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Gears of War Story

Updated on November 24, 2017

Gears of War is a wildly popular sci fi action video game series.

Many people are already addicted to the game, but still others would like to get into it, but they do not know the story of Gears of War.

Some folks can simply pick up a new game and start playing it without having a lot of background information.

Then there are people like me. I have to know the story behind the game, before I can jump in and start playing like a demon.

I know that I cannot possibly be the the only one who craves this kind of knowledge, so I have created this hub for anyone who wants to learn the Gears of War Story.

Gears of War Story
Gears of War Story | Source

The Planet Sera: A Very Brief History

The story of Gears of War begins on a planet called Sera. Sera is a lot like the planet Earth, especially in the way that we have a history of war.

Another way that Sera is much like Earth, is the fact that its inhabitants are human.

The wars on Sera were epic, and they brought the planet to near annihilation. It was at this point, the very brink of destruction, that the people of Sera decided to change their ways.

They sought to bring peace to their planet, and this series of actions led to a golden age.

Although global peace was positive during the time, crime was still an issue, and the planet's biggest issue was that of diminishing energy sources.

Sera's fossil fuel and nuclear fuel sources were dwindling, and the struggle to keep up with global demand became a huge burden.

The Discovery of Imulsion

The planet soon discovered, and turned to a liquid fuel source called imulsion. Imulsion flows underground, and it can be thought of as being equivalent to oil on Earth.

Unfortunately, the quest for imulsion created shifts of global power on Sera, and nations fought wars in order to preserve their wealth (sound familiar, eh?).

The Hollow

The Hollow is an subterranean network of tunnels that lay just beneath the surface of the planet Sera.

This underground network was previously unknown to the inhabitants of Sera.

Many species of subterranean creatures inhabit the tunnels, one of those species is the Locust Horde.

Emergence of the Locust Horde

The Locust Horde broke through the crust of Sera and began a merciless attack on the people of Sera.

The attack became a full-fledged planetary war, and it left billions of people dead on the planet Sera.

The remaining survivors (mostly militaristic) destroyed their own cities (and the people in them) in an attempt to prevent the Locust Horde from gaining control of their civilization.

The day that the Locust Horde broke free to the surface of Sera is known as Emergence Day.

The Stranded at Jacinto Plateau - The Human's Last Stand

Jacinto Plateau is a solid mass of rock that the Locust Horde could not breach.

The surviving humans that could make it to Jacinto Plateau refer to themselves as The Stranded, and they have chosen to make the plateau their last stand.

The only object of The Stranded is to completely wipe out the Locust Horde, and such is the same of the Locust Horde.

The Delta Squad
The Delta Squad | Source

Marcus Fenix and The Delta Squad

Marcus Fenix is a COG soldier who had previously been imprisoned for abandoning the fight in order to rescue his father.

It turns out that Marcus' father, Adam Fenix, is a scientist who was researching the locusts.

When the story of Gears of War begins, Marcus is rescued by his best buddy, Dominic Santiago.

Dom, as he (Santiago) is called by those who know him, lost his wife, Maria to the locusts, and he is on a quest to find her.

Apparently, when the locusts attack humans, they do not immediately kill them. Instead they immobilize them, and "mine" their bodies for useful parts.

But, the people are alive before they are mined to uselessness, and Dom hopes that he can get to his wife before she is dead.

Marcus Fenix is the protagonist of the Gears of War Story.

Marcus Fenix and the Delta Squad
Marcus Fenix and the Delta Squad | Source

The Main Video Game Play Premise of Gears of War

After Marcus Fenix is rescued, he is readmitted to the COG forces, and they promote him to lead the Delta Squad.

Delta Squad is eventually joined by a former sports jock name Augustus Cole. Before the Emergence Day, Cole was a famous "thrashball" player.

On Sera, thrashball is a professional sport that can be thought of as equivalent to American football on Earth.

Also joining the Delta Squad is their trusty mechanic, Damon Baird.

The Delta Squad constantly fight their way through nearly impossible situations and battles with the Locust Horde, and other subterranean enemy creatures, on both on the surface of Sera, and inside of the Hollow.

The human's main objective is to destroy their enemies and enemy terriroty.

The main weapon of defense the humans have against their enemies is called the Lightmass Bomb.

Gears of War 2

The story of Gears of War 2 begins as Sergeant Marcus Fenix and the Delta Squad invades the Hollow in an effort to destroy it.

The Humans have made huge advances in battling the Locust Horde, but they have to contend with a deadly disease known as Rustlung, which is caused by imulsion vapors.

The diminished population of humans is even further weeded out by Rustlung.

Sera experiences a welcome period of peace (such that it can be), but then two cities disappear beneath the surface.

The COG believes that the remnants of the Locust Horde is responsible for the mysteriously vanished cities.

Eventually, Jacinto Plateau becomes fearful of sharing the same fate as the two lost cities, and another war against the locusts ensues..

Gears of War 3 *spoilers*

The story of Gears of War 3 begins approximately a year and a half after Jacinto Plateau is destroyed.

The human survivors have fleed to the island of Vectes to try to regroup and rebuild.

Peace is enjoyed for a brief time, but then an other enemy species of The Hollow, the Lambent, begins to emerge from underground.

The Lambent is driven to the surface because they have been ravaged and infected by Rustlung disease.

The head of the COG is Chairman Prescot, he abandons his people with an important secret in tow, and now the leaderless group of humans are being forced off of Vectes by the Lambent.

A group of survivors is led by Colonel Victory Hoffman to Anvil Gate, and the Marcus Fenix and the Delta Squad (along with a group of other humans) head off to a naval ship called Raven's Nest.

At Raven's Nest, Marcus learns that his father, Adam Fenix, has survived, and better yet, Adam has found a way to save humanity (such that it is).

The Delta Squad sets out on a journey to find Adam, and save all of humanity in the process.


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