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Garden Hose Pipe-5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying One.

Updated on September 11, 2017
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A kitchen garden can help a great deal when it comes to providing essential cooking items such as fruits and spices. If you often irrigate your small kitchen garden, then it pays to ensure that the hose pipe you use is efficient and suited for the role at hand.

In this guide, we look at 5 considerations you should mull over before placing an order for a hose pipe.

1. The length

Ordinarily, hose pipes come in 100-, 75-, 50- and 25 foot lengths. The length is depended on the area you intend to tender using the pipe. Avoid overly short pipes as this makes maneuvering hard.

2. Cross sectional area

There are only three diameters to choose from. These are ¾ inch, half inch and five-eighths inch. Your choice should be influenced by the pressure of the water supply point that rely on.

3. Material make

Vinyl hose are relatively cheap but most fragile. They easily kink, splint or crack under minimum pressure. Rubber hoses are long lasting and recommended for those looking for sturdy hose pipe.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility comes in handy when it comes to storing the pipes and transport them from one point to another.

5. Nozzle pattern

Bonus tip

Shut off valve

Taking care of your hose pipe

If you are to prolong your hose pipe's lifespan, then you should;

1. Keep it in doors to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and and cramping by animals or other objects.

2. Avoid coiling and twisting it in extremity. Twisting creates points of weakness that give way to leakages.

3. Minimize water pressure to ease control when watering your kitchen garden.


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