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The Basics of Gears of War Judgment's OverRun

Updated on March 20, 2013
Judgment title/box art
Judgment title/box art
Skyline, the map where the OverRun beta is played
Skyline, the map where the OverRun beta is played | Source
The overhead map of Skyline
The overhead map of Skyline | Source
OverRun COG Gameplay (Pictured: Sofia Hendrik)
OverRun COG Gameplay (Pictured: Sofia Hendrik) | Source
OverRun Locust gameplay (Pictured: Corpser)
OverRun Locust gameplay (Pictured: Corpser) | Source

Gears of War Judgment (2013: Xbox 360) has a brand new multiplayer mode called OverRun, which concentrates on teamwork, communication, and strategy. GameStop customers who preordered the game received access to a beta three days before release. Any experience you get while playing the beta carries over to the final game if you play it in the first week of release. That information is only known for North America, I have not found any information about a beta for Europe.

In OverRun, two teams of five are split up between the COG and the Locust. The Cog must defend an Emergence Hole cover and a generator, and must stop the impending Locust from destroying it. There are two rounds per match, and both teams play as both sides. The team that destroys the generator the fastest wins.

The COG team includes:

  • The Engineer: Lt. Damon Baird
    Weapons used: Lancer and blowtorch
    Special ability: Sentry turret
  • The Soldier: Pvt. Augustus Cole
    Weapons used: Booshka and Lancer
    Special ability: Ammo crate
  • The Scout: Former UIR Major Garron Paduck
    Weapons used: Markza and Snub pistol
    Special ability: Beacon grenade
  • The Medic: Onyx Guard Cadet Sofia Hendrik
    Weapons used: Lancer and Sawed-off Shotgun
    Special ability:
    Stim-gas grenade

The Locust has eight choices instead of four. Tier one creatures can be used for free, but the creatures in Tier two cost points that you gain through sctions on the battlefield.

  • Ticker
    Weapon used:
    Claws and self-destruction
    Special ability:
  • Wretch
    Weapon used:
    Special ability:
    Stun scream
  • Grenadier
    Weapons used:
    Gnasher Shotgun and Lancer
    Special ability:
    Frag grenade
  • Kantus
    Weapon used:
    Gorgon Pistol
    Special ability:
  • Rager (Cost: 1,500)
    Weapons used:
    Breechshot and claws (when enraged)
    Special Ability:
  • Serapede (Cost: 2,400)
    Weapons used:
    Acid spit (when reared up) and electric bite
    Special ability:
    Rear up
  • Mauler (Cost: 3,500)
    Weapons used:
    Flail and shield
    Special ability:
    Shin shield
  • Corpser (Cost: 5,000)
    Weapon used:
    Special ability:

Here are some personal tips and tricks that I have formed while playing the beta:

  1. Do NOT run off alone! Just because you're good at killing the Locust does not mean that you should do it alone. You have a team that wants to win just as much as you do, and in order to win you must work together. The buddy system from kidnergarten is actually useful in gaming, too.
  2. Make sure every COG class is used. How are you going to stay alive if your team is everyone but a medic? How will you keep fortifications up without an Engineer? What will happen if your run out of ammo? Check to see how many of each class is on the field before respawing.
  3. If you're on the Locust side, SAVE YOUR POINTS. You can use those points to be a Mauler or a Corpser when the time comes for you to take out the generator. Choose and spend wisely.
  4. Having more than one COG medic is a good strategy. Each medic can station themselves on either side of the map. Their weapons are strong enough to hold themselves in battle, and they can heal or revive any teammates that are with them. Also, if one medic falls, the other can save them.
  5. If you and some other members of your Locust team have the points, team up as powerhouses and rush the COG. This is a great plan to have during the generator round. One teammate can distract and kill the COG in one part, another can concentrate on the other side and take out fortifications, and the rest or last can concentrate on the generator and people defending it.

On the side, there is a tutorial of OverRun courtesy of Lt. Baird himself!

Also, I have previously published another hub on Judgment for "Monday Merch," which can be found here.

Have any other tips you wish to share? Leave a comment and I'll add them in and credit you. The beta ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight! Gears of War Judgment comes out tomorrow, March 19th and in Europe on March 22nd.

If you have played the beta, what do you think of OverRun?

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