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Games to play: Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

Updated on February 25, 2013
Harvest moon grand bazaar box art
Harvest moon grand bazaar box art | Source

Harvest moon grand bazaar


Harvest moon grand bazaar isn't your typical role playing game. Its much more slow paced but also has a very relaxing feel to it. The gist of the game is you run a farm and just about once a week there is a bazaar where you sell your products that you have made on your farm. The time you don't spend milking cows or watering plants can be used talking to the villagers who each have there own unique personalities. Overall if you want a nice relaxing game that you can play at your own pace and breaks away from traditional RPGs while while still keeping the core concepts, this is the game for you.

Game play

As I mentioned above a lot of time will be spent making products for the bazaar. This may sound a bit boring but you will be surprised at how much fun you can have milking your cows and picking up your chicken's eggs. You get quite a sense of accomplishment knowing you will be selling your products later that week to all the excited customers gathering around your stall at the bazaar. But you don't have to sell your produce as is. There are windmills you can go to to turn these products into a variety of different creations. For example I just invested in several grape trees so I can make bottles of wine to add some variety to my stall. That is just one example of the plethora of products you can create. Most bazaars my stand consists of several different wines, some cheeses, and a few cooking creations i whipped up. However that is not all that can be sold. You can also mine, catch bugs, and do many other things which can lead to quiet a hefty profit. However if you simply wish to run a farm and don't wish to worry about going out to sell all of your products at a bazaar where you have to wait for people to approach your stall, you can sell your products to local merchants (though for a slightly lower price). So at heart this is just a simple farm game where you farm, raise livestock, and produce goods to earn a profit and have a good time doing it.

Key points and helpful facts

  • If you like anything about the farm life this game is for you: You can buy livestock from sheep to cows, plant a large variety of vegetables, fruits, and trees, or manufacture products from things you find and grow. However there is no necessity to do all of them. If you wish to run a farm that specializes in nothing but livestock that is entirely your decision.
  • There is a ton of variety: You can make a plethora of different products that you can make, grow, and receive from livestock, you can make normal yogurt, peach yogurt, strawberry yogurt, or banana yogurt, you can get varying qualities of produce based on how happy your animals are, you can grow an amazing variety of plants, you can make a full menu of delicious foods, you can collect an unbelievable amount of different stones and ores, and so much more
  • Animals!: You can collect a bunch of different animals. Some which will produce produce daily and some which just serve as a household pet who keeps you company
  • It feels awesome when you start to really make some money at the bazaar: You will start out with some pretty low profits but once you get the hang of it can give you a pretty big sense of accomplishment seeing how much you can make from goods you made yourself

  • Immersive world: From the unique villagers, to the occasional festivals, to the dynamic weather and seasons, everything just draws you right in to the game, it feels like your carrying your own little world right in your pocket.
  • Find a soul mate: If you want more companionship than your trusty animal companions, you can also marry one of the several of the young bachelors and bachelorets after you win their affection


One of the best things about this game is that it can be played by anyone. There isn't a steep learning curve but that doesn't mean its devoid of depth. Its one of those easy to learn hard to master type games that will have both kids and adults equally entertained. So whether your looking for a good gift for a child in the family or a good game to play while you unwind from work, this game is a great option and provides a great deal of both fun and relaxation.

Customizing the sign in front of the farm
Customizing the sign in front of the farm | Source
Tending to the animals
Tending to the animals | Source


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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      I used like the older Harvest Moon games for Gamecube, but this version looks even better. This post brought back memories!