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Gaming Chairs For Sale. Unique Games Chair For All Consoles, Wii, Playstation, Xbox, & PC

Updated on June 28, 2017

Gaming chairs for the xbox, playstation, and even the PC are a must for the hard-core gamer and ensure fully interactive game time for users.

Comfortable and visually amazing game chairs offer a realistic and even 3D approach to gaming and truly enhance virtually any game played.

Here, the games chairs have been designed over the years by professional games players. Each computer game chair has its own technologically enhanced uses.

Tried and tested over the years to perfection, each chair has individual qualities to ensure that not only is a game easier to play, but envelopes the player into the game itself.

Which Games Chair is Best?

The best gaming chairs are not necessarily the most expensive chairs. Cheap gaming chairs offer a high level of comfort for the lowest priced of all computer related peripherals.

Individual gamers may try several different chairs over a period of years prior to opting for the most suitable choice.

Most xbox or playstation game chairs are suitable for any type of console or person. The choice of chair simply depends on the cost and the WOW! factor for serious games players.

Dirt 3 Playseat


The limited edition Dirt 3 playseat. Synthetic easy to clean leather covering a fully adjustable, robust steel frame. The padded seat and back rest allowing for comfort for long playing periods.

Designed for 14 year old and upwards, and to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The frame itself can be folded for easy storage.

The seat is designed around a racing car seat for that extra realistic play whilst using driving games. Bolstered head rests and seat sides for the realistic racing experience.

Fully integrates all games consoles pedals and steering wheels.

Click on the smaller images for full details, discounts, and full selection available.

XP 11.2 Ottoman Chair


This plush gaming chair is suitable for every console from box, ps 2 / 3, through to even game boys.

Compact and fold-able, this little beauty has built in speakers for wireless audio, headphone jack, and volume control.

Suitable for children and adults, even if they are over 6 feet tall.

The sporty and stylish design ensures guests will be in awe. Comfort, style, and functional in one gaming chair, an excellent combination.

Main Points:

  • Wireless audio
  • Built in speakers
  • Built in sub-woofer
  • on/off function
  • volume control
  • fold-able
  • headphone jack

Click on the smaller images to view other games chairs.

X Rocker Pro Chair

The ultimate games chair.

The aspiring Rocker Pro gaming seat has integrated speakers and can be connected to other gaming chairs.

Tilt and swivel base for energetic manoeuvrability. The design comprises padded bucket style seating, adjustable arm rests, and a sound which promises to be felt rather than just heard.

Connects easily with other chairs, home theatre systems, MP3, CD and even DVD players. This excellent game chair even gives the option of interest free credit for 6 months.

Cheap games chairs do not offer the multifunction opportunities that these professional gamer chairs offer.

One of the best games chairs on the market in this price range. Padding in the seat area is not really adequate for daily playing, so a cushion may be required for extra comfort.

Customer Rating

5 stars for Pro Rocker

Main Attributes:

  • Tilt & twist base
  • Integrated speakers & sub-woofer
  • Connects to multiple other gaming chairs
  • Headphone jack
  • Vibration with sound

X Cooper Games Chair


The ergonomic X Cooper gaming chair helps with supporting the back during long hours playing computer games.

Compatible with xbox, ps, CD, DVD MP3 etc. This gaming chairs arrives fully assembled and ready for some real entertainment.

A chair with a vinyl covering for easy keep clean and also fire retardant material. A games chair with a bit of coloring rather than the usual black. Ideal for people whom may be used to bright colors rather than negative ones.

Arm rests fold up, and all the controls are on the right hand side. Includes jacks for headphones, a bass control function, and forward facing speakers.

Tilts and twists for energetic game playing. Not the cheapest games chair on the market and lacks any pockets or places where handsets or drinks can be placed. Bus is washable, comfortable, and can add a bit of brightness to most rooms.

Click on the smaller images for reviews, more information and alternatives.

Lounger Mat

Ideal for floor players.

The lazy mans gaming chair. If your kids cannot be bothered to even sit on a chair, then this is the answer for you.

Children love to spend time on the floor, so this is ideal for lazing about playing games, without the need for exercise to get into a chair.

Two built in speakers in the headrest and can connect to virtually everything except the kitchen sink. Rumbling bass action throughout for mega enjoyment whilst racing or fighting.

Easily folded and wipe-able, comfortable to a degree, but the headrest will hopefully let the children sleep on the floor rather than playing games all day.

Remote controls for the gaming mat are attached by a wire.

Click on the smaller image for full details, discounts, and available selection.

Parental Warning

Excessive use of video games consoles for children may have unwanted side effects. Studies indicate that in some circumstances, playing games over a period of time may be detrimental to a childs well-being.

Parental control is advisable to ensure a happy and long life for youths.


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