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Games Like XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Updated on July 6, 2013

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Fun Games Like XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This is quite a popular game since coming out in 2012. It is a cool turn-based strategy game that involves a lot of planning and also some skill during battles. The theme is very dark based with aliens invading. Below are some other turn-based type games that would appeal to you if you enjoyed XCOM.


Faster Than Light(FTL)[PC]

FTL is a rogue like game that is very popular among science fiction fans. You control a crew of a spacecraft and your goal is to guide it and deliver information to your allies while holding off rebel fleets that are trying to prevent you from delivering information. What is cool about this game is that should your spacecraft get destroyed, the game is effectively over and you will have to start all over again. You get to choose your initial spacecraft with various system rooms such as the weapons, piloting, life support and engines. You get to upgrade your ship along the way as you visit way points which may contain stores that allow you to restock your spacecraft. A lot of strategic planning is involved that makes it fun for the individual gamer.


Fire Emblem[GBA][3DS]

While Fire Emblem is not a science fiction game, it is a turn-based strategy medieval game that has similar characteristics to FTL. Characters also die in this game permanently if they fall in battle(unless you save your game and restart). There are many different series for the Fire Emblem but they pretty much all have the same mechanics. There is a weapon triangle that is used in the game. Sword is weak against lances, axes are weak against swords and lances are weak against axes. There is also the magic triangle as well. Your goal is to utilize your team and balance them out in battles so that you can use them to full effect.


Heroes of Might and Magic Series(HOMM)[PC]

This game series has a more medieval and fantasy theme setting. Depending on your preference on graphics, I would say HOMM3 for 2D and HOMM6 3D are good picks. The battles are strictly turned based and require strategic planning for extremely tough battles. You get to control a town and some heroes. The heroes can learn different combat skills and spells that can aid you in battle. The different units of each town also have their own special abilities that can be utilized in combat that could potentially turn the tide of the battle. Heroes will also die in battle if you do not flee or surrender, making them gone for good in that game. If you are willing to dive outside of science fiction, this game is quite fun to play.


UFO: Extraterrestrials[PC]

This one is actually the older series of the XCOM series. This is more Starcraft like in a sense that you get a base and then you build buildings, get scientists, raise an army and make weapons. Your goal is to defeat UFOs that are spotted withing your vicinity. The missions are also turned based and there is no real time play. The enemies(UFO) can start a war against any country, making it a "get ready anytime" game. You ought to check this out if you really enjoy XCOM, since this is one of their older series.


Battle of Wesnoth

This is also a turn-based war game that has a fantasy setting. There are many races that you can choose from in the game. There are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls just to name some. Each race has their own advantages and disadvantages. You then have to choose a faction. The campaign takes you through the story of the game and the battles take place in mostly forests and castles. There is also terrains that will give you advantages in attack or defending which you can utilize in each map. The cool part is that you can create your own scenarios so other people can download and play as well.

Conclusion to Games Like XCOM

There you have it guys! These are my picks for games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you have anymore games that you would like me to include, let me know!


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    • Hikapo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from California

      I played them over the years :D

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 

      5 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      I don't know how you have time to play all of these games, but you're certainly an expert on them!

    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Nice review on Games Like XCOM. Voted up.


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