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Make Bath Time Fun With Squishy Gelli Baff - Review, Instructions and Safety.

Updated on March 21, 2012

"No, no, no, I don't want a bath, aaaah" ever heard your children scream these words the moment you start to run the bathroom taps? Many parent's find it a chore and very hard work to get their children to have a bath with no fuss. But there's a solution to this pesky problem, Gelli Baff! Turn bath time into a messy but mess free adventure that children of all ages will love! Gelli baff turns normal bathwater into a pool of coloured goo which the children can play in and clean themselves with at the same time. The best part for us grownups is that there is a magical solution that turns it back into water after your children have finished playing, so there's no mess.

I work in a before and after school club with children aged 4- 12 years and we love gelli baff, we don't have a bathtub, but we do have a messy play tray, and when we fill it with gelli baff the children love sticking there hands in and getting messy clean! So what exactly is gelli baff? How do you make it and is it safe? Well that's what we are going to review at in this article.

What Is Gelli Baff?

Gelli Baff comes in a box and is sold as a set of goo powder and goo disolver. It simply turns your bath water into goo and then back again. There are different colours and different types of gelli baff for you and your children to chose from. For instance you could get green gelli baff and allow your children to adventure in the magic green jungle swamp, red for a lava blast, blue for the gooiest blue lagoon sea, or simply relax in a pool of orange gloop. There's even a horrid Henry special edition called Horrid bogey bath goo, this makes it look like your bathing in mud and adds some special treats such as worms and creepy bugs. There's even goo that changes colours, smelly goo and for us girly girls pink goo! So there's a type of gelli baff for everyone. Then once you have finished playing in your goo you simply add the sachet of goo disolver (which is actually just salt) and your goo turns into coloured water again for you to simply rinse away!

How do you make it?

  1. Gelli baff is sold in a set of both the goo soloution and the disolver. Packs of these are sold in stores and online and prices range from place to place, but on average a pack of two sets is £10. Once you've chosen your desired colour and you have your poduct it's time to have fun! There clear instructions on the packet but I'll tell you them now just to prove how easy it is.
  2. Fill your bath with 40 litres of warm water or around 6 cm deep (if you add to much water the goo will not form).
  3. Sprinkle the sachet of goo former evenly over the surface of the water and allow to transform for two minutes.
  4. Stir the goo well, then get in and have fun!
  5. When you're done having fun, add the dissolver sachet and watch the goo disapear.
  6. When your children are rinsed off and out of the tub, rinse your bath and you're done!

It really is that simple! You can also buy sachets that have enough powder to fill a paddling pool or to fill a messy play tray, all the hard work of measuring has been done for you, so it's play time!

Is Gelli Baff Safe?

So is the bath goo actually safe for children to bath in? The answer is yes and they love it! Gelli baff is made by leading beauty and spa product manufacturers and as expected has been cosmetically tested to ensure it is totally safe. Gelli baff is slippy though, so it is best enjoyed whilst sitting or laying down to avoid injuring yourself. The goo is also a cleanser or soap so gets your children clean as well as being fun for them to play in. Don't put the gelli baff solution or powder into your mouth, it taste just like soap and isn't very pleasant. If you happen to get it into your eyes simply rnse them with cool water. This product isn't recommended for children under 3 years of age, and supervision is advised for children under 5 years of age just to ensure they don't put it in their mouths. Gelli Baff is a safe product for you and your children with no adverse effects.

So there you have it gelli baff the perfect way to make bath time fun and enjoyable for you and your children! It's not expensive and is easy to make and to clean up afterwards as well as being harm free and safe to use. If you don't fancy putting it in your bath water, why not try it for a child's party in the paddling pool or in a messy play tray. There's so much fun to be had, and so many different varieties to try then fun is endless! So put an end to those bath time blues or simply have fun in a tray with gelli baff, the magical powder that transforms water into goo and back again!


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