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Gaming Trends In Pakistan

Updated on August 4, 2019

Gaming Now

At the present time, gaming is making huge leaps in Pakistan and has attracted a lot of attention. There have been numerous gaming related events and competitions, backed by many big brands and hundreds of fans. Social media and main stream media has both played a big role in promoting gaming and E-Sports in Pakistan with many Youtubers hosting their own gaming events. Mobile releases of competitive games, such as PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) MOBILE have been a massive hit in Pakistan, allowing more people to enjoy gaming without having to spend money on expensive game consoles and computers. Pakistani gamers are also making headlines internationally, winning tournaments in a number of different games.

Portal Esports Winning The CsGo Tournament
Portal Esports Winning The CsGo Tournament

History Of Gaming In Pakistan

A few years from now no one could have imagined that gaming could be a professional job. Gaming was never thought to be a good hobby in Pakistan, let alone a profession. Parents would not buy their children video games or allow them to play for extended periods of time. Gaming was overall thought to be a bad thing usually being associated with laziness, rotting your brain or be bad for your health in other ways, along with making you antisocial.

Gaming really started getting attention after competitive games started making their way onto smartphones, which gave more people access to games as not everyone could afford game consoles or powerful PCs. Helped by Social Media, gaming turned into a "Trend" which many businesses took advantage of by opening gaming cafes and renting out new games to people who couldn't afford to purchase them.

Gaming Cafe In Pakistan
Gaming Cafe In Pakistan

Game Studios

As gaming gains popularity, people are wondering if there is job availability for game developers. There are quite a few Game Studios in Pakistan like Galassia Studio, Game Pixel Studio, Pebbles Games Studio just to name a few. Just a few years ago, working as a game developer wouldn't have been an option in Pakistan. People would have to work overseas which wouldn't benefit Pakistan as much.

Galassia Studios
Galassia Studios

Future of Gaming

Gaming in Pakistan has attracted a lot of attention at an extremely fast pace. At this rate, gaming in Pakistan could become part of the culture in the very near future. Sooner or later, Pakistan will have to accept and embrace gaming and Esports if it wants to progress. Esports could have a positive impact on Pakistan in the following ways:

  • Gamers could get the chance to represent their Country in International Tournaments.
  • Competitions held within Pakistan could portray a modern image of Pakistan to the world and boost tourism.
  • The youth could take advantage of their gaming skills to make a living and make a name for themselves.
  • A Gaming Industry could open up job opportunities and business opportunities, lowering unemployment and helping the economy.

Gaming and Esports has high potential to prosper in Pakistan. With a littke helo from the government, gaming could benefit Pakistan and its people along with providing recognition to skilled Gamers.

Arslan Ash Evo Japan 2019
Arslan Ash Evo Japan 2019


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