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Gears Of War 3: How To Beat All 50 Waves In Horde Mode 2.0

Updated on March 10, 2012

Gears Of War 3 horde mode 2.0 can be extremely challenging to complete all 50 waves. Even on Casual difficulty, horde mode gets more difficult in the higher waves. While the first few waves are almost a joke on casual, the higher rounds will force you to take cover more often because of enemies higher health and accuracy. There will be a boss battle every 10 waves on Gears Of War 3 horde mode. The boss battles will be random and can change if you keep dying on a boss round.

Playing Gears Of War 3 horde mode alone is not the best idea. You will need the help of other players to build defensive barriers, turrets, decoys, and other Gears Of War 3 horde mode defensive items. Try to find a group of friends to play with or search for players online. If possible, get a full game of 5 players so you have a higher chance of surviving against the Locust Horde.

How To Beat All 50 Waves On Horde Mode (Tips)

(1) In Gears Of War 3 Horde Mode, you unlock upgrades for barriers and other defensive items by repairing existing defensive items that get damaged by enemy locust and lambent. Upgrades you unlock will be carried over to other horde games.Basically, horde mode will become easier as you unlock better upgrades. Whenever barriers etc. get damaged from enemies, repair them in between rounds.

(2) Give ammo and money to players who need it. This is very important because it will be hard to eliminate the enemy locust horde if a player does not have ammo or can not repair defenses.You can give ammo & money to other players by zooming in on them and pressing the buttons that are displayed.

(3) Save your money in the early waves or waves right after a boss battle! Defenses in horde mode are less important in the early waves. You'll want to save your money to build barriers etc. when you are facing more powerful enemies.

(4) Complete bonus rounds to get supply drops! Some horde mode rounds have special challenges where you can be rewarded supply drops. For instance, your team will be rewarded a supply drop if 7 enemies are chainsawed or get bayonet charged by the retro lancer. Supply drops are great because some of them have boomshot weapons or vulcan cannons!

(5) Pick up enemy weapons instead of buying ammo. It is much more important to spend your cash on defenses than buying ammo. You can pick up enemies weapons, it is free! Save your money for building defenses.

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(6) Use the turrets in Gears Of War 3 horde mode to eliminate large enemies such as boomers. Just be careful as turrets can be destroyed if they take enough damage, but they can be repaired in between rounds. Turrets are not initially unlocked, but will be when you build barriers a few times.

(7) Use mulcher chain guns that are dropped from enemy "grinder locust". The mulcher is very good for taking out dangerous enemies like reavers, boomers, grinders, and other large enemies.

(8) During Gears Of War 3 horde mode boss waves, try and eliminate the locust and lambent first to isolate the boss by itself. It is much easier to fight the boss when other enemies are NOT shooting at you.


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    • profile image

      Ladizin 5 years ago

      the easiest way in horde mode is to get mutantes. i solo difficulties casual, normal and difficult. just with the trhee firsts easy mutants. is hard to get, but very worthy

    • profile image

      john isley 5 years ago

      lansers are good for medium range

    • profile image

      BillA 6 years ago

      Seriously? Pretty vanilla guide. No mention of actual strategy for silverback or turrets etc.