. Now not all games are for everybody, some suit some people, other games suit others.

With that in mine we have put together this list of 10 games like Smallworlds so you can test them out and see which ones suits you.

#1 - Second Life

THE granddaddy of 3D avatar gaming and socializing. It features

  • A massive user base
  • Customizable 3D avatar construction
  • Games
  • Ways of making money
  • Social interaction

and much more besides. If you are looking for a fully fledged world that you can do almost anything in then Second Life is the site for you.


If Second Life is the Granddaddy of all virtual world gaming then this is the new kid on the block. Barely into public Beta, and invite only (though you can get one via the website). the game is very new to the arena.

It originally ran from 2003 to 2010, when it shut it's doors. But in 2011 it reopened, with old users able to reactivate their accounts. This means that whilst it may be fairly new to the arena, it already has a massive following.

The emphasis on is definitely focused on social interaction, with various locations and areas that can cater to the needs of an individual. If you want a new user experience in social interaction, but with enough people that make it worthwhile, then could very well be the Smallworlds like game for you.

Avatars from
Avatars from


Let's go through our checklist for games like Smallworld.

  • 3D gaming? Check
  • Avatar customization? Check
  • Gaming? Check
  • Social interaction? Check
  • User imagination friendly? Check
  • Friendly and useful membership group? Check

In fact if you are looking for games like Smallworld to be another version of the game, then could be exactly what you are looking for.

#4 Gaia Online

No 3D avatar creation here, though some very complex 2D avatars are available. This is the biggest in 2D gaming and socializing, with everything going on you could possibly need - from role plays with other users through to gaming against the computer.

With so much to do it can be a little overwhelming, but dig deeper and no matter what you fancy, there will be something for you.

So maybe not a game like Smallworlds in the traditional sense, but certainly one many users of Smallworlds will enjoy.

#5 Active Worlds

A full 3D world creation and customization, including your Avatar, gives you the sort of control, and more, that you would get from the best games like Smallworlds.

Unique styles, friends making, playing games - everything you need to start a new online life with new people. All in a fabulous looking environment that brings people back again and again. Well worth checking out if you like games like Smallworlds.

#6 - #10

5 more games like Smallworlds

  • #6 -
  • #7 - CMUNE
  • #8 - Kaneva
  • #9 - Shockwave3D
  • #10 -

Sites for younger users

If you are looking for games like Smallworlds, in that they are customizatiable and feature social interaction, but maybe aimed at a younger crowd, then you should check out these two hubs, which will be able to give you exactly what you need, only in a safe environment.


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    • profile image

      Taylor 4 years ago

      SmallWorlds is soooooooooooo fun its my farote b g bned ppl house

    • profile image

      coolkid2322 4 years ago

      i think msp is go and meez and smallworld habbo hotel is fun 2nd life you have to download and IMVU

    • profile image

      samy 4 years ago

      hi ya i like smallworlds to but some people said it not fun its not boring like meez

    • profile image

      Chase 5 years ago

      I played Smallworlds and got hacked,so now I don't play it I play imvu.

      And sw is fun,but it is kinda crazy cuz you will get booted and a lot of people cuss and other things.

    • profile image

      Hi 5 years ago

      i luv smallworlds but its getting boring

    • profile image

      aglover4ever 5 years ago

      SecondLife for me is umm... a little to old for me but im sure it's SOO fun!


    • profile image

      aglover4ever 5 years ago

      Ok I love smallworlds but I have a game that is kind of like it! It's called Freerealms and it's so much fun! it's not -@_@- cookoo

    • profile image

      clair bennet 5 years ago

      hi i sorta like

    • profile image

      mia 5 years ago

      smallworlds an imvu is SUPER FUN...but try not to get hacked on smallworld,like i did :/

    • profile image

      jenna 5 years ago

      yea smallworlds does have a lot of cussing on it.. i played that game but i can't get no damn gold..... so yea smallworlds sucks and a lot of people say that they'll give u gold if u give them ur account info. hello nah fool. lol.... anywayz that's all i wanted to say... bye

    • profile image

      My name 5 years ago

      To all you people out there who haven't played smallworlds should! Its my fav game but..therr are scammers and hackers on therr trying to know ur personal info so be careful. Oh also people cuss on smallworlds too so you should probobly be 11 before you start playimg..unless you don't care..

    • profile image

      naomy 5 years ago


    • profile image

      breanna semple 5 years ago

      all those games are fun but try simcity

    • profile image

      SASHA 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing sites for younger childern, you call IMVU GOOD FOR KIDS

    • profile image

      taylor 6 years ago

      i tried but it gets boring i wont to play a game like imvu but without DOWNLOADING or PAYING anything

    • SirNick profile image

      SirNick 6 years ago from London

      No worries, and thanks :)

      The thing with those for younger people is it's all about safety, you need to trust that the site has their best interest at heart, and put safety before profit

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Thank you for sharing sites for younger children. I am very familiar with IMVU and a couple of others on the list. Great list of choices. Voted thumbs up and shared! :)

    • SirNick profile image

      SirNick 6 years ago from London

      Yeah I had issues with 2nd life as well, but I have a low end computer (well I had, recently upgraded and not tried again)...but enough people get a kick out of it I figure it must have been my computer rather than the game!

      Might be worth giving another shot now

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      I tried 2nd Life but it didn't run so well for me on my computer. Especially when there were few people I wanted to interact with. But that Smallworld does look interesting. I totally recommend Habbo for those looking for some form of social fun and activities ^^


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