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Board Games Played And Seen in the Big Bang Theory TV Show

Updated on May 27, 2013
Games, Board Games, Card Games in the big bang theory tv show
Games, Board Games, Card Games in the big bang theory tv show

Big Bang Theory Tv show fans has always wondered what games does the people in the big bang theory are playing. As a fan of this show, I have compiled a list of almost all board games, video games, card games being played or seen in the big bang theory tv show. Some of those games have played a big part on that particular episode but most games are just easter eggs, conversation starters, conversation fillers or just part of the background that the characters does not reference at all.

Jenga game in the Big Bang Theory Tv Show

The Jenga was seen and played by Sheldon, Howard and Raj while contemplating if Sheldon is a robot. Jenga is played by removing one block on the block tower and then placing it on top of the tower.

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Settlers of Catan board game in the big bang theory tv show

The Settlers of Catan board game was seen being played by Sheldon, Howard and Raj. Both Howard and Raj was laughing because of the Sheldon Cooper saying phrases with double meanings like “do you have any wood?”, “why are you making it so hard?”, “I will begin the erection of my settlement” even Raj said: “And you are in the middle of an erection?” trying to check if Sheldon really does not know the hidden meaning of those phrases.

The basic objective of the Settlers Of Catan board game is the player with the best settlement wins. Best settlement by way of buildling bridges, houses and such.

Talisman board game seen in the big bang theory tv show

The talisman board game was seen being played by Sheldon, Howard and Raj while Leonard is asking the gang if they want to have a real life quest. That quest is to ask Penny’s ex-boyfriend to give her money back. The basic objective of the board game talisman is to be the first successful player to reach the inner circle or the center of the board game.

Amazon listings for Boggle

Boggle gameplayed in the big bang theory TV show

Boggle was seen being played by Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Leonard but the boggle they are playing is the Klingon boggle. Klingon is a made up language from the Sci-fi Franchise Star trek. The gang in the big bang theory tv show just pasted some Klingon alphabet to their ordinary Boggle baord game and made up their own “klingon boggle”. You can also see a Klingon dictionary being used just like the normal dictionary you would use if you are playing the normal boggle game. Boggle is like scrabble where you would need to make words with what letters you see in the table which in this case the cubes.

Dungeons and Dragons seen in the big bang theory show

You can see Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Leonard playing dungeons and dragons as a conversation starter when Raj told the gang that he is feeling lonely and he blames America for it. Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing board game that has multiple endings and multiple possibilities.

Twister in the big bang theory show

The twister game was seen being played by Penny, Amy and Bernadette in the apartment of Penny to commemorate the relationship of Amy and Sheldon. Twister is a game where you need to touch the color with your hands or feet that you have chosen in random by using the paper with the spinning pointer on it.

3 dimensional chess game referenced in the big bang theory tv show

The 3 dimensional chess is seen being played by Leonard and Sheldon. This game is not invented just for this show but was seen in Star Trek. This chess is a star trek 3 dimensional chess seen in the original star trek tv series popularly seen being played by Spock and Kirk.

Here are some board games, card games referenced, played in the big bang theory tv show.


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