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Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer: Team Deathmatch Tips & Strategies

Updated on October 5, 2011

Gears Of War 3 now features a team deathmatch multiplayer mode. Team deathmatch plays out like other shooting video games, except you win by eliminating the other teams spawns - there is no specific score to reach. Basically, TDM is similar to the Warzone gametype, but you can respawn after dying. Each team has a total of 15 respawns plus their own life.

Unlike the other Gears Of Wars, the assault rifles are much more effective in this one. In the first Gears Of War, most players used the Gnasher shotgun because it was powerful at close range. The lancer was not generally as useful because it was weaker and most players would just rush at you with the shotgun. In Gears Of War 3, however, running around with shotguns is not the best idea unless you are really close, especially with the sawed off shotgun. Other players can easily down you using a retro lancer. Keep in mind, the Gnasher shotgun does not fire as fast as the retro lancer.

Gears Of War 3 Team Deathmatch Tips

(1) Mark out the locations of enemies. This is a new feature in Gears Of War 3. Marking enemy players will let your team mates know where their location is. This mark is only temporarily though, but you can mark enemies over again. To mark an enemy, zoom in on an enemy player and click down on the right movement stick (a dot will appear over their head).

(2) Do not hold down the trigger when using the retro lancer! The retro lancer is very powerful, but has a lot of recoil which reduces accuracy considerably. Fire off the retro lancer in bursts instead. At extreme close range, however, you may be able to get away with holding down the trigger.

(3) Use the mantle kick to knock enemies backwards when they are behind cover (new ability in Gears Of War 3). Then finish them off with either the gnasher shotgun or sawed off. Just make sure you time it correctly or else the enemy player could avoid the kick and kill you instead. To perform a mantle kick, simply jump over cover and your character will automatically kick the player hiding behind cover.

(4) Go for the more powerful weapons on the Gears Of War 3 maps such as the boomshot, hammer of dawn, digger, sniper and etc. These weapons are much stronger than the standard assault rifles and shotguns. It's also important to pick them up to keep enemy players from using them.

(5) Go behind enemy players! (Flank them.) This is still very important in Gears Of War 3 and can be a game changer. Sometimes all it takes is one player to go around the map and go behind the enemy team to take them out. Just make sure your team mates are creating a diversion so there is less chance of you being spotted.

(6) Throw smoke grenades to stun enemy players and move in to take them by surprise! This requires careful timing, but can work very well. A carefully thrown smoke grenade will cause enemy players to shield their head, which makes them unable to fire their weapons for a short period of time.

(7) If possible, take on enemy players that are by themselves. It is much easier to fight against one player than it is to fight against multiple. However, if you have a weapon such as the boomshot, taking on multiple players is easier. But with standard weapons, it is very difficult to fight multiple enemies by yourself in Gears Of War 3.

How do you succeed in Gears Of War 3 Team Deathmatches?

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    • profile image

      xKiNGCHRiSx23 5 years ago

      Or you cab just camp (I don't do that though). #CommonSense

    • profile image

      Ladizin 6 years ago

      i usually play at 'banco de areia', im from brazil and don't know the name there, but is the first map.. i take sawed-off, longshot and lancer/hammerburst, go to the top of the mountain and start firing, there you can range almost all the map