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Gazillion Bubble Toys

Updated on September 8, 2012

 Gazillion Bubbles are the best bubbles around.  They are durable and produce great colors.  When I can find them, I stock on Gazillion Bubbles for the summer!  Gazillion Bubble are perhaps the only bubbles that have their own show!  Gazillion bubbles make a wide variety of bubble machine, bubble blowers and bubble wands. Check out the products below.  A bubble gift is great for birthdays, picnics and family reunions!


 The Gazilion bubble machine is a battery operated machine that makes 500 bubbles per minute. The Bubble machine requires 6 AA batteries that are not included.    This product received four out of five stars from customer reviews.  Customers comment this toy will malfunction if you do dnot clean it thoroughly after each use.  Sometimes the Gazilion bubbles is difficult for customers to find so stock up, especially if you are going to be using a bubble machine.  Customer reviews are overall favorable.

Gazillion Bubbles Elmo Motorized Bubble Blower

 The Gazillion Bubbles Elmo Motorized Bubble Blower will highly entertain your children as he blows bubbles.  It requires 3 AA batteries to run. Customer reviews gave it four out of five stars.  Parents describe this product as being very entertaining.  Do watch the child does not interfere with the moving bubble blower part as it dips int he fish bowl to refill.  You also have to watch that the reservoir does not empty out.  When the machine stops blowing bubbles  then just refill it!

Gazillion Typhoon Ultimate Bubble Fountain

 The Gazilion Typhoon Ultimate Bubble Fountain has had favorable reviews over all.  Reviewers stated  it worked " beautifully" when they first used it.  Comments include that it needs regular cleaning to work correctly the whole time you own it. This product does need batteries and does come with a  four ounce bottle of Gazillion bubble solution

Disney Bubble Blaster: Buzz Lightyear

 The Buzz Lightyear Bubble blaster is a hight tech bubble gun that will be sure to please any Toy Story fan.  Simply dip your ray gun into the solution and press the button. Instant bubbles and fun.   The kit comes with a bubble ray gun and a four ounce bottle of solution.   Customer reviews are overall favorable.  It received an average of four stars in durability and an aver age of four stars in fun.  You will need to purchase batteries for this toy.

Gazillion Bubbles Buzz Lightyear Motorized Bubble Blower

 The Buzz Lightyear motorized Bubbleblower received an average of four stars form parents.  Parent state this blower works and saves them on getting tired of blowing bubbles. Parents and grandparents rave kids will love this product and to buy extra Gazillion bubble solution because you will need it as much as you will use it.  The Buzz Lightyear Bubbleblower will come with a four ounce bubble solution. You will also need two C batteries, also not included.  This bubble blower had an average rating or four stars in durability and five stars in Fun.

Did you know...

Did you know that Gazillion puts on a bubble show New York City? This show is still going strong and is preformed by four "bubble artists". Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and this show has been featured on many celebrity talk shows including Oprah and Jay Leno. Check out the five minute video below to see what all the fuss is about!

Gazillion Bubbles Nemo Motorized Bubble Blower

 The Nemo Bubble Blower features Nemo blowing through a bubble wand atop a piece of coral. Four customer reviews gave this product an average of five out of five stars in durability and fun.  Parents state this Nemo bubble blower blows many many bubbles and was the hit of the birthday party.  One parent even comment on how helpful this product was a the doctor's office.  Her daughter was having a temper tantrum and a nurse brought out the Nemo Bubble Blower and the tantrum was instantly forgotten. It does come with a four ounce of bubble solution.  However you will need two c batteries which are not included.

Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Motorized Bubble Blower

 The Gazillion Little Mermaid t blower features Ariel and Flounder blowing a constant stream of bubbles.  One parent review gave this product five out five stars in fun and durability. This parent bought the bubble blower for a birthday party and has used it for over tow years.  The bubble blower has a four ounce bottle of Gazillion Bubble solution.  The parent review states to buy more bubble solution because you wil need it.  Two C batteries not included.

Gazillion Bubble Ultimate Bubble Typhoon

 The Gazillion Bubble Ultimate Typhoon has favorable customer reviews. This product is easy  to move around as it is only 12 inches tall.  This Bubble machine requires 8 AA batteries.  This product received five out of five stars in fun but only four stars in durability.  This machine needs to have the proper level of solution to keep blowing bubbles.  Customer reviews state the machine works effectively for hours.  Be sure to clean it after each use to continue the fun! 


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    • raisingme profile image

      raisingme 7 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      My children are grown but for me this is a super gift idea, Thank You for writing this!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      If ever a product was named appropriately, this is it! The Gazillion Bubble machines really produce gazillions of bubbles. Trust me, I counted them! :)

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Great info. I love bubbles!