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Gaming 24/7/365: Addicted To Online Gaming

Updated on October 9, 2011

I am addicted to gaming

The truth is that I am addicted to gaming and I am sure more people are addicted to gaming just like I am.

Why am I addicted?

I play the first thing in the morning - all day long - and last thing at night and I put my clock to wake me up in the middle of the night just to check if every thing is OK in the game to avoid a disaster.

Why are people addicted to games?


They are addicted to goals. They play as hard as they can to accomplish goals. It is not right to say they are addicted to games, but addicted to goals. If they did not have computer game goals they would not be addicted to gaming.

What games make you become addicted?

The massive multi player online games where you chat and talk with other players and you ply only against humans. Travian is the best of all and the game I play the most, 24/7 most days. I drink redbull just to keep me up all night long and I drink in the morning to keep me wake while working.

Travian is this great game where you play against other humans in real time and you need to check your village to see if everything is OK and to avoid a resource disaster.

How many hours a day do I play? All day long, no day offs.

How to become addicted to computer gaming:

1. Open more than ten gaming accounts.

2. Download Firefox portable to take the game with you everywhere in a flash drive.

3. Open ten tabs and manage everything from there.

4. You need to play as much as possible to make your brain addicted to it and to improve greatly.

Gaming is the best way I know to pump your brain like an insane machine. The more you play, the stronger your brain becomes.

I wrote this hub because I used to play for 16 hours a day. Now I don't play computer anymore.

What changed?

I just found more interesting things to do, such as reading, now I am reading 16 hours a day.


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