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Games Based on TV shows

Updated on April 15, 2015
Game Based Of TV SHows
Game Based Of TV SHows | Source

Games Based on TV shows

Welcome to my games based on TV shows pages. I am aware that there are literally hundreds of games based on TV shows out there. For the sake of this page I will limit myself to only giving you only my favorite games based on TV shows. This list does not contain only current TV shows, but some of the past as well. I would also like to add that I will not be including established board games that have added the name of a TV shows on the box, and have maybe changed a few of the cards for the sake of having that TV show attributed to them. An example of this would be Big Bang Theory Monopoly. I do not feel that these type of board games truly fall in the category that I'm trying to feature here on this page.

Games Based on TV Shows Page Summary:

  • The X-Files Board Game
  • Game of Thrones Board Game
  • BattleStar Galatica the Board Game
  • Firefly the Game

The X-Files Game Review

The X-Files Board Game

I Want to Believe! That's right Agents Mulder and Scully Are Back! This time to uncover the truth, be it in tabletop format. Play as one of your favorite agents Mulder, Scullly, Skinner, and Krycek in an attempt to uncover the truth. You and your fellow agents will try to solve cases from the first three seasons from the popular TV show. Or play as the Cigarette Smoking Man for the Syndicate and slow down the agent long enough to cover up evidence. Relive the memories of the popular TV show that spawned two movies, a song, and now a board game.

Game Play

Play as one of your four favorite agents, (complete with badge) as you open files and attempt to solved them, before the syndicate manages to cover up the truth. Work together to gather enough evidence to assemble the nine piece of the puzzle you need to collect in order to win the game. Can you managed your team of FBI Agents strengths, weakness, and a special abilities to foil the syndicate?

Or you could play the role of the Cigarette Smoking Man for the Syndicate. Foil the agents plans by slowing down progress and removing evidence in an attempt to cover up the truth.

Final Thoughts

X-files the board game despite its complex theme is a very easy game to learn and play. I especially love all the flavored text from the first three season of the hit TV Show. The game comes with great art work on the cards, badges of your your agents, and the I want to believe! Poster in a nine piece puzzle format.

Play as one of your favorite cast members

Flavored text from first three season

Very Easy Game To Learn and Play

Nine piece puzzle I want to believe! Poster

The X-files Board Game

Game of Thrones Board Game
Game of Thrones Board Game | Source

A Game of Thrones Game Review

Game of Thrones Board Game

Winter is Coming! Game of thrones is now here in board game format. Play has one to the six houses. House Stark in the north, Greyjoy in the west, Lannister to the south , House Tyrell in the southwest, and Baratheon in the southeast, and Martell in the far Southeast.. Managed your houses strengths, and weaknesses, make alliances, pledge allegiance to the king and then turn your backs on them, do what it take to conquer the kingdoms of Westeros. Band together, and stop the Wildlings from invading.

Game Play

Game of Throne is played in 10 round, each round having three phases. Who ever has the most castles and strongholds at the end of the 10 rounds,or who ever captures seven regions is declared the winner. The three phases, of course being the Westoros phase, the planning phase, and the action phases.

The Westoros phase: In the Westoros phase the Westoros cards are played. The Westoros cards may have global effect on the game, or have the house change position on the tracks. There is also the chance during the Westoros phase that the wildlings will attack. If this happens the house must band together and defeated them.

The planning phase: in this phase secretly assign orders, plan raids, and order your troops to march. This is the meat of the game. Planning, and scheming your next moves in an attempt to gain more territory, and also raise your position on one of the three tracks.

The Action phase: in the action phase you get to resolve orders. Raids come first, the march your army, and the final phase is to consolidate your power. Consolidating your power is what allows you to move on the three tracks. Each track has its own unique attribute.

Final thoughts

Game of Thrones can be some what long to play at times, especially if you incorporate a lot of new players.Usually the planning phases is what consumes most of that time. The game can also get a little confusing at times, especially with the amount of tokens to keep track of. Up side player don't have to know anything about the Tv Show, or have read the books to enjoy this game.

Battlestar Galactica Board Game Review

BattleStar Galatica the Board Game

Are you Human, or are you a Frakin toaster? This is the question that you have to struggle with for most of the game. Accusations, and suspicions will run all throughout the game both on you and the other players. Any actions, or decisions will be met with scrutiny. Are you doing this for the good of the colony, or are you secretly trying to make us lose? In a game where suspicion is cast on any one the ten characters whether they are a Cylon, or not, only to find out mid game that you where a Cylon after all, and only didn't know it.

Game Play

That's not all of what the game is about. You'll have to manage crisis's, attacks from base stars , and enemy raider's, and defend your station, and the colonial ships. Keep an eye on your resources( fuel, food, morale, and population) as well, if you run out of one of those you lose the game. Add your influence on skill checks to determine whether its going to pass or fail. This is done secretly and two more card are randomly added for this check to keep you guessing who is trying to sabotage your efforts.

Final Thoughts

This game really embodies the flavor of Battlestar Galatica. The constant not knowing who is a Cylon and who is human, as you try to survive long enough to make it to Kobol. Do you throw your one of your fellow teammate in prison with the rest of the barge lice, or do you take a chance and let them run free on the ship.Win or lose you are sure to to remember all this nerve raking action that happens during a game. Although the game can go on for a while, once your get into it you hardly notice the time as you vigilantly survey all that is taking place.

Play one of Ten Characters

Sabotage, deceive or try to survive

Make the Jump to Kobol

battlestar Galactica

Firefly The Game
Firefly The Game | Source

Firefly Game Review

Firefly the Game

Aim to Misbehave! Be anyone from the Firefly crew or the many colorful characters from the shortly lived TV show, as you fly around the Verse in a Firefly class ship. Build a crew, find legit jobs or try to smuggle contraband and fugitives past the alliances while avoiding the reavers. Full Burn or Mosey along your way through the verse in order to find jobs, get paid , and keep flying.

Game Play

Basically the game consists of flying trough the verse as you find the proper crew, equipment, and ship upgrades needed to complete jobs. The most profitable jobs are either illegal and immoral ones, so you'll have to avoid the Alliances ship. Get caught smuggling contra, or fugitive especially if you have a warrant out for your arrest,and be forced to pay fines as well as losing all your illegal cargo. Make enough money to pay your crew or else they become disgruntle and you run the risk of losing them. Complete jobs from contacts and become solid this allows you to sell cargo and contraband to your contact allowing you to make even more money. Fail to complete a jobs and you lose your rep. There are also reavers about, running into a reaver ship can make you lose some or all of your crew. Do all this as you try to complete one the story cards and win the game.

Final Thoughts

You Can't Take the Sky From Me. Firefly the game does a great jobs of capturing the theme of firefly the TV shows, however nothing can encapsulate the sceneries and antics that the TV show provided. This game has a lot of components, beautiful cards with scenes taken from the show, almost real looking money, and lots of tokens to represent the various ship and cargo. My favorite however is the dinosaur token you pass around to indicate who turn it current is. Although the game can get rather long, and you can get really hosed if you get caught by the alliance, or the reaver most of the time you can get back from such a tragedy.

Please Tell me What Your Favorite TV show Turned Games Is

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