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Gaming Freedom Articles (Fallout 4)

Updated on March 22, 2018


This article is about the general game play of Fallout 4 with focus on the best way to level up within the game. During this article I will explain how you can go from level one to level 20 in one or 2 days tops with or without following the main story line. (I do this without mods, cheats or glitches). I will also be showing you how to find your favorite setting with your character and how to use your character's main special to maximize your XP earnings. Leveling up this quickly will involve taking risks within the game. So, before you take on the task of ranking up this quickly you may want to just casually play through the game to see what's what, especially if you are new to the Fallout series. But if you are bold and all about diving right into the action then let's get down to business!

Starting Out

When you first start the game it begins with the main character that you have to customize to your liking. What I mean by this is that you have to adjust the shape of the facial features to include body shape and skin tone. Along with choosing the gender of your character you can choose a number of preset based upon racial backgrounds. There is also an option to add blemishes, scars as well as tattoos once they are found (more tattoos can be found later on in the game).

Choose your SPECIAL wisely

After finishing the look of your character you have a chance to enjoy the world with either your husband or your wife depending on which gender you chose before it all gets destroyed. Also you can interact with your son as well as the personal machine called "Codsworth". After a certain amount of time a Vault-Tech salesman will come to the door and mention that you have been selected to enter in the local vault (Vault 111). It is during this period that you can choose a name for your character and also your SPECIAL attributes. The attributes are as follows:








If you are new to the game I recommend max Endurance to be a priority because this gives you the max health that you need. I will elaborate more on the individual attributes later in the article. If you are a veteran gamer with the Fallout series like I am then you can just hit the ground running.

Codsworth (before the war)

Codsworth (after the war)

Vaul-tec Representative

The Best Fallout Environment

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Strength Attribute Benefits

The benefits of this attribute is successful unarmed and melee attacks. The "Heavy Gunner" perk is under this attribute and can aid in successful kills in V.A.T.S. It is perks like these that can give you that extra XP. Also using the "Armorer" and "Blacksmith" perks can give you the edge in combat as well as give you experience points while improving on your melee weapons and armor. In general this attribute aids in you carrying more material at once of which you can use to build your settlements.

Perception Attribute Benefits

This is an interesting attribute and an important one if you are the lone sniper type. This attribute actually increases your accuracy with all weapons that fire projectiles and energy. It also maximizes your hit chance in V.A.T.S. This means that you don't have to get up close and personal more often and you can quickly end the fight if you have the right perks leveled up. Other aids with this attribute are the "Locksmith" perk and the "Pickpocket" perk. Once high enough the "Pickpocket" perk allows you to place a live grenade in the victims inventory resulting in a kill and XP.

Endurance Attribute Benefits

As a critical attribute across the board, Endurance maximizes health from the beginning and beyond. The way that this attribute aids in the quick XP is simply by keeping you alive longer while out in the wilds of the Fallout world. This attribute also contains perks that regulates radiation exposure, underwater breathing and health regeneration.

Charisma Attribute Benefits

The Charisma attribute is the most beneficial when it comes perks that generate XP. Get this, maxing out the "Intimidation" perk in this attribute gives you a high chance of taking an enemy prisoner (of which you get XP). Then you can either take them out (and get XP) or you can have them tag along with you for a while, because they can die. Note that if you go into a building or fast travel you will lose the prisoner and they will return to being hostile. One of my highest ranking character majored in this attribute.

Intelligence Attribute Benefits

The most awesome attribute, in my opinion, is Intelligence. It is the only attribute that has 80 percent of the necessary perks you need to survive in the wasteland. I mean you have health restoration, weapon improvement, armor improvement for your power armor, more material from scrapped items and even multiple ways to generate caps and XP! But the biggest benefit is the maximized earnings of XP earn per task completed.

Agility Attribute Benefits

The Agility attribute is a fun one. It gives you the option to be a stealth character or a brawler character. When I say "brawler character", I mean that it adds that extra benefit to the Strength attribute such as speed and action points i.e. the "Action Girl/Boy" perk. Actions Points are what gives you the ability to perform certain actions to include V.A.T.S. This is what makes the Agility crucial to earning quick XP.

Luck Attribute Benefits

The most easy going of all the attributes would be the Luck. Simply put it gives you better chances of winning a fight, finding unique items and earning caps. One such perk is a direct aid in earning XP in this attribute and that would be the "Idiot Savant". This gives you XP points for nearly everything but the only drawback is that you would have to make your character really dumb for it to work more often. There are some other cool perks like the "Ricochet" perk which gives you the chance to have the enemy projectile deflected back on them which will result in XP if the enemy dies.

It's what makes me SPECIAL?

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Building up the rest of your attributes

After coming out of the vault you will return back to your home town down the hill called "Sanctuary" which is now a rusty old town. But, here is where your first quick secession of XP can be earned. Once you meet him again Codsworth will prompt you to leave Sanctuary to go to "Concord" where you will eventually save the last of the "Minutemen". Instead of heading out of town immediately as you usually would, remain there in Sanctuary and rebuild. You can scrap most everything in Sanctuary to include a few houses. When you repair the town by building yourself a safe house with turrets and other defensive devices, depending on what kind of add-ons you have in the game, you will build up XP rather quickly. To maximize this, build structures one piece at a time instead of using the prefab ones or the ones that are pre-made.

For example start with the floors, individual walls, doors and roofs. Build generators and upgrade your weapons.

Quick Tip: If your favorite settlement lacks the materials you can use other locations and bring the materials to your favorite location. Do this until you have maxed out the "Local Leader" perk found in the Charisma Attribute. For example, taking material from the "Red Rocket" across the bridge and bringing them back to "Sanctuary" or vice versa.

After building up the necessary attributes you will want to build up the "Strength" attribute. This is especially useful if you like to carry a lot of stuff and using heavy weapons.

Level 1 Turret

Level 2 Turret

Using the main story to rank up quick.

Now I will say that even though there are some attributes that may seem to be the best, there are some that are an absolute requirement to accomplish this quick ranking task. The attributes are Perception, Charisma and Intelligence. Each of these attributes contain one or more key perks needed to boost the XP earned within the game. For example, with a maxed out level of Intelligence from the very beginning of the game you will be able to get the maximum number of experience points available throughout the game.

If you decide to play through the main story first, having maxed out intelligence is a great advantage to have. Now depending on which faction you go with (I usually go with the Railroad because of the ballistic modification to clothing you can get), you would follow their start up quest and then continue with the main quest. Doing the side quest with the chosen factions can help with ranking up as well. Some of the faction quest are a must before you can continue like finding the Railroad through the quest of "Road to Freedom".

Using the side quest to rank up quick

This is what I have found to be the most fulfilling with this game is if you just play the side quest for the first few levels. Not only will this build up the rest of your attributes but it would save a lot of leg work whenever you do decide to join a faction or continue with the main quest. Of course I am referring to fast traveling to those locations of which getting to on foot is a pain in the neck.

The mechanics of ranking up aside from the main quest would be to complete side quest and build up settlements. Setting up settlements can be a crutch if you lack the necessary skills to up keep them i.e. the "Gun Nut" perk. This perk gives you access to build a better defense rather than using a settler to defend the settlement. That isn't to say that you can't use settlers to defend a settlement but keep in mind that the more settlers you have on guard the less work that is done to provide for the settlement. Not only that. You will have less people to run stores which brings in CAPS!


There are many things you can do to rank up quick in the Fallout 4 world. So I have come up with a short list to aid you on your adventure to that desired level:

Lockpicking (located in the Perception attribute)

Computer Hacking (located in the Intelligence attribute)

Robot Hacking (requires robot hacking perk in Intelligence attribute)

Raiding (I only recommend this if you have the Nuka-World add-on)

Now there are a lot of other wonderful ways to enjoy the Fallout experience and I will continue to bring more articles relating to this game, but in the mean time... Keep surviving out there.


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